Technical Document on IRU�s NCTS/TIR Electronic Pre-Declaration by bx10fCla


									         Document on IRU’s Electronic TIR Pre-Declaration web application

I.           Introduction

The IRU has developed an Internet based application for TIR Carnet Holders that provides them
with a possibility to capture and send the information contained in the TIR carnet in an electronic
format to the EU member states in advance of their arrival at the office of entry into the EU or at
the first office of departure from the EU.

To start with, this application available to transport operators makes it possible to cover transports
under TIR Carnets with a full load and with a single customs office of departure or of destination in
the European Union.

II.          Objectives

The objectives of the electronic TIR Pre-Declaration are to:

     -       Meet the data requirements foreseen in the Implementing Provisions of the revised EU
             Customs Code (Security and Advanced Cargo Information);
     -       Meet Summary Declaration requirements foreseen in the Implementing Provisions of the
             revised EU Customs Code;
     -       Comply with the WCO Framework of standards;
     -       Minimize the effort to capture TIR data into NCTS for the customs offices, thus reducing time
             delays at borders;
     -       Resolve the non circulation of green Volets (2) in the European Union;
     -       Allow the TIR Carnet Holder to proceed without the intervention of third parties and
             associated additional costs;
     -       Maintain the benefits for transport operators using TIR Carnets as the customs declaration;
     -       Provide requisite security of data in a public / private partnership;

III.         Transfer mechanism

To access the interface, the TIR Carnet Holder will be given a username and password. Following
which he must enter his unique holder ID, the TIR Carnet number in his possession as well as the
validity date mentioned on the TIR Carnet. This information is validated against the data available
in CUTE-Wise. The information is crosschecked with the CUTE-Wise database with regard to the
accuracy of the data captured by the holder, as well with the status of the TIR Carnet (in
circulation, returned to the Association / to the IRU or invalidated)

If all entered information by the holder is correct, he gains access to the TIR Carnet Data Entry.
Otherwise access is denied.

The TIR Carnet Holder will use a secure Internet (SSL) connection to the IRU Web site to enter
and then submit the data to the relevant EU Member State Customs Authority. The electronic file
generated by the application will be in a standard XML or EDI format and sent to Customs either
through secured E-Mail, FTO or Web Service to one central Customs point in the Contracting Party
selected by the TIR Carnet Holders.

Please find attached in :

         -    Annex 1 the detailed list of information available in the XML file compared with the
              information contained in the TIR carnet
         -    Annex 2 a sample XML file generated from the web application.
    ANNEX 1

    Information on the content of the XML file produced by IRU’s web application,
                 developed together with some Contracting Parties
Cover page 6 Country/ies of Departure    HEAHEA                         Country of Dispatch (box 15a)
Volet box 5                              ----CouOfDisCodHEA55
Cover page 7 Country/ies of Destination  HEAHEA                         Destination Country (box 17a)
Volet box 6                              ----CouOfDesCodHEA30
Cover page 8 Registration No of Vehicles HEAHEA                         Identity at Departure (box 18)
Volet box 7                              ----IdeOfMeaOfTraAtDHEA78
Cover page 9 Cert(s) of Approval of      GOOITEGDS                      Produced Docs/Certificates
              Vehicles                   --PRODOCDC2                    (box 44)
Cover page 10 Container Number(s)        HEAHEA                         Container (box 19),
                                         ***********************        *****************
                                         GOOITEGDS                      Container number (box 31)
Volet box 1   No of TIR Carnet           HEAHEA                         LRN,
                                         ----RefNumHEA4                 Produced            Document
                                         ----TypOfDecHEA24              Reference (box 44),
                                         GUAGUA                         Other Guarantee Reference
                                         --GuaTypGUA1                   (box 52)
Volet box 4   Holder                     TRAPRIPC1                      Holder data (box 50)
Volet box 8   Documents Attached         HEAHEA                         Produced Docs/Certificates
                                         ----NCTSAccDocHEA601LNG        (box 44)
 BOX NO TIR      BOX CONTENT TIR                 NCTS XML STRUCTURE                       FIELD NAME NCTS
Volet box 9   Containers,       Packages GOOITEGDS                                    Container number (box 31)
              Marks and Nos.               --CONNR2
                                           *****************                          **********************
                                           GOOITEGDS                                  Marks & Nos of Packages
                                           --PACGS2                                   (box 31)
Volet box 10  Packages     and    Articles HEAHEA                                     Kind of Packages (box 31),
              Number and Type              ----TotNumOfIteHEA305                      Number of Packages (box
                                           ----TotNumOfPacHEA306                      31), Item Number (box 32),
                                           GOOITEGDS                                  Textual Description (box 31)
Volet box 11  Gross Weight                 GOOITEGDS                                  Total Gross Mass (box 35)
Volet box 14  Declaration Place and Date HEAHEA                                       Declaration Place, Declaration
                                           ----DecDatHEA383                           Date (box 50)
Produced docs Consignor                    TRACONCO1                                  Trader Consignor (box 2)
Produced docs Consignee                    TRACONCE1                                  Trader Consignee (box 8)
    The following elements are technical data and not TIR business data. These are not captured by the user but
    included in the file supplied by the IRU.
    ---- SynIdeMES1
    ---- SynVerNumMES2
    ---- MesSenMES3
    ---- MesRecMES6
    ---- DatOfPreMES9
    ---- TimOfPreMES10
    ---- IntConRefMES11
    ---- TesIndMES18
    ---- MesIdeMES19
    ---- MesTypMES20

  <IdeOfMeaOfTraAtDHEA78>SE 740 AK / SE 040 YB</IdeOfMeaOfTraAtDHEA78>
  <DecPlaHEA394>Moravský Svätý Ján</DecPlaHEA394>
  <NamPC17>VADUAL Logistik spol. s r.o.</NamPC17>
  <StrAndNumPC122>Ružová 228</StrAndNumPC122>
  <PosCodPC123>908 71</PosCodPC123>
  <CitPC124>Moravský Svätý Ján</CitPC124>
  <NamCO17>SD spolocnost</NamCO17>
  <StrAndNumCO122>Bardosova 20</StrAndNumCO122>
  <NamCE17>OOO Zentiva Pharma</NamCE17>
  <StrAndNumCE122>40 Bolshaya Ordinka str.bld.4</StrAndNumCE122>

   <DocRefDC23>SK M0241776</DocRefDC23>


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