Carnegie Research Library Consortium Planning and discussions Vision OAI PMH compliant IR in each institution by sIKk7148


									Carnegie Research Library
 Planning and discussions
• OAI-PMH compliant IR in each institution.

(Amongst other things…
part of the outcomes of the Carnegie grant)
+ discuss all the relevant issues pertaining to IR's
 e.g. policies, copyright, metadata etc etc

+ discuss relevant software, what's new and what's

+ decisions on what are the challenges facing the
  Research Consortium in terms of all of the

+ set up of a work plan with target dates
What does the Carnegie grant say?
• To have a harvestable institutional repository at
  each institution
• Has to federate into the Carnegie Research
  Library portal eventually
• Budget?
  – No funds for additional personel
  – No additional servers?
  – Training
  – Find funds within each institution to set it up
  – Mortenson
         General discussion
• What have we heard?
• What is important to us?
     How are we going to make a
• We have talked about this so many times? Why
  does this event make things different?
• We don’t think that the right people are driving
• We have some expertise on the campus, but we
  have ignored it thus far?How can we do things
• We feel swamped, and don’t necessarily have
  the necessary support at our institutions?
             SWOT analysis
•   Strengths
•   Weakness
•   Opportunities
•   Threats

Draw your dream….
           Group planning
• What issues are we going to park?
• What are the relevant questions/ideas to
  ask us at that time?

• Which issues are we gong to discuss?
            Group planning
• Group discussion

  – What do we need to do?
  – How are we going to do it
  – When are we going to do this?
  – What do we need to do this?
+ Roles of different divisions (library and institutional departments)
+ Policy issues
+ Securing faculty and admin support
+ Technical issues
     –   Preservation
     –   Software (Open Source vs Commercial)
                 –   OS
                 –   database
     –   Access (Dissemination Policy)
                 –   Open vs closed
                 –   Harvesting
                 –   Registering in directories
     –   Preservation issues (Digital preservation plan)
     –   Setting up
•   Compatibility with campus IT
•   Work flow
•         + Content
•   Needs
•   Populating IR
•         + Copyright issues
•   Metadata schema
•   Content
•         + Standards
•   Metadata
•   Harvesting
•         + Further training within libraries

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