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									Social Media Marketing And Optimization

Promoting your website, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques can be the key. But, if you
wish to reach more visitors who are more engaged with your content, optimizing your site for
interaction with social networks like Facebook and Twitter etc, Social Media Optimization (SMO),
can be even more significant.

SMO for social media networks is to develop a presence on one or more social networks. Building
mutually beneficial relationships with a specific audience is a key to social networking. Twitter,
LinkedIN and Facebook are examples of social media that offer fantastic opportunities to market
your Web site and connect with your peers, special interest groups, and customers.

Now as hundreds of millions of people are active participants in social media sites and thousands
more are signing up every day. A recent Study found that the total time being spent by Facebook
increased by 700% over a twelve month period from April 2008 to April 2009. During the same
time period the amount of time users spent on Twitter increased by a whopping 3,712%. This
phenomenal growth in the time being spent on social networking on the Web is an indication of not
only the popularity of social networking sites with the masses but also a measure of their

There are two things. SMO and SMM.

SMO refers to the process of refining a website (optimizing it) so that it’s awareness and content
are easily spread through social mediums and online communities by users and visitors of the
website. Such as improving the design and usability of the website so that it becomes more
compelling to users, in an effort to help them spread it through social media sites. The simplest
example of SMO is represented by all the “digg this” and “add to delicious” icons and links that are
all over the web today.

If you are actively tweeting or posting new content on social networking sites you can add widgets
to your web site that make it easy for visitors to stay up to date with your latest tweets and posts.
Adding these widgets to your site makes social networkers aware of your presence on social media
sites and gives them one-click option to follow your tweets or become a fan.

In other words, Social Media Optimisation (SMO) and promotions are a good way to get noticed by
people who can eventually turn to customers. Here are the benefits it offers to you.

      Creates All-Round Publicity
      Creates Brand Awareness
      Drives Useful Traffic
      Generate Traffic for Specific Areas, e.g. Domestic or International
      Offers a Communication Platform, e.g. Blog
      Generates Leads or Potential Customers
      Increase inbound Links
      Increase Popularity in Organic Searches

SMM on the other hand plays more of an active role in relation to social media by referring to the
creation and distribution of content and other messages through the social web by some form of
viral marketing. This can be anything from creating compelling content that gets bookmarked and
even hits digg’s homepage to spreading a viral video by putting it on YouTube and other social
media websites. It’s about the things that are done off-site,for example, participating in online
communities where your customers hang out would be an active role that falls under SMM.

We offer whole ranekd of SMO and SMM

We help to make this dream a reality through various SMO services and help boost your company
image, brand image, and product identification. Take a look at our services that would help you
optimise your website in social network.

      Building Branding and On page work for website.
      Creating profile and write unique contents for the same.
      Write content regularly and also post them on various viral marketing media.
      Maintain the relevant group and bookmark.
      Paid promotion of Facebook etc.
      Article writing and posting on Social Media as well best of article websites.
      Combine all media and interlink to bring people to website and generate relevant traffic.
      Promoting Social Bookmarking
      Helping in Blogging and Video Blogging
      Conducting Video Submission
      Developing RSS Feeds
      Promoting Manual Link Requests to Similar Sites
      Increasing One Way Links

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