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									                                    2012-2013 CUSC Fee Structure

Current & Future Carmel United Families:

For the 2012-2013 Carmel United Soccer Club season, the annual club fees are as follows:

        U9-U10 $1210 (Payable June $210, July 15th $200, Aug 15th $200, Sept 15th $200, Oct 15th $200, Nov 15th $200)
        U11-U14 $1380 (Payable June $230, July 15th $230, Aug 15th $230, Sept 15th $230, Oct 15th $230, Nov 15th $230)
        U15-U18
            o Elite $1235 (Payable $235, July 15th $200, Aug 15th $200, Sept 15th $200, Oct 15th $200, Nov 15th $200)
            o Premier $1135 (Payable $235, July 15th $200, Aug 15th $175, Sept 15th $175, Oct 15th $175, Nov 15th $175)

The annual club fee includes summer camp (July 30-August 3rd), fall (Aug 1st-Oct 30th), winter indoor at the CUSC indoor
facility(Nov 1st-Feb 28th) and spring (March 1-June) – regardless of participation or attendance. CUSC will have a winter break
from December 10th through January 14th. All fees are non-refundable, non-transferable and non-negotiable.

What do the fees support?
The annual club fees support various aspects of the Club including coaches, field maintenance, equipment, indoor facility
operation and upkeep, scholarship fund, and the growth of the Club. The Board of Directors remains committed to managing
costs associated with our programs, and the assessed fees allow us to continue to pursue and secure opportunities to improve
existing facilities, to source opportunities for further expansion of our playing and training fields and to attract and retain
quality coaches.

Are there any additional fees or expenses?

Team Fees
There will be an additional collection of team fees (initial installment typically due at the organizational meetings after
tryouts). Team fees are collected by the individual team treasurer and normally include a player’s “share” of team costs
associated with league entry fees, referee payment, tournament entry fees (excluding Indiana State, Presidents and Challenge
Cup which are paid by the Club), turf rental fees outside of the CUSC indoor facility and reasonable expenses for coach’s travel
to out-of-town tournaments. Team fees and the timing of collection vary by age group and competition level, and an estimate
of these team fees will be provided by the team treasurer over the summer.

Uniform Fees
As a Nike Premier Club, Carmel United operates on a two-year uniform cycle, and 2012-2013 will be the second year of the
current cycle. Uniforms are ordered through Soccer Village via the website with sizing provided at player convenience at the
Carmel Soccer Village location (116th and Keystone) during regular business hours beginning June 11, 2012.

        The kit for the U9 player includes training jerseys/shorts/sock that also act as uniforms to help reduce costs. Est. $100.00.
        The kit for the U10-U18 players includes training jerseys, home and away uniform kits, warm-ups and bag. Est. $250.00.

Note – for returning U11-U18 CUSC players, the uniform and training jerseys will be the same as ordered in 2011-2012
Note – for returning U10 CUSC players, the uniform will be different, but the training jerseys will be the same as ordered in 2011-2012

What is the 2012-2013 payment process?
At the organizational meeting commitment night, club fees may be paid in full via check or a deposit must be placed and
monthly installments made via check or credit card to the club. (See payment schedule above.) More information will be
provided once initial deposits are collected. Teams may also collect deposits for team fees at the organizational commitment
night and as needed through the year.

If you have any questions regarding fees or payments, please contact me directly.


Shannon Stuart
Director of Business Operations

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