Caribbean Conference on Horizontal Cooperation in Social Protection

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					              Caribbean Conference on Horizontal Cooperation in Social Protection
                                     September 9-12, 2008
                                         Port of Spain
                               Republic of Trinidad and Tobago

                                        INFORMATION BULLETIN

   Hyatt Regency Trinidad
   #1 Wrightson Road
   Port-of-Spain, Trinidad, Republic of Trinidad & Tobago
   Tel: 888 623 2222 Fax: 868 821 6401

The activity is organized into two sessions:
   1. The Evaluation Workshop: September 9-10
   2. The Caribbean-wide Conference: September 11-12

National Coordinating Office
National Coordination of the Conference and ancillary activities will be carried out by:
      Ms. Shareeda Narsiah
      Acting Senior Planning Officer
      Policy and Programme Planning and Development Division
      Ministry of Social Development
      Telephone: 1-868-627-9607 ext 3163 OR 1-868-625-9227
      Mobile: 1-868-397-0786 Fax: 1-868-627-9879
      Email: OR

    To critically evaluate the methodology and results of the transference program;
    To share with Caribbean development partners, the results and lessons learned from the “Puente
       in the Caribbean” Program to date;
    To invite other CARICOM countries to participate in the second phase of the program; and
    To explore opportunities for enhancing future programming.

    Permanent Secretaries and High Level Authorities of Social Development in the CARICOM region
    Representatives from Ministries of Social Development and Social Investment Funds participating in
        the Pilot Program
    Coordinating Team and other officials of FOSIS, Chile
    Representatives of international and regional development organizations.

Airplane fares:
The OAS will cover travel expenses for representatives from the CARICOM countries participating in this
event. Travel arrangements will be made through the National Offices of the OAS in the respective countries,
and the most economic fares will be selected. Participants are expected to travel from their countries of origin
from September 10 and return on September 12 or 13, depending on availability and convenience of flights.
Lodging and food
As a courtesy, the Government of Trinidad and Tobago, as host country, will provide lodging at the Hyatt
Regency Trinidad and Tobago, from September 10 to 12 to the participants of the Conference representing the
CARICOM countries and Chile.           Reservations will be made for each participant upon receipt of the
registration form. Breakfast and lunch will be provided and a per diem of US$40 per night will be provided to
cover the cost of dinner. All other expenses not specified here will be covered by the participant at the end of
the meeting.

Hotel Information
The following hotel information is provided for the benefit of representatives of observer institutions:

Hyatt Regency: Single Room: US$199 + 21% taxes. Buffet breakfast: US$25.00; a simple continental
breakfast may also be purchased at a lower cost.
Contact :    #1 Wrightson Road,
             Port-of-Spain, Trinidad,
             Republic of Trinidad & Tobago
             Tel: 868 623 2222

Accommodation is also available at the Crowne Plaza Hotel, which is located opposite the Hyatt
Regency Hotel and is within walking distance.

Crowne Plaza Hotel: Single Room: US$175 + 21% taxes. This rate is inclusive of breakfast.
Contact: Wrightson Rd & London St
         Port of Spain, Trinidad
         Republic of Trinidad & Tobago
         Tel: 1-877-227-6963 OR 1-868-625-3366-8

Arrival and Transportation from Airport
The Government of Trinidad and Tobago has graciously offered to provide transportation for all participants
from the Piarco International Airport to the Hyatt Hotel and back. Please ensure that the Travel Schedule
Form is completed and returned as soon as possible so that transportation arrangements may be made. The
OAS will also provide terminal expenses to cover the cost of taxis in the home country. This payment which
will be provided together with the per diems varies from US$60 to US$90, depending on the port of

The official language of Trinidad and Tobago is English. Simultaneous interpretation in English and Spanish
will be provided throughout the course of the sessions.

The local currency of Trinidad and Tobago is the Trinidad and Tobago dollar. The current exchange rate is
approximately: US$1 = TTD 6.15

The climate is tropical, warm all year round and pleasantly cool at night. September falls within the rainy season,
which runs from June to December. The average at this time is a low of 22º (72º F) and a high of 32ºC (90º F).

Local time
The time zone for Trinidad and Tobago is according to the Atlantic Standard Time,

The electric standard is 120 volts 60 HZ.
                             Caribbean Conference on Horizontal Cooperation in Social Protection

                     Conferencia Caribeña sobre la cooperación horizontal en protección social

                              TRAVEL SCHEDULE FORM / FORMULARIO DE VIAJE

                                                   September 11-12, 2008
                                             Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago

     Last Name / Apellidos                                      First Name / Nombre

     Designation / Cargo

     Organization / Organización

     Country/ País

     Telephone / Teléfono                 Fax                                     E-mail / Correo Electrónico

                                       Arrival Information / Información de llegada
     Date of arrival in/ Fecha de llegada Time of arrival/ Hora de llegada   Airline and Flight No./ Aerolínea y
     a/ Trinidad and Tobago                                                  número de vuelo

                                    Departure Information/ Información de salida
     Date of departure from/ Fecha de Time of departure/ Hora de salida Airline and Flight No./ Aerolínea y
     salida de/ Trinidad and Tobago                                     número de vuelo

     Name of hotel booked/ Nombre de hotel reservado

     Please provide any other relevant information (eg. special transportation requirements, etc.)/ Favor de incluir
     información adicional relevante (ej. Necesidades especiales de transportación, etc.)

Please submit this form no later than August 20, 2008 to the Ministry of Social Development, Trinidad and
Tobago/Por favor enviar este formulario, a mas tardar el 20 de diciembre de 2008 al Ministerio de Desarrollo Social,
Trinidad y Tobago.
                                               Attn: Ms. Shareeda Narsiah
                                           Tel: 1-868-625-9227 / Fax: 868 627 9879
                     Organización de los Estados Americanos
                     Organização dos Estados Americanos
                     Organisation des États américains
                     Organization of American States

        Caribbean Conference on Horizontal Cooperation in Social Protection

        Conferencia Caribeña sobre cooperación horizontal en la Protección

                                        September 9 -12, 2008
                                 Port-of-Spain, Trinidad and Tobago

                                          REGISTRATION FORM
                                      FORMULARIO DE REGISTRO

Surname/ Apellido                                         First Name/ Nombre

Designation/ Cargo



Telephone/Teléfono                  Fax                                E-mail/ Correo electrónico

        Please submit the registration form no later than August 15, 2008
                            to the Department of Social Development and Employment:

        Por favor enviar este formulario de registro antes del 15 de agosto de 2008
                            al Departamento de Desarrollo Social y Empleo de la OEA:

                                                Attn: Julie Nurse
                                              Fax: 1 (202) 458 3149
                                              Tel: 1 (202) 458 3552

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