colors by wanghonghx


Combo of soccer and basketball: Using a soccer ball inside, set
up goals as if playing soccer. Students are to only kick ball to
team-mates. Two ways to score: 1) kick through goal, 2) shoot
basket. You play the game like soccer and can score a goal as in
soccer. However, if a student either lifts the ball to self or
kicks ball to team-mate, hands can be used to catch ball and
attempt to shoot. Realistically, a ball can be caught anywhere on
the court at any time, however, once caught, ball must be shot
at basket. If missed shot, team-mates can rebound if ball
touches rim only, if not, must play with feet. If attempting to
catch ball but fail, hands is called and defending team gets ball.
Can use a direct or indirect kick. Hands close to the goal brings
ball to top of key (safety). 1 point for kicked goal, 2 points for
•1 soccer ball pinnies (jersies)
•2 basketball goals (opposite sides)
•soccer goals (or 4 cones)
Bad Weather Days
Good Sport
Poor Sport
The End

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