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									                                                 DENNE NEIGHBOURHOOD COUNCIL
                                                     Clerk: Miss Jenny Hartley. 88 Rusper Road, Horsham. RH12 4BN

                                                  Phone: 07814 788407. email: clerk@denneneighbourhoodcouncil.org

          Minutes of the DNC Meeting held on Thursday 19th April 2012 at 7pm in the Unitarian Church Rooms, Worthing Road,

Item   Minute Ref                                                                      Detail

1      2012/ 29       Election of Chairman

The Clerk opened the meeting and asked for a Member to stand as Chairman for this meeting.
It was resolved Trudie Mitchell would be Chairman for this meeting. All Members voted in favour.

       2012/30        Attendance and apologies for absence

Present: T. Mitchell (TM), E. King (EK), I. Botting (IB), J. Moon (JM), Gianni Lozzi (GL), J. Pounds (JP). Also present: Clerk to the Council – J. Hartley (JH)
HDC Representatives Present: D. Holmes (DH) and Francis Haigh (FH) (arrived 8.00). WSCC Representatives: Apologies received from D. Sheldon and N. Dennis.
Apologies received from: M. Bruton, and E. Ford.

       2012/31        Approval of Minutes from last meeting (15.03.12).

Minutes approved and signed by the Chairman.
          2012/32     Matters arising from last meeting & Action points

Updates given on the S106 and Neighbourhood Watch items. DH reported that the recommendation for the Town Hall were due to go to Council next week,
however this is now not on the Agenda and is likely to be an item for a Council meeting in May – should this be an open meeting DH will inform DNC of the date.
          20102/33    Roles and Responsibilities for DNC Members

Members were asked to consider the role of Vice- Chairman for the AGM in May. New Roles and Responsibilities document to be circulated shortly.

6         2012/34     Chairman`s Report

See Appendix I

7         2012/35     Internal Communications

See Appendix II – Clerks report.
The Clerk reported that from the May AGM she would produce a Clerk’s report for each meeting as a supporting document to the Agenda.
A draft Intranet site has been set up by the Clerk in order to store documents, have access to a calendar for meetings/holidays etc.
ACTION: The Clerk will email dates to Members to hold an informal meeting to look at this site further.
As part of these improvements to Administration, the DNC minutes will also be signed at meetings, and also reports will be required from Members for the
minutes in advance of DNC meetings.

8         2012/36     Reports from Members:

    8.1   2012/37     Finance
GL informed Members Lloyds have still not updated the signatories. The current balance of the account is £2992.29. Payments to be made (when the
signatories are updated) are for the hire of the hall, HALC subs and WSCC Payroll for March 2012.

 8.2   2012/38        Section 106

GL and TM have a meeting on 26th April with Howard Collins (HDC Officer) to discuss S106 money and project. Howard Collins has also been asked for further
details of the S106 monies available to DNC. Howard Collins has confirmed the amount of Community Facilities available in Denne area + £40,000. DNC are also
inquiring about Open Space money available – estimated +£125,000.
Berkeleys have made a contribution of £50,000 to Public Art in the Denne area – nearly £22,000 has been spent but we have not been consulted & there is no
project identified – so we need to know what it has been spent on.
DNC want to progress an application for Riverside Walk improvements (see Chairman’s report). DNC sent an amended S106 wish list to HDC on 16th April; as the
original submission had an incorrect sum entered. DH suggested DNC establish the rules for S106 funds from Tom Crowley (HDC).

 8.3   2012/39        Planning

MB had sent apologies ahead of the meeting so there were no further updates on planning.
ACTION: It was agreed that Members of planning committee should meet informally and discuss how to move planning forward.

 8.4   2012/40        Highways and Transport
                        - including proposed Road Closures (Wimblehurst Road 11am-5.30pm for Street Party)

Englefield ponding – Work concerning West of Horsham seems to be completed.
Still chasing WSCC re moving drain.
Hills Farm Lane – damaged street name sign - HDC responsibility - sign has been ordered. Martin Brightwell hopes contractor will do installation by end April
Hills Farm Lane – deterioration
There is a major problem with the condition of this estate concerning the perimeter walls & fences; overgrown vegetation & trees blocking back alleys & internal
paths (many of these areas are shared ownership. The pavement along the road is also in poor condition partly due to the West of Horsham construction works.
We have at various times unsuccessfully approached WSCC, HDC & Croudace. It seems there was no proper transfer of maintenance when the estate was built
We have requested Natalie Brahma Pearl to arrange a meeting with all concerned parties to see what can be done to bring the area up to a reasonable standard
Bus Shelter
The new bus shelter opposite Stoneybrook is causing problems at night as car headlights reflect in the side panel. Bob Sinclair at HDC is in contact with
Queensbury who were responsible for the installation to see what can be done
Railway Station
Meeting arranged with HDC & Southern 27th April
Agenda includes Forecourt, Parking, Gateway Entry Point Information, Way-finding, Public art, Signage, Platform Toilets

ACTION: Ian Botting to chase Martin Brightwell (HDC) re: damaged sign at Hills Farm Lane if this has not been replaced by end April 2012.
JM raised the issue of potholes and the issues relating to the repair.
ACTION: JM/JP to email the Clerk the details of potholes so the issue can be raised with WSCC Cllr David Sheldon.
Wimblehurst Road closure is planned for North Parade end and Gordon Road. Members had no objection to this application.
ACTION: Clerk to inform HDC of DNC’s response.
ACTION: TM/IB to report the junction lights at Hurst Road/North Parade junction, which are too short for pedestrians to cross the road.

 8.5   2012/41       West of Horsham Development

Next site visit planned for 27th April.
Windrum Close - The planning application has been deferred for further consultation as the area was considered too cramped & of poor design, although
it fulfilled outline planning requirements.
For details see separate report e-mailed 20th March
Footpath width - Following a request from local residents we contacted Berkeleys & HDC about the width of the footpath off the new road embankment.
The path is only 1 metre wide whereas the norm for HDC is 1.3m. Minimum or 1.5m. preferred width. HDC have requested that the path be widened.
 8.6   2012/42       Communications
                     DNC Spring Newsletter articles required. MB will begin work on the DNC newsletter when he returns from holiday.
                       ACTION: Members to send articles/headlines to MB in preparation.

    8.7   2012/43     Parks/Walkabouts

EK reported there are 3 walkabouts planned for each year. At the most recent walk about discussions took place regarding the pavement/road surfaces of the
town, the future look of the town, level of shopping, shop leases, bringing further prosperity to the town and matters relating to Christmas lights. The group also
discussed East Street - to be closed more to traffic, and ways in which funding should be spend on West Street improvements. It was noted the Market traders
prefer to be in the Carfax. It is hoped that the next walk about will include Damian Brewer (HDC Officer) responsible for disabled access/facilities.

    8.8   2012/44     Community Services

JP attended a recent Youth Meeting – see report as Appendix III.

    8.9   2012/45     Police

EF had sent apologies for this meeting.

9         2012/46     Members Questions and Comments

Action: EK to send the Clerk the list of HDC Members she has on file.
Action: Clerk to contact Lesley Morgan (HDC Democratic Services) for a current list of HDC Officers.
TM reported the appalling state of the cigarette butts littering to John McCarthur HDC.

ACTION: TM to copy DH on email correspondence on this matter.
10     2012/47       Reports from County & District Councillors

Cllr Holmes had sent a report sent ahead of the meeting – see appendix iv
Cllr Haigh had nothing further to report this evening.
Cllr Sheldon e-mailed nothing to add to Cllr Holmes’ report

11     2012/48       Date of next meeting: Thursday 17th May 2012 at 7pm (AGM)

Being no further business the Chairman closed the meeting at 20.24pm.

      Signed:_________________________________________________________________ Date:_________________________________________
Appendix I                              Chairman’s Report                                                         19th April 2012

Limiting information to events or meetings not reported on elsewhere

Meetings attended:

Riverside Walk -19/03/12

Meeting with Evan Giles, HDC & Jane Apostolou, HTCP to discuss use of S106 money to improve facilities.

DNC had a meeting last June with Evan about installing benches, a pavilion & litterbins in the area by Hills Farm Lane, partly to provide amenities
for the football teams using the pitches but mainly to give additional benefit to local walkers & residents as part compensation for the disruption
caused by the West of Horsham construction site.

Since then HTCP has adopted the Riverside Walk as one of its first projects but intended selecting the Warnham Road to Guildford Road section
as the first to be improved rather than the Hills Farm Lane area.

The meeting in March discussed priorities & concluded that DNC would work on the area around the football pitches & HTCP would include the
river bank area in its initial work. We have contacted the football league but they are not willing to support the project as it would not benefit all
the teams. We are now trying to contact the teams who play regularly on these pitches.

Park - Evan Giles also commented that he would like more feedback & involvement from DNC.

Community Development, Days out, Bandstand activities, Practical help

Windrum Close - 20/03/12 see West of Horsham

Christmas Lights – 26/03/12 see separate report

Blachere have submitted some estimates & Garry Mortimer–Cooke confirmed the next meeting will take place at the end of April or early May.

HALC – 26/03/12 see separate report
ASK Opening – 03/04/12

I attended to represent DNC – invited because we had been very involved in the planning application

HDCP - 16/04/12 – see separate report to follow

Annual meeting attended by Councillors & stakeholders, chaired by Gary Shipton

Commented that Horsham & the HDCP is thriving beyond the national average

Presentation by Davy Jones on What is Driving the Changes IN OUR Public Services

Reports on HDCP achievements in 2011/2

Better Place to Live

Opportunity for All

Health & Wellbeing

Community Safety

Presentations on changes affecting the future

NHS changes – local impact

Sussex Police

Localism Act
Appendix II                                       DNC Meeting – Thursday 19th April 2012

                                                                          Clerks report
Clerks Report:

Starting from the AGM next month, I will introduce a Clerks report to accompany the Agenda each month. This will have reminders and notes in relation to
each Agenda item for discussion, and note any supporting papers/emails that are to be read before the meeting to ensure you are fully informed.

DNC Calendar/Communication site:
Earlier today you will have received via email an invite to a Google site link, which is for the DNC Intranet site I have set up. This is for internal use only and not
for the World Wide Web!
I have printed examples of how the screens look, and I think it may be a good idea to have an informal meeting where we have Internet connections for a little
training session if we feel this is useful.
To log into the system, use the link sent over today, and then enter you usual email address and email password.

Planning Matters:

Current planning committee Members are: Martin Bruton (Chairman), Emma Ford, Judy Pounds and John Moon.
I have recently set up a planning spread sheet which lists all applications since Jan 2012 to build a historical planning list of applications discussed, comments
made and decisions made by HDC.
This will be circulated from 1st May 2012 each week to the planning members in order for them to schedule a meeting to discuss the new applications.

New DNC Members

In the past there has been no paperwork completed when a new Member has joined DNC.
At the AGM in May I shall be sending Members paperwork to complete for us to start a proper system. This has been kick started by the recent request for
your contact details to be supplied for this database.
DNC Minutes:
Historically, DNC minutes have not been signed at each meeting by the Chairman, they have just been filed. As of this meeting I am introducing the signing of
minutes to ensure an accurate and legal record of out meetings.

DNC General
As always, I am happy to discuss any other ways of making the systems and working relationships smoother between DNC, so please do not hesitate to contact
me if there are other things we can do.

Jenny Hartley
Clerk to the Council
Appendix III                                             HORSHAM YOUTH PROVISION MEETING


Present: Clare Ebelwitz - Senior Youth and Older Persons Worker, Judi Cox – Youth Worker, David Sheldon – HDC, Jane Apostolou, David – Rep Arundel Diocese
Steve – Volunteer Youth Interest, Stu Jackson – Broadbridge Heath Rep & .Judy Pounds – DNC.
HURST ROAD,HORSHAM YOUTH CENTRE - HDC will retain this facility and maintain an interest although there has been a drop in numbers since December
and the building could be up for redevelopment in the future.

BROADBRIDGE HEATH, There is no longer a youth facility in this area, all have been phased out, but the area is still looking for youth provision.

HOLBROOK, This centre went in Phase 1 and is now in Phase 2 of a Community Asset Transfer. Community Groups will run and fund and maintain this facility.
Their new Management Committee is responsible for the building and have put together a Business Plan. The facility could still be offered for Youth Provision,
but would need to be funded and staffed.

ROFFEY, County is to withdraw in July. The facility will continue as a Child/Family Centre. Youth provision can be offered in the evening but would need
funding and staff. There have also been concerns about damage by youth to the facility which would need addressing.

FOREST YOUTH WING, In July County will withdraw and the building will return to school use. Forest would be happy to offer the building for youth facility
evening and weekend. It would need to be funded and staffed.

NEEDLES, Still regarded an area of deprivation – West Sussex retain these premises for youth 1 night each week. And may consider ‘ buying back’ an evening in
the future for youth provision. It is a Child/Family Centre in the day. Youth have caused damage to the facility which is a concern to the day users. This needs
to be addressed.

DISCUSSION: Should there be 4 separate centres/challenges or should Horsham be looked at as a whole with a main Youth Centre?
Youth can be territorial. So want do they want and need?
Is there a concern when Child/Family groups take on these facilities? Does that jeopardise return to youth? – Vandalism needs to be addressed.
Junior Provision is less of a challenge as ‘Horsham for Youth’ still retain a junior night in each area.
Senior provision 13-17 years is the main challenge.
How many locations should there be?
What are the Youth’s needs?
All present accept that a safe environment is a priority – currently @Costas@ is almost considered a ‘group’ as youth meet over coffee here in a safe
environment. Have needs changed? Could other buildings be available in other locations?
 Independent Youth Clubs and affiliations?
Church Youth Groups?
Would these be open to general youth?
If so are parents/youths aware of them. Do they know what already exists?

Maybe there is already enough other youth provision in the area which is not widely explored and known.

These groups should be identified to build a picture of what they are and how they are run and whether access is closed and why. But they need to be
identified as in the right areas and run by

The old centres aren’t being lost as such as they can be made available to youth facility with the right agreements in place. But would need to be run
professionally- and as funding is no longer available – by volunteer staff. It may be necessary to look at membership fees. – HYPER will also be consulted
about this.

Young people seem unaware of what is happening in Horsham and they need to be informed. The community and residents should also be made aware. This
could be put forward in the form of a ‘Balanced Article’ in local paper, local websites, council websites, parish letters and school parent mail.

It was suggested that a paper questionnaire/Youth Satisfaction Survey be carried out about what youth want, where, how often. This could be started at the
Park Snack Van and a suggestion was made that perhaps neighbourhood council could become involved with the survey in their areas. Action could then be
taken around the auit and communication.

Clare Ebelwitz suggested that a ‘Work Experience’ person be employed for this task. A request was made to David Sheldon at the meeting. It was sanctioned.
This worker would research what is already available in the community and to who what is open and closed and why and put together the findings of the
Realistically this would take time, also the summer holiday would delay response until at least September, possibly as late as December. But enough
information may be available for Budget setting in October for a December plan of action.

Next meeting scheduled May 25th – 10am, Barn, Causeway.
                                Appendix iv               District Councillors Report – David Holmes

1.   There was huge concern amongst Members as to how the Reserved Matters application for 105 houses at
     Broadbridge Heath was handled. Whereas we can spend an hour on an application for one house this was handled
     as part of a busy Dev Control meeting whereas dates had been set aside to allow separate consideration of the
     strategic site applications. I believe that CEO has noted that it was inappropriately handled and if this happens again
     it must be resisted. To be fair there was a prior meeting to consider the application but it was far too brief at an hour
     and a quarter of which much of the time was wasted discussing previous matters or spent considering the road and
     suds. However it was approved despite some voting against approval due to inadequate consideration. A matter of
     concern was the amount of parking that assumed people use their garages. Concern was also expressed because
     the proportion of affordable housing that will be shared ownership is higher than HDC wish leaving too little social
     rented accommodation.
2.   Proposals for BBH Leisure Centre will be presented to Members on Monday 23rd April ahead of a public consultation
     over 4 to 5 weeks.
3.   Proposals for the future use of the Town Hall will it is expected go to the Council Meeting on 25th April. The Town Hall
     could be lost from community use for a considerable time. A lease would probably be for 25 years or it could be sold.
     However it is believed that some weight is being given to applications that allow continued community use.
4.   Increasing consideration is being given to the provision of affordable housing. There is greater consideration being
     given to what has been lumped together as “affordable housing” comprises. Recently 35% has been shared
     ownership which the people on the Council’s waiting list cannot afford. Other “affordable homes” are restricted to
     people with local connection, retirement properties or extra care properties. Less than half is meeting the needs of
     people on the Councils waiting list. All that is being provided is worth providing but we need to be aware that we are
     not doing as much as we thought to meet the needs of people on the waiting list because of homelessness or
5.   The new Director of Corporate Services has joined replacing Tony Higgins; she is Katharine Eberhart.
6.   The new Head of Service for the Local Economy and Leisure has been selected. She is Barbara Childs who has led
     Strategic Services. She will not switch jobs immediately.
7.   Ray Lee has left and Planning and Environmental Services now come under Tom Crowley. Operational Services
     (Waste collection and parking) come under Natalie Brahma-Pearl. Instead of replacing Ray Lee there will be a new
     Head of Service that is responsible in managing change with the Council to reduce cost.
8.   I believe you already know this but given its significance it is worth noting that there is a new cabinet member Helena
     Croft who has particular responsibilities related to Horsham Town.

Cllr David Holmes

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