03/04 - ASFA Section Assumes Responsibility For Initial Assessments by 70WYYBb


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     F   O    R           Y   O   U   R        I   N     F     O     R     M      A     T     I   O      N
    ISSUE NO:     04-12                                                               DATE: 03/04

                                FOR INITIAL ASSESSMENTS

As a result of the recent reassignment of staff, the ASFA Section will now complete the initial
assessments of potential relative and non-related extended family member (NREFM) caregivers. An
initial assessment is also required every time a relative or NREFM caregiver moves, or if children are
replaced into a different relative home. Annual reassessments will continue to be handled by the ASFA
Section as well.

To request an initial ASFA assessment the Placing CSW:

   Obtains information on possible relative caregivers from the parent/s (through interview/FGDM or
    other decision-making process).
   Contacts the prospective caregiver to conduct a preliminary interview and obtain clearance
    information. The CSW verifies that the address and telephone numbers for potential caregivers are
   Completes CACI, CLETS on all adults in the home
   Arranges Live-Scans, including FBI, DOJ with RAP Back, CACI, and JAI) on all adults (and
    juveniles, if applicable) in home.
   If there are convictions on Live Scans, obtains an exemption via DCFS policy.
   Completes the attached ASFA Assessment Referral form and forwards to Anne Smith, Permanency
    Resource Division/ASFA via fax 213-736-5412 and/or e-mail smithaa@dcfs.co.la.ca.us with all
    attachments required. The ASFA Assessment Referral form will be available on LA Kids in the
    Forms section as well as at the end of this FYI.

Upon receipt of the referral, the ASFA Section will assign the assessment to an ASFA CSW located in
the Regional Office/s, who will complete the assessment, and provide follow up regarding corrective
action plans. Once the assessment is completed, the results will be communicated to the Case
Carrying CSW for placement decision. For more details on the assessment process, see the

Revisions to the Procedural Guide regarding assessment of potential relative caregivers are

                                               If you have any questions regarding this release please
                                               e-mail your question to:


                 Placing CSW                                            ASFA Staff
                                                        ASFA Intake clerk receives FAX. Runs
   CSW determines placement needs to be                 CWS/CMS Clearances and searches for
    made, parent provides information on possible        additional siblings. Assigns to ASFA Staff.
    relative caregivers (through interview/FGDM          Fax/E-mail to ASFA CSW/SCSW
    or other decision-making process).
                                                        ASFA staff attempts to contact prospective
   CSW contacts prospective caregiver to                caregiver immediately and schedules
    conduct preliminary interview and obtaining          appointment for assessment immediately or
    clearance information. Ensure addresses and          as soon as possible, notifying placing CSW of
    telephone numbers for potential caregivers           time/date of assessment appointment.
    are accurate.                                       ASFA staff conducts assessment (s) of
                                                         prospective caregiver(s) home(s) and
   If CACI and CLETS results do not preclude            completes all required forms. Completed
    consideration for placement, initiate the ASFA       affidavit verifying relative or non-relative
    Referral.                                            extended family member status of caregiver.
   CSW arranges Live-Scans, including FBI,             If Live Scans are pending, criminal record
    DOJ, CACI, and JAI) on all adults (and               statements completed for every adult (and
    juveniles, if applicable) in home.                   juvenile, if applicable) in the home (as
   CSW selects placement. Notifies ASFA of
    placement decision.                                 If the home requires CAP or DAP, these forms
                                                         are also completed. ASFA staff follows up on
   CSW submits TA Action Request for                    completion of CAP.
    placement packet. CSW places child in               ASFA contacts placing CSW with results of
    approved Relative/NREFM home                         assessment(s).
   On an ongoing basis, the CSW ensures that           Once CSW selects placements, ASFA
    all individuals residing in home documented in       documents all contacts in CWS/CMS and
    CWS/CMS and that addresses and telephone             completes the SOC 815, SOC 817 and SOC
    numbers for caregivers are current in                818 per CDSS requirements.
                                                        Provide regional offices and eligibility
                                                         supervisors with copies of completed
                                                         assessment packets.
                                                        Provide caregivers with copies of CAPs, SOC
                                                         818, and any other relevant documentation.

           If you have any questions, please contact Laura Shotzbarger at 213-351-5660.


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