Choreography by wanghonghx


									    Choreography (Pedagogy of Ballet, Pedagogy of Ballroom Dancing)                       ЗЕ
Humanitarian, Social, Economic Major Requirements                                         35
                                                      General Education Requirements      18
Foreign Language
                                                                              Electives   17
Russian Language and Verbal Culture
Cultural Science
General Professional Major Requirements                                                   70
                                                      General Education Requirements      40
Choreography History
Drama Theatre History
History and Theory of Musical Art
Fine Art History
Anatomy, Physiology, Biomechanics and Medical Principles in Choreography
                                                                              Electives   30
Ballet Principles
Teaching Metodology of Parterre Gymnastics Training
Rhythmical Training
Modern Choreography
Professional Major Requirements                                                           108
                                                      General Education Requirements       43
Heritage and Repertoire
Principles of personal and social Safety
Introduction to Art Education Pedagogy
History and Theory of Choreography Education
Age and Pedagogic Phychology
Dance of Speciality Training Methodology
Art of Choreographer
Management Principles of Performing Art
General Management
Economic Theory
Management and Organization in Art Communities
                                                                              Electives   65
Methodology of Classical Dance Training
Methodology of Stage-Folk Dance Training
Methodology of Historical Dance Training
Methodology of Classical Duet Dance Training
Methodology of Ballroom Dance Training
Methodology of Sport Dance Training
Russian Dance
Folk Dance
Modern Trends of Dancing Art
Theory and Practice of Actor Skills in Ballet Theatre
Dance Composition
Methodology of Coach’s Work
                                                                    Physical Education     2
                                                                         Stage (weeks)    20
                                                            State Graduation Diploma       5
                                                      Theoretical Studies Total (hours)   240

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