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									IMSDC- MFS 4 Control Blocks -Part 1
Posted on April 7, 2012
Exactly 2 years completed starting this blog. No where people getting correct info on
IMSDC. I am trying to give good content on IMSDC.

I hope it will be helpful.

You know, in CICS, so many terminal control programs involved when you start a

In IMSDC, 4 control blocks will be involved when you start a transaction.

Source: IBM
Message Output Descriptors (MODs)Define the layout of messages MFS receives from
the application program.

Device Output Formats (DOFs)Describe how MFS formats messages for each of the
devices the program communicates with.

Device Input Formats (DIFs)Describe the formats of messages MFS receives from each
of the devices the program communicates with.

Message Input Descriptors (MIDs)Describe how MFS further formats messages so that
the application program can process them.

We define these 4 control blocks in MFS macros.

In the screen, when we enter /FORMAT PAYDAY1, first IMS locates MOD with the
name PAYDAY1 , and displays a screen with this name.

DOF decides, based on transaction code, and sends the required format of screen to the
terminal. Means, what are the fields user should fill to get a response.

More details refer my part-2.

IMS DC-MFS Control Blocks-Part 2
Posted on April 10, 2012
Refer my part-1 if you miss it. This post I am just explaining how these 4 control blocks
align together.
When data entered on the screen, MID and DIF control blocks translate the data in the
way IMS program understands. I hope so far my explanation has given good
understanding on the 4 control blocks.

Let us see an example:

Input message:


Here “PAYDET” is the transaction code

FIRST==> First Name

LAST==> Last Name

EMPID==> Employee ID, however, from which logical terminal this message is coming
will not appear in the message, but it will be captured in the first field of I/O PCB mask.

Example of output message:


Here, LL ==> length of the message PIC S9(4) Comp if it is in Cobol

If PL1 is there it is PIC S9(8) Comp.

ZZ ==>2 byte field MFS formatting option.

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