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January 11, 1994        Florida
Acts 13:42-52 In verse 48, "and when the Gentiles (nations) heard this, they began rejoicing and
glorifying the word of the Sovereign..." They glorified the Word. How? They gave their lives
up for it. Mark 8:35 The second part of Acts 48, "...and as many as had been appointed to
eternal life believed." Actually it is as many as had been disposed to eternal life believed.
Disposed or disposition is the tendency, inclination, temperament, character, nature, set in a
certain course. They had a disposition towards God. Therefore they could be saved. The Jews
though, were disposed against God. They had a disposition, inclination and tendency against
God. Acts 13:45 Therefore, they rejected and blasphemed the Word. The Gentiles heart was
toward God, they wanted to do right, good and they had a tendency toward what is right.
A person's disposition will be revealed by the way he responds to the gospel, the course of life he
has chosen. As with Legion, Yahshua knew he was disposed toward Salvation. A son is
revealed by his disposition to receive. Disposition is revealed by when or how you receive
someone. It's revealed by your overall attitude and how you receive authority. Our Father looks
upon the heart.
The disposition of a child is revealed by how he receives his imma. It's easy to come under the
power of Abba. So then if they receive their abba but not their imma their disposition is
betraying them. Betray means to show or reveal unintentionally by your attitude or disposition.
If you don't receive your imma, even though you may receive your abba, it reveals your
disposition. It reveals your inner heart. A person knows who respects him by the way they
respond to him. Sometimes you may have an outward show of respect but certain actions and
attitudes will betray you. They will show whether you are disposed toward salvation or not
disposed toward salvation. If a child doesn't receive his imma it betrays the child and also the
abba's disposition towards the imma. It also shows or betrays whether the abba's heart is toward
the child or not toward the child.
Acts 13:48 They had a disposition, inclination towards the gospel. Judas' disposition betrayed
him. Yahshua knew by Judas' disposition that he would be the one who betrayed Him. Yahshua
knew Judas' disposition by the things he did, his attitudes, inclinations, how he received.
Matthew 24:9-10 Betrayal. Matthew 10:21 When the hard times come it will reveal the true
disposition of us all. Who is disposed toward salvation, toward Yahshua, and those who aren't
toward Him. Those who are not toward Him will betray the Body just as Judas betrayed our
You know whose attention you have and whose you don't. You know who is loyal and who is
not by the way they pay attention. A child is to be trained in the way of paying attention. You
can tell early on in a child's life who will have the proper disposition and who won't by bad
attitudes, disrespect. This exposes the abba, whether his heart is turned toward the son or not.
When light comes it exposes the darkness. Light reveals the intentions of man's heart, revealing
hidden things. It separates spirit and soul. This is the word of God, it does this to us, to His
A person who claims to believe has spoken and testified of his belief. He has broken bread with
us, participating in the blood, claimed to be joined, reconciled with God through Yahshua's
blood. He participated in the benefits of forgiveness, the covenant, the sacrifice, our Father's
provision that we can be sustained. Sooner or later he is exposed; eventually you find him
turning, then he is gone into the world and loving it. Sooner or later this disposition is revealed,
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and he never really received life. John 6:50 No one who is in the Edah can go to the nations
because he has claimed to believe.
John 5:25. Only those who have a disposition toward hearing His word (voice) will hear Him in
the grave and be raised. Those who are truly participating in His blood, in His covenant. If you
are not disposed to hearing you will just lay there not resurrected but those who hear will live.
Those who don't hear are not disposed to eternal life.
John 6:53-54; John 5:26-27
John 5:28. All will hear His voice.
John 5:25. The first hearing of those who have come into the New Covenant. The second
hearing of everyone else who was left in the grave, they didn't hear because they were not
inclined toward His voice. Eating His body and drinking His blood is the means of being joined
and receiving benefits of His life. We have to feed on Him to have divine nature alive living in
2 Pet 1:4. We are partakers of divine nature. We are connected where humanity ends and
divinity begins. This is a relationship. Partaking in divine nature is eating His flesh and drinking
His blood. This is communion.
Which way is your child inclined? Which way are you inclined?
You may have a good attitude about working on the crew, but a bad attitude when asked to do
dishes, thus your disposition towards dishes betrays you. Your disposition towards salvation has
been revealed.

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