Bouncing Ball Lab by wanghonghx


									                          Bouncing Ball Lab – Key and grading rubric

Objective: to determine the equation of best fit for the maximum height of each bounce of a ball
and graph the path of the ball.
 Materials: A bouncy Ball and some masking tape.
Instructions: Count the number of bricks up from the ground to find the approximate height of
each bounce. Record the data and conduct the experiment more times taking turns on who did the
bouncing. Also record what type of ball you used. Draw a quick sketch of the bouncing ball.

1.     Use the data from when YOU bounced the ball. After the data is recorded determine best fit
       equation, g(x), for the height of each bounce. (Using the TI/GA).
       ____ Give the table of values and clearly identify what they represent (3 points)
       ____ Using the table of values describe any relationships that you observed between the
       independent and dependant variables with substantial depth.(3 points)
       ____ Write your equation of best fit for height vs bounce and explain why you used it. (3
       points) (you can use your calculator for this)
       ____ Draw a sketch of g(x) using graphing software or use the graph link and include in your
       results (4 points).
       ____ Label the graph completely (2 points).

2.     You can model the actual bounce and path of the ball with a sinusoidal function.
       ____ Manually determine a possible sinusoidal equation, f(x) that you can write combine
       with g(x) above to create h(x), what the path of the bouncing ball looked like. Give the
       equation for h(x) (4 points)
       ____ Copy a sketch of h(x) by using graphing software or TI graph link (4 points).
       ____ Label the graph completely (2 points).

3.     ____ Describe the range and domain of h(x) with regards to the bouncing ball model (3
       ____ What are the limitations, errors and misinterpretations of the graph of h(x) (4 points)?.

4.    ____ Describe how the graph of h(x) would change (using the language of transformations)
      if the ball was bounced on the Gym floor or the football field. Also what would happen with
      different balls (softball, basketball, etc) [5 points]

5.     ____ Write what you learned, liked and disliked about this project. [4 points]

____ Type up or write up neatly all results and hand in with a cover page, pledge and title [4
points] on February _____, 2008 for 45 points.

Name ___________________________________ You have earned _________ Points out of 45.

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