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									Bootstrapping a Better World

             Public Policy 190
Social Innovation and the Social Entrepreneur

                  October 1, 2002
                   Tom Munnecke
                   Visiting Scholar
               Digital Visions Program
                 Stanford University
                   (858) 756 4218
              Elevated Thoughts in a
                Spirit of Generosity

• Doug Englebart: “How can I use technology to help
   – And he invented the mouse, windows, hypertext, etc.
• Me: “What is the simplest thing I can do which will have
  the maximum benefit to humanity?”
   – And I am here.

           Ask Your Own Question
   Caution: The generation teaching you is the one which messed things up.

                   Some Project Ideas
                                 (I’d love to help)

• Apply Englebart’s ideas:
         • Bootstrapping, Networked Improvement Communities
         • Meeting Weds Oct 2 at 10:00 at DV program in Cordura Hall
•   Designing a “space” for transformation
         • Use web as role model and infrastructure
         • Simple initial conditions; complexity emerges
•   Epidemiology of Good Things
         • Is there a “tipping point” at which Good Things in a community turn into an
         •    Case Study: Women’s Empowerment Program Nepal
         •    Appreciating Appreciation – network amplifying the positive
•   Integrating physical and social networks
         • How deep/wide do we have to penetrate with physical network to trigger
              beneficial social network
          •   “Strength of weak ties” and “Small Worlds”
          •   End-to-end network design - move intelligence to the edges


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