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					          Because of Winn-Dixie

By: Sophie and Abby
               India Opal
India Opal is an curious girl who loves animals
and helping people. She has red hair and has
lots of friends. India Opal also tries to be nice
to every one. She is normally called by Opal
and her mom left her when she was very

                                 India Opal from
                                 the movie Winn
Winn-Dixie is an interesting , funny dog who
got his name from a grocery store. He is
really cute and loves every body. He is very
scared of thunder but he can tell how you feel.

                            Winn- Dixie from
                            the movie Winn-
             The Preacher
The Preacher is India Opal’s dad. He preaches
at Open Arms Baptist Church of Naomi. He
was sad when his wife left. He has been
happier because of his new dog Winn-Dixie.

                             The Preacher
                             from the movie
          Miss Franny Block
Miss Franny Block is a creative lady who loves
to tell stories. She works at the library in
Naomi. She is helpful and fun because she
will help you or any friends in need. She also
always has a Littmus Lozenge for you if you
need it.

                                This is Franny
                                Block from the
                                movie Winn-
Otis is a fun guy who loves playing the guitar.
He is shy and has gotten arrested for playing
his music on the street. He works at the pet
shop and also has a bird named Gertrude.

                                     Otis from the
                                     movie Winn-
              Gloria Dump
Gloria Dump is a nice woman. She likes Winn-
Dixie and feeds him lots of peanut butter. She
likes to talk with India opal and read the book
Gone With the Wind.

                                     This is Gloria
                                     Dump from the
                                     movie Winn-
              Sweetie Pie
Sweetie pie is a sweet girl who loves the color
pink. She has at ways hoped to get a dog but
her dream has not come true. She is friends
with Winn–Dixie and Opal and always has a
good time with them.

                                    This is sweetie
                                    Pie from the
                                    movie Winn-
        Amanda Wilkinson
Amanda is a pinched face girl. She is still
suffering from her brother who droned when
he was only five years old. Amanda is also
very interesting and nice in the inside.

                            This is Amanda
                            from the movie
                            Winn- Dixie
       The Bald Headed Boys
The bald headed boys are named Dunlap and
Stevie. They think that Gloria Dump is a witch.
They are mean to Opal and are afraid of

                                   This is a bald
                                   headed boy
                                   from the movie
            Trivia Questions
What book did Gloria and Opal read together?

Why is Amanda so pinch faced?

Why did Otis get arrested?

What was Sweeties Pie’s theme for her birthday party?

What was Miss Franny Block’s Great grandfather’s candy called?
Gone With the Wind

Because Her brother drowned when he was young

He hit a police office and played music on the street

Pink, pink and pink she wanted everything pink

A Littmus Lozenge
    In this book India Opal moves to a town
called Naomi. She had to move away from
everyone. But she met lots of new people like
Amanda, Sweetie Pie, Gloria Dump, Miss Franny
Block, the bald headed boys, and of course
Winn-Dixie who she named after a food
pharmacy. This book was very fun and
mysterious and it makes you want to read more.
I recommend this book to everyone.

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