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                                          Benedict Arnold is at war while his wife, Peggy Shippen, takes care of their
                                          children at the house.
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                                                        Benedict Arnold and his wife, Peggy Shippen are discussing
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                                                        whether to betray the colonies or not. Peggy says yes, but Arnold
     Send Benedict a message                            thinks the opposite. They are still arguing/debating.
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                                                        Benedict Arnold to Peggy Shippen King George told me I could betray
                                                        the colonies for money and a spot in his army, do you think I should accept this
                                                        valuable offer?
                                                        Peggy Shippen to Benedict Arnold I think we should accept this once-
   Networks:                                            in-a-lifetime offer, we could get rich! You know me, I love my money!
   Army                                                 PLEASE!!! I’ll get you ANYTHING you want, ANYTHING!!!
   January 14, 1741                                     Benedict Arnold to Peggy Shippen I don’t know… maybe. I just don’t
   Political                                            want to betray the colonies. I would be known as a traitor all over the world! I
   First: Federalist Then: Loyalist
                                                        know we could get wealthy, but I still don’t think that’s a good enough reason
   Christian                                            for betraying the colonies or General Washington.
   Hometown:                                            Peggy Shippen to Benedict Arnold Come on Benedict, think of the life
   Norwich, Connecticut                                 we could lead, being rich, having our kids go to a private school (they would
                                                        grow up in a much better environment then here). You could either be rich
   Friends                                              and have a happier wife and children or you could be a grouch and staying
                                                        with the unpredictable colonies. Our lives could be a lot better. I say yes and
                                                        that’s my final answer. The colonies don’t even treat you the way they

                                                        Benedict Arnold to Peggy Shippen I accepted the offer, Peggy. Happy
                                                        now? I will lead the colonies to failure at the battle of Westcott. I still don’t like
                                                        betraying my own state, it feels wrong. Although, I suppose you’re right. In
                                                        some ways I’m glad I accepted the offer.
                  King           George
Peggy S.
                  G. III         W.
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                                     Benedict and his wife are secretly planning how they will betray the colonies
                                     and how they will escape to England.
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                                      Basic Information

                                      Birthday                    January 14, 1741
                                      Family:                     Margaret Mansfield (3 kids) Peggy Shippen
                                      (5 kids).
                                      Occupation                  Father, husband, soldier.
                                      State:                      Connecticut
View photos of Benedict               Political Views             First: Federalist Then: Loyalist.
                                      Role in the War             Soldier, Major General, Brigadier General.
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                                      Activities:                 Fighting in war, taking care of my wife and children.
                                      Interests:                  War/battle, money, his wife.
Networks:                             Favorite Music:              Yankee Doodle Dandy, Linkin Park, Muse.
Birthday:                             Favorite Movies:             Garfield.
January 14, 1741                      Favorite TV Shows:          Anything on war, Liberty’s Kids.
First: Federalist Then: Loyalist      Favorite Books:             Connecticut Colonies.
Norwich, Connecticut
                                      Contact Information
2 Albums                              Address:                    2271 Maple Avenue CT 06360
                                      Phone Number:               770-254-7910
               The Family
               and Events             Email:            
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