HOW TO SET UP FTP SERVER by joshiapoorva1992


									This is a full tutorial for creating you're very own FTP.

The first thing to do is to go to

Register free at the page. (follow all the instructions you get there)
Look at the top, and you see the Host Search. Write the name you want,
and press Go! Then download the program called No-IP on the site, or use
Download and install the software, then write you're registerd username
and password in the requested fields. A smiley face should now appear in
the program box. Press the box next to it, and I will change to a happy
face. Press it again, and you have you're ip guided to you're registerd
host name. You have to press the smiley every time you log on to the
internet. If you are connected all the time, you whont have to do it
again, but try to make sure. It will tell you if you are guided to you're
host name or not.

That was the basics. Now it's time for getting this thing online.

Got to
(it's a pay prog. you can crack it or buy it)
Download Bullet Proof FTP Server, and install it. Start the program, and
you will see a big white screen, and some icons on the top.
Press the lightning, and it will say: (example)

31.07.02 10:41:22 - FTP Server On-line : IP(s),,
on port 21

Then you press the human head (nr. 6 from the right)
Make an account for you're self, and press ok. Minimize the program, and
go to the internet again. Go to
and download the prog (I'm sure the most of you have an FTP prog from
before. Write the host name you made at NoIP, and the login pass and
port. (Default is port 21.) Press connect, and you are online. I did not
get into all details, but you can learn more about the progs in the help

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