have satallite tv for almost free IF not free!!!

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					 have satallite tv for almost free IF not free!!!

this is a tut by me that i use at home to get all the channels "not
including ppv" for almost free if not free... i have every single channel
that dish network offers and i dont pay a single dollar..... ok this is
how it goes...

Get a dish 500 no matter how… “buy /steal”
Sign up with dish network for like “top 100” that will give you like 100
channels… it would cost you like 29.99 or 39.99 not sure…
Then you need to find 3 friends… or parent friends that are interested in
having satellite TV….
Dish network allows you to have up to 4 receivers in one house with no
So the next day, or when ever you find a person or 3 of them… call the
dish company and tell them that you would like to activate your 2nd
receiver and would like to add some additional channels… for that you
would need “receiver # and smart card # of that new receiver that is at
your friends house” so you give them the info and they hook the second
receiver up… just don’t tell them that the receiver is not in the house…
They will hook up to 3 more receivers per account and when you get all 4
receivers you can get all channels on them and just split your bill
between the other 3 people that are using your subscription…
For me it works perfectly… I live in Oregon and I have a receiver in my
friends’ house in Washington and two in California USA.
I don’t know if this thing would work anywhere else but it sure works for

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