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									 A Pirate’s Life for Me
Piracy in Colonial North Carolina
What is a pirate?

• Someone who attacks, without legal
  authority, both ships and maritime cities
• Also known as “sea thieves”
Famous Pirates in NC

• Blackbeard
• Edward Low
• Calico Jack
• Stede Bonnet
• Captain Charles Vane
Famous Women Pirates

• Mary Read
• Anne Bonny
• Real name was Edward Teach
• Born in 1680
• Ship’s name was “Queen Anne’s Revenge”
• Had a heavy, black beard
• Before battles, he would light pieces of
  slow-burning rope under his hat so that
  smoke would pour out
• Killed in Ocracoke in 1718
Edward Low

• Captured many ships in NC waters
• His ship flew a black flag with a red
• Terrifying because he was so mean to his
• Scary looking because he had knife scars
  all over his face
Calico Jack

• Real name was Capt. John Rackham
• Liked to dress in brightly colored clothes
• Anne Bonny and Mary Read sailed with
• Caught in Jamaica
Stede Bonnet

• Didn’t become a pirate until he was middle
• Called the “gentleman pirate” because
  after he captured a ship, he took its crew
  safely back to shore
• Was double-crossed by Blackbeard
• Caught near Charleston, SC in 1718
Captain Charles Vane
• Became famous for robbing Spanish ships
• When he refused to fight a French warship, his
    crew called him a coward and sent him
    overboard in a small boat
•   When he got a new ship and crew, it was
    wrecked in a hurricane and he was the only
•   A friend eventually turned him in while he was in
Mary Read

• Born in England
• Dressed as a boy
• Joined Capt. John Rackham’s crew
• Was friends with Anne Bonny
• Died of fever
Anne Bonny
• Born in Ireland
• Raised in Carolina
• She had a fiery temper
• Was married to James Bonny for awhile,
  but got tired of him
• Fell in love with Calico Jack and joined his
• Was friends with Mary Read
Some Pirate Lingo
• Booty = pirate treasure
• Double-cross = to betray, deceive, or cheat
•   Hard tack = a hard, moldy biscuit
•   Jolly Roger = a pirate’s flag with skull and
•   Maroon = to leave in a deserted place
•   Scurvy = a disease caused by too few fresh
    citrus fruits
Symbols Used on Pirate Flags

• A smiling devil’s face means torture
• Crossed bones means someone will die
• A skeleton’s head means death
• A bleeding heart means you will have bad
A Pirate’s Life
• Sometimes it was fun and exciting, but it was
    also very hard
•   Pirates had many jobs on the ship, including
    fixing/cleaning weapons, mending torn sails,
    mopping the deck, and pumping water from the
    ship’s hull
•   Sometimes, an injured pirate became the cook
    because he couldn’t do the other jobs
A Pirate’s Life
• Because there were no refrigerators, pirates
    either had to catch fish or they had to eat dried
    foods like crackers or salted/smoked meat
•   The food was often infested with bugs and mice,
    and the water was stale and slimy
•   If a pirate got scurvy, his gums became swollen
    and bled, his hair and teeth fell out, and he
    finally died
A Pirate’s Life

• Pirates also had to follow rules:
  – Everyone got equal amounts of treasure,
    except for the captain, who got more
  – Gambling was not allowed
  – Women were not allowed
  – If you hit a shipmate, you got whipped
  – If you stole from a crew member, you would
    be punished or left on shore
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