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4 - Think Win-Win


   Name                              Aligned SkillSoft Assets               Course ID
Habit #4 - Think Win/Win
                 Crafting Deals                                       comm_08_a01_bs_enus
                 Connecting and Communicating                         comm_08_a02_bs_enus
                 The Process of Negotiation                           comm_08_a03_bs_enus
                 The Dynamics of Interacting                          comm_08_a04_bs_enus
                 Negotiating Inclusively                              comm_08_a05_bs_enus
                 What to Do When the Going Gets Tough                 comm_08_a06_bs_enus
                 Mastering Negotiation                                comm_08_a07_bs_enus
                 Winning Negotiation Simulation                       COMM008A
                 Building Effective Inter-functional Relationships    comm_12_a01_bs_enus
                 Building Effective Inter-Cultural Relationships      comm_12_a02_bs_enus
                 Building Effective Inter-Gender Relationships        comm_12_a03_bs_enus
                 Working Effectivily with Customers                   comm_12_a04_bs_enus
                 Working Effectivility with Business Partners         comm_12_a05_bs_enus
                 Building Better Work Relationships Simulation        COMM012A
                  Effective Interfunctional Relationships             comm_12_a01_bs_enus
                  Effective Intercultural Relationships               comm_12_a02_bs_enus
                  Effective Intergender Relationships                 comm_12_a03_bs_enus
                  Effective Relationships with Customers              comm_12_a04_bs_enus
                  Effective Relationships with Business Partners      comm_12_a05_bs_enus
                  Building Improved Work Relationships Simulation     COMM012A
                 Perspectives on Conflict in the Workplace            comm_07_a01_bs_enus
                 Handling Conflict                                    comm_07_a02_bs_enus
                 Managing Organization Conflict                       comm_07_a03_bs_enus
                 Conflict in the Workplace Simulation                 COMM007A
                 Managing Workplace Conflict Simulation               COMM007B
                 Preparation and Strategic Planning                   SALE0221
                 First Contact                                        SALE0222
                 Presenting Your Proposition                          SALE0223
                 Negotiating for Mutual Benefit                       SALE0224
                 Developing the Account                               SALE0225
                 What is Systems Thinking?                            STGY0401
                 Building a Healthy System                            STGY0402
                 Systems-thinking Models and Thinking Skills          STGY0403
                 System Archetypes                                    STGY0404
                 Redesigning Your Organization: Part 1                STGY0405
                 Redesigning Your Organization: Part II               STGY0406
                 Taking Systems Thinking into Your Personal Life      STGY0407
                 Team Conflict: The Seeds of Dissent                  TEAM0211
                 Analyzing Workplace War Zones                        TEAM0212
                 Getting Past Clashes: Valuing Team Diversity         TEAM0213
                 Conquering Conflict through Communication            TEAM0214
                 The Path to Peace and Harmony                        TEAM0215
                 Manager's Performance Guide - Team Conflict Skills   TEAM0216
                 Making Teams Work (Simulation)                       TEAM0210
Building Relationships to Get Results          comm_13_a01_bs_enus
Teamwork and Results Without Authority         comm_13_a02_bs_enus
Leadership Without Authority                   comm_13_a03_bs_enus
Gaining Allies, Creating Change                comm_13_a04_bs_enus
Getting Results through Communication          comm_13_a05_bs_enus
Getting Results from the Boss                  comm_13_a06_bs_enus
Getting Results without Authority Simulation   COMM013A
Getting Results by Building Relationships      comm_13_a01_bs_enus
Results and Teamwork without Authority         comm_13_a02_bs_enus
Leading without Authority                      comm_13_a03_bs_enus
Creating Change, Gaining Allies                comm_13_a04_bs_enus
Communicating to Get Results                   comm_13_a05_bs_enus
Obtaining Results from the Boss                comm_13_a06_bs_enus
Getting Results with No Authority Simulation   COMM013A

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