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Computaris Newsletter - Second Edition


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MVNO Business Model                                            Watch Our Videos

     Computaris whitepaper: The path towards MVNOs’           Computaris corporate movie
      success                                                  2012
      Before launching, MVNOs must consider that they
      will be in the business for at least one year before
      they break even...

     The data dividend for MVNOs
      One MNO mentioned at the MVNO Networking
      Congress last year that 4 out of 5 net adds
      subscribers on their network were from their MVNOs
      and that 40% of their revenues came…                     Computaris CEO at
                                                               Mobile World Congress 2012
     An overview of the Romanian telecom market and
      MVNO/MVNE opportunities
      What are the main challenges of the telecom market
      in Romania? Operators and solution providers need
      to find new ways to capitalize…

     The benefits of MVNOs’ emergence in the Romanian
      telecom market
      MVNOs will be able to grow as they combine the
      mobile telecom business with other business sectors,     Computaris CEO - about the
      especially those of large chains of retail...            benefits of the MVNO model

     How is the MVNE perceived by the MVNO and the
      In the late 1990s, Western operators came to the
      realisation that selling capacity to resellers was…

Mobile Broadband Management
                                                              Watch Our Webinar
      Computaris whitepaper: What is the real case of
       mobile data policy management?                         Strategic drivers for early
       Mobile data consumption is growing exponentially,      to market policy
       putting an enormous pressure on operators as they
       seek to address the twin challenges of providing…

      Data is the future, mobile broadband policy is now
       The competitiveness of the smartphone market and
       the focus on data services of...

Loyalty and Churn

      Measuring ROI for Social Media
       When discussing about Social Media Marketing we
       are always asking how to measure the success of a
       campaign, how it affects the revenue...

      Telcos in Gen-C (connected consumers) era
       In Gen-C era, customer needs and business models
       are moving away from single device/single SIM/single
       consumer-focused models to flexible models…

      Using Facebook to connect and engage with              Events Highlights
       Mobile devices have changed the way we
       communicate, and so has Social Media. They have        Mobile World Congress 2012
       become essential to any company’s sales and…           27 Feb - 1 Mar
      What’s hot and sexy outside the telco world
       Propelled by the success of iPhone and Android, a
       new market was born. In only 4 years, app stores       CEE Strategy Telecoms Forum
       became a bonanza for...                                23 - 25 April
Latest Success Stories

      Cablenet moves to a next generation billing platform
       with SAP® Convergent Charging solution                 MVNOs Industry Summit 2012
       Cablenet has selected software from SAP to support     24 - 26 April
       its consume to cash process and Computaris was the
       implementation partner...

      Computaris and Prime Telecom will launch the first     TM Forum Dublin 2012
       MVNE in Romania                                        21 - 24 May
       Computaris and Prime Telecom, a fully privately
       owned Romanian telecommunications company,
       have established a partnership...
   British MVNO start-up chooses Computaris Facebook      Telecoms Loyalty and Churn
    Integration Platform                                   2 - 5 July
    Computaris has delivered its award-winning
    Facebook Integration Platform – Avalanche to an
    MVNO start-up...

   Computaris has delivered a Wi-Fi traffic management
    solution to an Eastern European Operator in record
    The Computaris solution is available to end-users as
    part of a service launched by the Operator in…

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