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10- Crusades Questions


									World History
Ch. 10: Worlds of European Christendom

                                      The Crusades: Motivations and the First Crusade
Fully answer the following questions using both your text (p.442-445) and your notes from the film.

1. How did the political and military situation in the East (in both the Islamic Empire and the Byzantine Empire)
help to cause the Crusades?

2. What were the religious, economic, military, and social motives that spurred western interest in the Crusades?

3. Why did Pope Urban II encourage western Christians to come to the aid of Alexius Comnenus? What were
his goals?

4. How did the council at Clermont Cathedral serve to both motivate knights to war against the infidels and ease
their moral concerns?

5. Why were Jews in Europe attacked by crusaders on their way to the Holy Land? What impact did these
pogroms have on Jewish communities and on Europe as a whole?
World History
Ch. 10: Worlds of European Christendom

6. What did Alexius Comnenus require of the arriving European crusaders? What was the reaction of the
Crusade leaders?

7. How did Alexius betray the crusaders at Nicea? What impact did this have on European-Byzantine relations?

8. How were the crusaders able to win their first major victory at Antioch? Why was it so significant?

9. How did the crusaders take Jerusalem? Why were their actions in the Holy City particularly horrific?

10. What was the result of the First Crusade? Was the First Crusade a success? Did the crusaders achieve their

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