How to Buy Refrigerator and What to Look For

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                             How to buy a refrigerator, and what to look for
                                              By Richard Gazzo

   In the market for a new refrigerator, then you should know what to look for before you pull out your
credit card. What features to look, best options for your needs and more.

First off you should be aware there are 4 different types of refrigerators on the market, that include,
top-freezer (or top-mount), bottom-freezer (or bottom-mount), side-by-side and built-in. Top-freezer
fridges are the cheapest of all refrigerators, Second in price is the bottom freezer, which I personally
have. Then there is the side by side models, which have 2 doors that open, one problem that I don't
like is that side by side refrigerator models is that shelves are much narrower than top or bottom
freezer fridge models. The most expensive is the built-in model, why do they cost the most? Built-in
refrigerators are designed so they can match your kitchen's look and feel exactly. Many home owners
match the refrigerator to the look of the kitchen cabinet doors, giving your home kitchen a seamless

Next when shopping around think of the size you want in a fridge. There are 4 different sizes to choose
from, small (7 to 9.9 cubic feet), medium (10 to 13.9 cubic feet), large (14 to 19.9 cubic feet) and extra
large (20 to 29 cubic feet). Measure you're fridge before you go shopping so you know how much
space that you have to work with, the last thing you need is a fridge that won't fit the space! Also how
much freezer space do you need? If you want as much space as possible choose a side-by-side unit.

I own an Amana bottom freezer refrigerator and it has a filtered water dispenser located inside the
fridge this is very useful. You will save space because you won't need to purchase 4 gallon purified
water jugs, get all the purified water right from your fridge. Oh and an ice maker is essential, this is
standard feature in today's fridges.

What is the energy rating on the fridge, look for an efficient model that will save you money on your
electrical bill. The most energy-efficient refrigerators range in size from 16-20 cubic foot sizes. Do they
offer rebates on certain models, you can save hundreds of dollars if you choose a model that has some
type of a rebate offer.

The last tip I can recommend is that you check out what kind of warranty your refrigerator has. Does it
have a 1 year warranty on any part of the refrigerator that fails because of a defect. A good warranty
will include five years on any part of the sealed refrigerating system.

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                                  Presented by Daniel Toriola

Richard Gazzo is an author, providing info on all types of refrigerators, from wine refrigerators, . I offers
information on Amana refrigerators, LG refrigerators, and True refrigerators .

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                          Under Counter Refrigerators and Small Spaces
                                          By Maxx Johnson

When you design a kitchen, a bar counter or a commercial food counter, one of the main consideration
you would want to give is about managing space with an under counter refrigerator. Space has always
been an invisible challenger while designing a unit. And it is not easy to manage space in an optimum
manner. Every elements to be kept in the proposed or planned unit has equal importance in terms of
space, an interesting element would be a refrigerator, which is normally the biggest space consuming
element in a kitchen or a counter. Where to fit in the refrigerator, what type of refrigerator you should
purchase; all these are different situation you face during your designing. One of the better way to
handle this situation is to go for an under counter refrigerator.

 A under counter refrigerator will always make sure that you get more space and manage it more
efficiently. How do you get more space? Well, it is very simple and straight that it can go beneath any
table or a counter or a worktop, which obviously means that the space above table or a counter can be
used for any other normal purpose, just like another extended workspace. Depending on your counter
or table size, you can choose the type of under counter refrigerator you will need to buy.

 There are many manufacturers and dealers who now mainly concentrate on making these types of
commercial refrigerators available in market. They also make sure that enough models are available.
Since these refrigerators are small in size, it would not be easy to manage where there are more
people, more than 2, who use one of this. This mostly happens when you choose an under counter
refrigerator with freezer on top and cooler down to that. Instead, you have another choice open, which
is a model where you have freezer and cooler side by side. These types of refrigerators are also very
small and compact in size, which also will help you in keeping them under a counter, a table or a
commercial counter. You should not keep cost as a barrier here because the amount of space you are
going to save with this is more worth than what you spend on that.

 Purchase of an under counter refrigerator, with out proper planning or analyzing the space can create
trouble after your purchase. You should, in advance, decide the size of refrigerator you are gong to
buy, or make sure that you have enough space where you can fit in the refrigerator you are going to
buy. This means, if you have not identified a place before your purchase, your kitchen must have a
space to fit in your refrigerator which you are going to buy.

 There are varying models available with different capacity. Ideally you get models from varying
capacity from 1.5 Cubic Feet to 5.5 Cubic Feet. The capacity makes the model grow bigger and
smaller. So, this also should be kept in mind while purchasing a under counter refrigerator.

Max Johnson of VGS Golf Click for more on Bar Equipment. Read more on Under Counter Refrigerators.

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                                 Presented by Daniel Toriola

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