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									                                 LAY BY ONLINE

Lay by online is also known as layaway, a scheme of buying products online without paying an
entire cost for the item at once. Like paying for a debt, one needs to pay on a regular schedule
but it is not the case if you are buying a Lay By Product. However, the customer doesn’t receive
the item until it is completely paid for. One more difference is that there is no interest charged
to a customer in a layaway as will be in the case of a debt.

There are numerous products and services which one can layaway online & they vary from
electrical home ware to tablets, mobile phones to layaway vacations. The price is fixed for an
item, its availability is guaranteed and the customer can have an item arrived in for some
special occasion such as Christmas, someone’s birthday etc.

The basic functioning of Lay By Online is one needs to select the item that he/she wishes to
purchase, then select the payment plan i.e. you need to buy the product on 4 week price, 13
week etc & follow the steps in doing so, the product will then be added to the customer’s cart,
then proceed to the checkout, complete your sign up and there you are complete with all your
formalities. Once the final payment is done, the item is shipped within few days depending
upon the place; the item needs to be delivered.

The basic purpose of lay by is to have a debt free society. It is achieved by providing online
shopping of a product or service which is safe & affordable without any hidden fees with it. But
make sure if due to any reason the transaction is not completed, the item is not delivered to
the customer & the customer’s money is returned minus a fee. In case, there has been no
activity for few months, the online store has the right to cancel the order.

One more benefit associated with lay by online is if the product gets damaged in transit, the
store has the responsibility of replacing it. But, if the customer cancels his order, then the
cancellation charges are applied.

To do layaway, one needs to investigate online to buy products from stores at inexpensive
prices. The stores certainly offer the customers to shop according to their needs like shopping
by brands, categories, and price. One can certainly surprise their friends, family, and children
residing anywhere in the world by gifting them the lay by products offered by the online shops.

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