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Introduction to the Surprising Health Benefits of Tea


Tea studies show links preventing or improving ailments related to cancer, arthritis, diabetes, and more. Learn what can be gained by adding tea to your diet.

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									Introduction to the Surprising Health Benefits of
For over a decade university medical centers and independent clinical laboratories have been
studying the effects of tea on the human body (although some of the tests have been done on cell
cultures or animals rather than humans).

More of the studies were based on green tea than black or oolong tea, but there have been
interesting studies done on those teas as well. Researchers have analyzed the health benefits of
tea on such major diseases and ailments as:

      Cancer
      Depression
      Diabetes
      Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA)
      Weight loss
      Acne, and more…
Most of the research has shown exciting, positive results, with the benefits of consuming tea or
supplementing your diet with a tea extract range from preventing the development of cancer cells
to clearing up acne and repairing acne scars. Yet, some research results were quite surprising
and unexpected…from a layperson’s perspective, anyway.

You can finish reading this article on our website about benefits of tea.

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