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									                            Administrative Office of the Courts
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                            FACT SHEET
        OF THE COURTS                                                                                January 2012
  455 Golden Gate Avenue
        San Francisco, CA
              94102-3688    Administrative Office of the Courts
         Tel 415-865-4200
       TDD 415-865-4272
         Fax 415-865-4205
                            The Administrative Office of the Courts (AOC) is the staff agency to the
                            Judicial Council of California, the policymaking body of the state court
                            system. Under the leadership of Interim Administrative Director Ronald G.
                            Overholt, the AOC is responsible for a variety of programs and services to
                            improve access to a fair and impartial judicial system. Recent structural
                            changes in the state judicial branch have dramatically increased the AOC’s
                            roles and responsibilities. Today the agency is organized into nine divisions
                            in San Francisco, two divisions in Sacramento, and three regional offices,
                            with a staff of more than 750 serving the courts for the benefit of all
                            Californians. Brief descriptions of the AOC’s divisions and offices follow.

                            Center for Families, Children & the Courts
                            CFCC works to improve the quality of justice for—as well as services to meet the
                            diverse needs of—families, youth, children, and self-represented litigants in the
                            California courts.
                            Diane Nunn, Director

                            Court Programs and Services Division
                            The Court Programs and Services Division provides direct services, resources, and
                            program support to the California courts in the areas of planning, research, judicial
                            assignments, appointed counsel, staffing of trial and appellate court leadership
                            groups, jury service, grant administration, civil case coordination, and innovative and
                            effective court programs.
                            Chad Finke, Director

                            Education Division/Center for Judicial Education and Research
                            The Education Division/CJER serves as the council’s education resource for the
                            judicial branch, offering comprehensive educational curricula for judges, court staff
                            members, and AOC staff members.
                            Diane E. Cowdrey, Director
Administrative Office of the Courts
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Finance Division
The Finance Division provides an integrated program of budget planning, asset
management, accounting, procurement, and contract management for the judicial
branch and the trial courts.
Zlatko Theodorovic, Director and Chief Financial Officer

Human Resources Division
The Human Resources Division provides a range of human resources services for the
judicial branch, as well as support to the trial courts, in the areas of recruitment,
classification, and compensation; pay and benefits administration; labor and em-
ployee relations; integrated disability management; personnel policy development;
and human resources information systems.
Ernesto V. Fuentes, Director

Information Services Division
AOC’s Information Services Division provides selected computer-based applications
services, supporting technology infrastructure and technical expertise to enable the
Judicial Branch to fulfill its responsibilities effectively and efficiently.
Mark W. Dusman, Director

California Court Case Management System Program Management
The California Court Case Management System (CCMS) is a statewide initiative to
develop and deploy a unified case management system for all 58 superior courts and
will connect the courts with city, county, and state justice partners. This program
office is responsible for all aspects of the day-to-day management of the CCMS
Mark W. Dusman, Director

Office of Court Construction and Management
The Office of Court Construction and Management enhances the administration of
justice by providing responsible and efficient management of California’s court
facilities, and promotes equal access to justice by providing leadership in the design,
construction, and renovation of California courthouses.
Lee Willoughby, Director
Administrative Office of the Courts
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Office of the General Counsel
The Office of the General Counsel provides high-quality, timely, and ethical legal
advice and services to the Chief Justice, the Judicial Council and its committees and
task forces, the courts, and the AOC. The office has two major functions: (1) house
counsel and (2) “rules and projects”—development of rules of court and legal forms.
Mary M. Roberts, General Counsel

Office of Governmental Affairs
The Office of Governmental Affairs in Sacramento promotes and maintains positive
relations with the legislative and executive branches and advocates for the council on
legislative and budget matters.
Curtis L. Child, Director

Regional Office
The Regional Office division facilitates services and improves communication
between the AOC at the state level and the courts at the local level. The primary
focus is on operations, especially in the areas of technology, finance, legal matters,
and human resources.
Jody Patel, Regional Administrative Director

Trial Court Administrative Services Division
The Trial Court Administrative Services Division manages a statewide technology
initiative known as the Phoenix Program, which provides transition assistance to the
courts moving from county stewardship to the judicial branch’s financial and human
resources systems as a result of state legislation.
Curt Soderlund, Director

    Office of Communications, 415-865-7740

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