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Public Sector ICT Procurement
European Seminar
24th - 25th September 2012, Berlin

With Experts from:
• European Commission, DG Communications Networks, Content and Technology
• National Agency for Public Procurement, Portugal
• Consip – Central Purchasing Body, Italy
• Fife Council, Scotland, United Kingdom

In cooperation with

Public Sector ICT Procurement
Do not lock your institution into a bad ICT solution                                Who is this seminar for?
In	times	of	informatisation	and	building	of	efficient	e-government	systems,	
handling procurement and tendering processes of ICT solutions are                   All public institutions on national,
                                                                                    regional and local level planning ICT
particularly important in regard to effective operation of IT infrastructure
                                                                                    projects and the procurement of ICT
as	 well	 as	 management	 of	 public	 finances.	 Public	 procurement	 of	 ICT	      solutions,
solutions is associated with high risks and many public institutions face           especially Directors, Heads of Units,
                                                                                    Specialists, Project Managers, ICT
immense	problems	with	handling	procurements	of	ICT	services.	But	why	
                                                                                    Category Managers, Lawyers and
does	public	procurement	in	this	field	have	such	a	long	history	of	failure	in	       other members of staff from the
European	countries?	The	procurement	of	ICT	services	makes	very	specific	            following departments:
and high demands on all departments of public sector institutions involved
                                                                                    •	 Procurement	or	Purchasing	
in the management of the procurement process as well as the tenderers                  Department
mainly because IT services are a particularly complex, innovative and
cost-intensive	field.	 Public	 servants	 involved	 in	 the	 procurement	 of	 ICT	   •	 IT	&	Telecommunication	
solutions need to have certainty on the use of public procurement rules and
they	need	to	be	familiar	with	technological	issues	of	ICT	solutions	as	well.	       •	 Legal	Department
This	is	crucial	because	if	the	tendering	process	is	handled	with	insufficient	
                                                                                    Providers of ICT solutions for the
care,	public	institutions	can	easily	find	themselves	locked	into	particular	IT	
                                                                                    public sector
solutions	for	a	long	time	and	not	be	able	to	work	efficiently.
                                                                                    Lawyers	and	consultants	in	the	field	
                                                                                    of public procurement, especially
Handle ICT procurements successfully and ensure that you receive
                                                                                    dealing with ICT procurements
best value for money
Mistakes in the procurement of ICT services can be avoided and risks
reduced.	Regardless	what	service	is	procured	–	an	e-governance	platform,	
complicated	software	or	hardware	–	the	tender	specification	must	cope	
with the high complexity of desired solutions and public procurement
rules.	Public	institutions	have	to	analyse	what	are	their	particular	needs	
and	to	draft	sufficiently	flexible	tender	specifications.	A	diligent	process	
preparation and management as well as resulting complete and adequate
contractual	arrangements	are	key	elements	for	an	efficient	procurement	
leading the public authority to receiving the best value for money for their
ICT	procurements.

What will you learn at this seminar?
                                                                            Your benefits
•	 Why	is	public	procurement	of	ICT	solutions	different	and	what	are	the	   •	 Handle	your	ICT	procurements	
	 specific	challenges	and	demands?                                             smoothly by learning how to design
                                                                            	 tender	specifications	and	contracts	
•	 Which	public	procurement	rules	are	binding	and	will	the	upcoming	
                                                                               for ICT solutions
	 modernisation	of	EU	public	procurement	rules	influence	
  ICT procurements?                                                         •	 Avoid	typical	risks	of	procurements	
                                                                               of ICT solutions
•	 What	regulatory	aspects	play	a	role	in	procurement	of	ICT	services?
•	 How	to	choose	standards	for	key	operating	systems	interfaces	and	the	    •	 Receive	a	thorough	overview	on	
  right implementation method?                                                 the European legislation and ECJ
•	 What	additional	contract	terms	apply	to	the	ICT	sector?                     rulings applying to ICT
                                                                               procurements and understand how
•	 How	can	sound	project	management	ensure	proper	implementation?              it affects your work
•	 How	can	standard	contracts	simplify	ICT	procurement?
•	 What	are	current	ECJ	rulings	in	the	field	of	public	sector	              •	 Be	prepared	for	the	EU	public	
                                                                               procurement rules modernisation
  ICT procurement?
•	 How	to	deliver	ICT	with	respect	to	available	budget?                     •	 Prepare	yourself	for	challenges	of	
•	 What	are	new	models	of	delivering	ICT	projects?	                         	 informatisation	and	e-governance
•	 What	are	the	European	Commission’s	newest	guidelines	for	
                                                                            •	 Learn	how	to	use	standards	when	
  ICT procurement?                                                             procuring hardware, software and
•	 Which	standards	can	be	used	when	procuring	ICT	solutions?                   IT services
•	 How	can	Cloud	Computing	Services	aid	Public	Institutions	and	what	
                                                                            •	 Consult	your	individual	questions	
  are their implications for Public Procurement?                               and problems with our experts
•	 How	to	manage	risks	and	opportunities	in	ICT	procurement?                   and receive practical advice and
•	 Which	lessons	can	be	learned	from	practical	cases	in	other	                 real solutions for your ICT projects

  EU countries?                                                             •	 Network	and	exchange	experiences	
                                                                               with our experts and European
                                                                               colleagues who deal with public
                                                                               sector ICT procurement

Public Sector ICT Procurement
Registration	and	Hand-out	of	Seminar	Material			                                         JOÃO DE ALMEIDA
                                                                                         former Executive Board Member,
                                                                                         National Agency for Public
Opening	Remarks	from	the	European	Academy	for	Taxes,	Economics	
&	Law		                                                                                  Procurement, Portugal
                                                                                       João de Almeida was Member of the
9.05-9.30                                                                              Executive	 Board	 of	 the	 Portuguese	
Welcome Note and Round of Introductions                                                National	 Agency	 for	 Public	
                                                                                       Procurement	 (ANCP)	 for	 five	 years	
9.30-10.15                                                                             until	June	2012.	He	has	represented	
                                                                     the Portuguese Government in several EU bodies,
From Demand Assessment to Drafting
                                                                     namely the Advisory Committee on Public Contracts,
Tender Specifications                                                the Economic and Statistical Working Group and the
•	Process	approach	in	assessing	demands	and	effective	needs          e-Procurement	Working	Group.	Today,	João	de	Almeida	
•	Scope	of	the	procurement	based	on	demands	and	envisaged	           is an independent expert in the overall strategic planning
  results                                                            and	 management	 in	 the	 field	 of	 public	 procurement	
•	Assessing	what	ICT	solutions	are	available	on	the	market	          and combines his legal background with an extensive
•	Module	architecture,	division	of	functional	modules	and	           managerial	experience.	
•	Choosing	standards	for	key	system	interfaces	and	the	
  implementation method for ICT solutions
                                                                                         DR. FRIEDERIKE KRELAUS,
•	Selection	and	award	criteria
João de Almeida, Executive Board Member,
                                                                                         Lawyer and Partner,
National Agency for Public Procurement, Portugal
                                                                                         Waldeck Rechtsanwälte
10.15-10.30                                                                              Partnerschaftsgesellschaft,
Discussion	Round	                                                                        Germany
                                                                                          Dr.	 Friederike	 Krelaus,	 LL.M.	 is	 a	
                                                                                          lawyer	and	partner	 with	the	law	firm	
Coffee	Break	and	Networking	Opportunity
                                                                     Waldeck	Rechtsanwälte	in	Frankfurt	am	Main,	Germany.	
11.00-11.45                                                          After	 working	 with	 a	 leading	 international	 law	 firm	 in	
                                                                     Frankfurt	am	Main	and	pursuing	graduate	studies	at	the	
Successful Project Management for                                    University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, she joined Waldeck
Implementing ICT Procurement                                         Rechtsanwälte	 in	 2005	 and	 has	 been	 a	 partner	 of	 the	
•	Are	there	typical	ICT	procurement	mistakes?	Or	just	procurement	   law	 firm	 since	 2007.	 Friederike	 Krelaus	 specialises	 in	
  mistakes?                                                          advising clients in big IT projects with a special focus on
•	From	coherent	ICT	strategies	into	sound	procurement	procedures     IT	procurements.
•	Aggregation	of	demand	and	central	purchasing	of	ICT	solutions      In	2010,	the	law	firm	Waldeck	Rechtsanwälte	 received	
                                                                     the	 British	 ACQ	 Magazine’s	 award	 for	 best	 German	
•	Do´s	&	Don’ts	for	ICT	Procurement
                                                                     “Public	Procurement	Law	Firm	of	the	Year	2010”	for	the	
João de Almeida, Executive Board Member,
                                                                     second	time.
National Agency for Public Procurement, Portugal
Discussion	Round		


Rulings and National Practices on
ICT Procurements
•	Applicable	laws	&	regulations	for	ICT	Procurement
•	Selected	European	Court	of	Justice	and	National	Case	Law	in	
	 the	field	of	ICT	
  Procurement: Current trends and possible Developments for
		-	Requirements	related	to	tenderers
		-	Technical	specifications
		-	Appropriate	contract	award	criteria
		-	Issues	related	to	the	conduct	of	the	procurement	process	
•	EU	reform	on	public	procurement	law	and	what	it	will	mean	for	
  procuring authorities
Dr. Friederike Krelaus, LL.M., Lawyer and Partner,
Waldeck Rechtsanwälte Partnerschaftsgesellschaft,
Discussion	Round

Lunch	Break


Standard Contracts for ICT Procurement
•			Standard	Contracts	as	a	means	to	simplify	ICT	Procurement
•			Pros	and	Cons	of	Standard	Contracts
•			Different	Member	States’	approach	to	Standard	Contracts
Dr. Friederike Krelaus, LL.M., Lawyer and Partner,
Waldeck Rechtsanwälte Partnerschaftsgesellschaft,
Discussion	Round

15.30 -16.00
                                                           Stu se
Coffee	Break	and	Networking	Opportunity


Central Purchasing of IT Equipment
for the Portuguese Public Administration
•	Main	features	of	the	framework	agreements	designed	to	
  purchasing computers for the Portuguese Public Administration
•	Lessons	learned	(2008-2012):	a	success	story	with	room	for	
•	The	new	“Single	ICT	Strategy	and	Action	Plan	for	the	Portuguese	
	 Public	Administration	(2012-2016)”
João de Almeida, Executive Board Member,
National Agency for Public Procurement, Portugal
Discussion	Round	

End of Day One
Public Sector ICT Procurement
9.00-9.15                                                                      ANNALISA BOGLIOLO
Welcome Note from the Chair and Brief                                          Project Officer, Program
Review of Day One                                                              Coordination Unit,
João de Almeida, Executive Board Member,                                       DG Communications
National Agency for Public Procurement, Portugal                               Networks, Content and
                                                                               Technology (CONNECT),
9.15-10.00                                                                     European Commission
Digital Agenda of Europe, Action 23:                                             Annalisa	 Bogliolo	 is	 Project	 Officer	
                                                           in the European Commission, DG Communications
Guidelines for the Procurement of
                                                           Networks,	Content	and	Technology	(CONNECT)	which	
Standards-based ICT Systems                                was	previously	known	as	DG	Information	Society.	Since	
•	Introduction	to	the	guidelines	for	the	procurement	of	   July 2012, she is working in the Program Coordination
	 standards-based	ICT	systems                              Unit.	 Starting	 in	 2007,	 she	 was	 with	 the	 Software	 &	
•	Latest	developments
                                                           Services Unit, dealing with Internet of Services, Advanced
•	Recommendations	of	the	European	Commission
                                                           Engineering and Cloud Computing throughout the entire
Annalisa Bogliolo, Project Officer, Program                7th	 Framework	Programme	for	Research.	 Furthermore,	
Coordination Unit, DG Communications Networks,             she was involved with ICT standardisation reform and the
Content and Technology (CONNECT),                          Digital Agenda Action 23 dealing with Public Procurement
European Commission                                        of	ICT	services	and	goods.	Before	this,	Annalisa	Bogliolo	
                                                           has	worked	as	Project	Officer	in	various	other	units	of	
10.00-10.15                                                DG Information Society, such as Grid Technologies Unit,
Discussion	Round                                           Distributed and Embedded Systems Unit and Software
                                                           Technologies	Unit.	Before	joining	the	Commission,	she	
Coffee	Break	and	Networking	Opportunity                    worked with the European Space Agency and several
                                                           Italian	software	companies.

Balancing Risk and Opportunity in the
Procurement of ICT Solutions
•	Likely	sources	of	risk	in	the	procurement	process
•	Planning	and	procurement	strategy
•	Risk	assessment	and	management
•	How	best	to	mitigate	key	risks	of	ICT	procurements
João de Almeida, Executive Board Member,
National Agency for Public Procurement, Portugal
Discussion	Round		

11.45-12.30                                               Stu se                             ANTANAS SABANAS
Procurement of IT Systems by                                 dy                              Head of Strategic Planning and
Lithuanian Central and Local Public                                                          Investment Department, Birstonas
Authorities as well as Universities                                                          Municipality, Lithuania & External
•	Problems	with	initiation	of	public	procurement	and	preparation	of	
                                                                                             Expert for ICT Procurement in the
	 technical	specification
•	Problematic	issues	regarding	enactment	of	agreements                                       Ministry of Regional Development,
•	Case	law	of	procurement	of	IT	systems	(outcome	for	authorities,	                           Poland
	 service	and	goods	providers)                                                               Since 2009, Antanas Sabanas is
•	Lessons	learned:	Need	of	public	procurement,	Centralisation	of	                            Head of Investment Department of
  public procurement, links between systems                             Birstonas	Municipality,	Lithuania.	
Antanas Sabanas, Head of Investment Department,                         Within this position, he has been responsible for
Birstonas Municipality, Lithuania & External Expert                     overseeing several IT tenders and assessing bids from
for ICT Procurement, Ministry of Regional                               multiple	 international	 corporations.	 He	 has	 gained	
Development, Poland                                                     experience	in	the	implementation	of	financial	accounting	
                                                                        and	organisation	planning	systems.	Furthermore,	he	acts	
12.30-12.45                                                             as external assessor of public procurement procedures
Discussion	Round		                                                      for	 the	 Ministry	 of	 Regional	 Development	 of	 Poland.	
                                                                        Antanas Sabanas has previously held several positions
                                                            Ca          implementing and assessing procurement, for example

                                                          Stu se
Lunch	Break                                                             as	Head	of	Internal	Audit	of	the	Lithuanian	Army.

Moving Public Procurement of
IT Equipment from Goods Purchasing                                                           CLAUDIO BACCHINI
                                                                                             Senior ICT Category Manager,
to Integrated Services Delivery                                                              Public Procurement Division,
•	Framework	Agreements,	the	new	procurement	tool	in	the	Italian	
  scenario                                                                                   Consip – Central Purchasing
•	The	2011	Framework	Agreement	on	Desktop	Outsourcing                                        Body, Italy
•	First	results	on	utilisation                                                                Since	 2003,	 Claudio	 Bacchini	 has	
Claudio Bacchini, Senior ICT Category Manager,                                                been Senior ICT Category Manager
Public Procurement Division,                                                                  at	Consip,	Italy’s	Central	Purchasing	
                                                                        Body.	 In	 this	 function,	 he	 was	 in	 charge	 of	 developing	
Consip – Central Purchasing Body, Italy
                                                                        Italy’s	 first	 framework	 agreement	 for	 the	 procurement	
14.45-15.00                                                             of	 integrated	 desktop	 services,	 launched	 in	 November	
Discussion	Round                                                        2011.	From	1999-2003,	he	worked	as	an	ICT	Consultant	
                                                           To ot
                                                                        seconded	 to	 Italy’s	 Ministry	 of	 Economy	 and	 Finance.	
15.00-15.45                                                             Earlier,	 he	 was	 employed	 as	 Programmer,	 Business	
A Light through the Clouds: Cloud                            pic        Analyst and Project Leader IT at several private
                                                                        companies	including	the	American	Express	Bank	Italy.
Computing and Public Procurement
•	Overview	of	Cloud	technologies
•	Example	implementations
•	Organisational	considerations	for	the	utilisation	of	clouds
•	Defining	functional	and	service	specifications	to	ensure	effective	                        LEE PARRY
  servicing of cloud contracts                                                               ICT Lead Officer, Fife Council,
•	Managing	cloud	contracts                                                                   Scotland, United Kingdom
Lee Parry, ICT Lead Officer, Fife Council, Scotland,                                         Lee Parry has been the ICT Lead
United Kingdom                                                                               Officer	and	IT	Contracts	Manager	of	
                                                                                             Fife	Council	since	2009.	
15.45-16.00                                                                                  In this position, he has been
Discussion	Round                                                                             responsible for procuring and
                                                                                             implementing complex IT change
                                                                        programmes.	From	2008	until	2010,	Lee	Parry	held	the	
End	of	Seminar	and	Hand-out	of	Certificates
                                                                        additional role of Project Lead Telecommunications and
                                                                        Networks	Portfolio	for	Procurement	Scotland;	a	Central	
                                                                        Government body which creates national Public Sector
                                                                        procurement	 frameworks.	 He	 was	 part	 of	 the	 team	
                                                                        responsible for drawing up the Scottish Public Sector
                                                                        Telecommunications	Procurement	Framework.	
                                                                        Before	 joining	 the	 Public	 Sector	 in	 2006,	 he	 held	 ICT	
                                                                        consultancy and software engineering positions in
                                                                        companies	such	as	THUS,	ITTC	and	Ericsson.	                        7

The goal of the PEPPOL (Pan-European Public Procurement Online) project is to offer European companies
the ability to provide goods or services to any public sector buyer, anywhere in Europe. PEPPOL has created
software specifications, open source software sample implementations, establishing standards-based business
processes and an open transport infrastructure for electronic documents. PEPPOL aims to become the
backbone for eProcurement in Europe.

Since 2008, the PEPPOL project has been developing and implementing the following components to enable
eProcurement across Europe: Validation of eSignatures issued by certificate authorities from any European
country; a Virtual Company Dossier to provide standardised company information and mutually recognised
evidences; eCatalogues to exchange information about goods and services in a standardised format; eOrdering
and eInvoicing using a defined set of processes to share common business information. The PEPPOL Transport
Infrastructure (eDelivery) interconnects eProcurement systems. Access to the PEPPOL infrastructure takes
place through access points, which are currently provided by both government agencies and private companies.

As the Pan-European Public Procurement Online (PEPPOL) project nears successful completion, with the
PEPPOL specifications being implemented across Europe, the OpenPEPPOL Association, comprised of public
and private members of the PEPPOL community, is taking over responsibilities for PEPPOL specifications,
building blocks and services and promoting implementation across Europe. OpenPEPPOL is under establishment
as a non-profit international association under Belgian law (Association Internationale Sans But Lucratif AISBL)
and will begin official operations on September 1st, 2012.

Public Sector ICT Procurement
Date of Event
24th	–	25th September 2012                                             BOOKING
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Course	fees	are	reimbursed	in	the	cases	listed	above;	however,	reimbursement	for	travel	expenses	or	work	absenteeism	is	only	granted	in	cases	of	intention	or	gross	negligence	
by	the	European	Academy	for	Taxes,	Economics	&	Law.	Any	reimbursement	of	travel	expenses	are	to	be	considered	as	an	exceptional	goodwill	gesture	and	form	no	future	ge-
neral	obligation.	In	case	of	disturbances	and/or	interruptions,	the	European	Academy	for	Taxes,	Economics	&	Law	commits	itself	to	solve	or	limit	any	problems	that	might	occur	
in	order	to	maintain	and	continue	the	course	as	planned.

4. Payment Date and Payment, Default of Payment
Payment	of	the	course	fee	is	payable	immediately	upon	receipt	of	invoice.	Where	payment	is	not	received	or	lacking	clear	assignment	to	a	participant	prior	to	commencement	of	
the	course,	the	European	Academy	for	Taxes,	Economics	&	Law	may	refuse	the	relevant	participant’s	participation	in	that	course.	The	course	fee,	however,	is	still	due	immedia-
tely	and	can	be	claimed	as	part	of	a	dunning	procedure	or	legal	action.	In	accordance	with	BGB	§247	(1),	in	case	of	default	of	payment	within	the	stipulated	time	period,	default	
interest	on	arrears	of	at	least	5%	above	the	ECB	base	rate	is	due	and	payable.	The	European	Academy	for	Taxes,	Economics	&	Law	can	claim	higher	damage	for	delay	if	and	
where	proven.	Equally,	the	participant	may	prove	that	a	damage	has	not	occurred	or	has	had	less	effect	than	estimated	by	the	European	Academy	for	Taxes,	Economics	&	Law.

Payment	shall	be	made	by	cashless	bank	transfer;	cash	or	cheques	will	not	be	accepted.	The	European	Academy	for	Taxes,	Economics	&	Law	is	not	liable	for	any	loss	of	means	
of	payment.	The	participant	may	only	offset	such	claims	against	the	European	Academy	for	Taxes,	Economics	&	Law’s	as	are	undisputed,	legally	recognized	or	recognized	in	
writing	by	the	European	Academy	for	Taxes,	Economics	&	Law.	The	right	of	retention	is	only	acceptable	in	accordance	with	a	counterclaim	based	on	the	same	contract.

5. Cancellation
Cancellations	need	to	be	issued	in	writing.	Cancellation	by	the	participant	will	be	subject	to	cancellation	charges	as	follows:
•	 30	days	or	more	prior	to	commencement	of	the	course:	service	charge	of	80,00	€	net,	subject	to	current	German	VAT,	payable	immediately,	course	fee	will	be	reimbursed,
•	 two	(2)	weeks	to	30	days	prior	to	commencement	of	the	course:	50%	of	course	fee	net,	subject	to	current	German	VAT,	payable	immediately,
•	 non-attendance	or	cancellation	less	than	two	(2)	weeks	prior	to	commencement	of	the	course:	100%	of	course	fee	net,	subject	to	current	Germany	VAT,	payable	
The	European	Academy	for	Taxes,	Economics	&	Law	gladly	accepts	without	additional	costs	a	substitute	participant	nominated	in	case	of	a	cancellation	if	the	substitute	parti-
cipant	is	registered	at	least	three	(3)	days	prior	to	the	commencement	of	the	course.	Neither	cancellation	of	a	specific	module/part	of	the	course	or	substitution	per	module/per	
day	is	possible.

6. Copyright
Seminar/course	documents	are	protected	by	property	rights	and	may	not	be	duplicated,	processed,	amended,	circulated	or	published	in	any	other	way	without	the	written	con-
sent	of	the	European	Academy	for	Taxes,	Economics	&	Law.	The	European	Academy	for	Taxes,	Economics	&	Law	reserves	all	rights.

7. Liability
All	seminars	and	courses	are	prepared	and	presented	by	qualified	speakers	and	instructors.	The	European	Academy	for	Taxes,	Economics	&	Law	accepts	no	liability	for	the	up-
to-dateness,	correctness	and	completeness	of	the	seminar	documentation,	as	well	as,	presentation	of	the	seminar.

8. Applicable Law, Place of Jurisdiction, Place of Performance
All	cases	shall	be	governed	and	construed	in	accordance	with	German	law	to	the	exclusion	of	the	UN	Sales	Convention.	As	far	as	legally	admissible,	place	of	performance	and	
place	of	exclusive	jurisdiction	shall	be	Berlin,	Germany.

9. Data Protection
The	European	Academy	for	Taxes,	Economics	&	Law	protects	personal	data	by	taking	appropriate	protection	measures.	For	the	purpose	of	optimization	of	the	product	and	ser-
vice	portfolio	and	according	to	the	regulations	of	the	data	privacy	laws,	it	stores	and	processes	person-specific	data	on	the	training	participants.	Hence,	all	European	Academy	
for	Taxes,	Economics	&	Law	website	hits	are	registered.	All	personal	data	will,	in	accordance	with	the	law,	be	used	for	documentation	requests,	placed	orders	or	other	enquiries	
in	order	to	send	information	out	by	post.
The	European	Academy	for	Taxes,	Economics	&	Law	will,	in	accordance	with	the	law,	inform	participants	by	email	about	special	offers	that	resemble	previously	booked	semi-
nars.	If	and	where	personal	data	needs	to	be	transferred	to	countries	lacking	appropriate	data	protection	schemes,	the	European	Academy	for	Taxes,	Economics	&	Law	shall	
grant	alternative	adequate	protection.	Furthermore,	the	European	Academy	for	Taxes,	Economics	&	Law	will	use	personal	data	as	far	as	participants	have	granted	respective	
permission.	When	collecting	personal	data,	the	European	Academy	for	Taxes,	Economics	&	Law	will	always	ask	for	permission	regarding	email	information	about	offers.	The	
participant	may,	at	any	time,	express	their	objection	to	data	collection	for	the	purpose	of	advertisement	or	address	via	email	or	fax.	Any	data	provided	to	the	European	Academy	
for	Taxes,	Economics	&	Law	will	be	processed	for	reservations	and	bookings,	as	well	as,	for	information	about	other	seminars.	Names	and	company	names	will	be	published	in	
a	participants’	list	and	forwarded	to	the	mailing	company.


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