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					Fake friends are easy to find and easy to lose but real friends are the hardest to find
and hardest to lose.

Never forget your friends when ur in a relationship. If you get too involved and
neglect your friends, you'll always lose them.

Dost barf k gole ki tarah hote h,
jise bnana to bahut asan hota h,magar
banaye rkhna bahut mushkil..
So take care
mere barf k gole.
pighal mat jana...

I think that "Friend is
like GOD in our life so
don't cheat them or
lost them".

Simple words but Great Meaning:

By Seeing My Friends Smile
I Forgot My Tears..

By Seeing My Friends Tears
I Forgot My Smile.. !

friendship is like wine , it gets sweeter as it gets older !!!

Friendship must be like eyes,
Because they move together,
They see together,
They sleep together,
But they never like 2 see tears of each other.

When You Ask GOD
For A Gift,

Be Thankful If He Sends,

Not Diamonds, Pearl Or Riches,


The Love Of Real True Friends... :->

A great frend is an extension of our-self

widout whom v r nt complett.

So better take care of urself

b'coz I dn't wanna 2 loose a part of me!

Humari dosti Bonenza jaisi nahi Since 1925,
Pepsi jaisi bhi nahi K ye dil maange more,
Ye to State life insurunce jaisi he,
Zindagi k sath bi Zindagi k baad bi?

A friend who understands your tears is much more valuable than a lot of friends who
only know your smile.

Love+confident= MUMMY

Love+fear= FATHER

Fight+help= BROTHER
Like+life= LOVER

confident+love+help+like+fight+life= FRIEND
so dont mis Ur frnd..

friend ship is not about whom you have known longest
who came first or
who care the best,
its all about
who came and never left.

Even ur Bestfriends lie 2 u at some point..
'you' r more important than d Truth!!

Ek aisi line, jise ulta padho ya sidha, dono hi bade acche lagte hai-

"Hain Zindagi to Dost Hain"

Dedicated 2 some special frnds of mine..

It's so funny how "friends" forget us when they don't need any more favors.

Friendship means:

To love without limitation...
To give without expectation..
To help without hesitation..
Remember without communication..

Vacancy available
Post... True Friend

Ability... Loving & Caring

Experience... Not Required

Duty... To Sms Daily

Salary... Never Ending Love

To Apply......
Send a sweet SMS...... :->

One Injection Of

One Tablet Of

One Tbs Syrup Of

One Drip Of

Take 3 Tyms A Day

It's All Necessary 4 The Health Of


Fills The Place In Your
You Never Even Knew Was

Lovers r Fantastic ...
Best Friends r Awesome,
But When Both r
The " Same Person ",
There r No words To
Explain It.
Just Simply Amazing
Out Of This World . . . ♥

A FRIEND never gets in your
way unless you happen to
be going down

frd's itna rulate hai ki
phir unko frd's bnane ka mood nhi krta
pr kr bhi kya skte hai
unko apna acha frd jo mante hai
or frd's mein narazgi kis baat ki , mere yaar.....

A Cute Thought 4 Those Who Believes In Frndship . . .

Its Not Necessary 2 Share Every Secret B/w True Frends
The Thing Is That What Ever U Share Shud Be True . . . :)

A true buddy irritates when u say i am sad,laughs when u say i am sorry,smiles when
u say miss u,,kicks when u sayi am busy, 4wd this message 2 those whom u never
wanna lose! I DID
No relationship/friendship is worth hiding. And if you have to hide it to be happy,
then its not worth having.

Sum Frnds r lyk smell of Cigarets vich stay in Fingertips 4 short time
But True Frnds r lyk Nicotines in Cigaretes vich stay in Heart til Death.

A true friend understands when you say, "I forgot"
Waits forever when you say, "1 minute"
Stays when you say, "leave me alone"
and opens the door, "even before you knock.."

A good friend helps you up when you fall. A best friend pees their pants laughing,
trips you again, and calls you an a**hole.

A nice line dedicates 2 all my frnzzz...

"Ek din hum sab ek dusre ko sirf ye sochkar kho denge ki jab wo mujhe yaad nhi karte
to main kyu karu..?

You learn when life is roughest, You can count your true friends on one hand! I'm
truly grateful for those friends in my life!

Do u know
What is friendship?





Khud ko jor se thappad lagao,
Dard mujhe hoga.

Yakeen nai hota na..

Try-Kar Lo...


U r the 1 who undrstnd my sight..
u r the 1 who wipe out my tearz..
u r the 1 who hold my smiles..
u r the 1 who treasure all my memories..
u speak wat i think..

frnzhp kp us close.. 4 ever & ever..

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