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									5. Have a Chic Christmas - All About Style and Fashion for the Holidays
      In New York, a style capital of the world, black is always a chic
fashionable selection. That's even more so in the Fall and Winter seasons
dark colors are favored. But even the fashionistas who like somber colors
add a
bit of sparkle and cheer to Christmas and holiday clothing with some
usually magnificent red.
      Dominant colors at Christmas are red, black and white and a red
scarf, or
a white one, is a must-have accessory.
      Holiday-themed apparel with snowflakes, candy canes, stars,
trees, are also popular during the season. Along with being colorful,
they also
convey the message that the person is fully embracing the spirit of the
and is in a festive mood. When individuals wear holiday-themed apparel,
they are
therefore radiating a positive attitude and giving the signal that it is
pleasant to be around them. After all, nobody wants to be around the
bah-humbug' type of personalities during the Christmas season.
      Holiday-themed jewelry also works well as accessories. These can
add that
little sparkle to an outfit that makes it stand out in an admirable way.
Holiday-themed jewelry is also perfect for those individuals who simply
want to
show a touch of the holiday spirit without having to actually wear
themed apparel because it maybe too different from the conservative style
their wardrobe.
      It is necessary to add some sparkle to apparel during the Christmas
and current style trends of having jewel-engraved or embroidered tops
play well
for the Christmas season. They will allow the wearer to look festive in a
understated but elegant way.
      Fall popular styles will also undoubtedly be a fashionable way to
for the holidays. Based on the Fall Fashion Shows in New York, there are
basic outfits that stylists say should be in the wardrobe of all women.
are: the Tunic, Winter Short - which is cut just above the knee - the
Pencil Skirt and the Super-wide pant.
      The vest can be a dressy one with embroidery or other adornments,
or it
can be more minimal based on the overall outfit. The Winter Short and
Skirt can easily convert from working outfit to party wear with the right
accessory, making them perfect to wear to an early evening Christmas or
party. A variation from the Pencil Skirt is the Pencil dress. This too is
to be popular for Christmas as it can be easily accessorized with a broad
which is one of the accessories that top fashion advisers say is a 'must-
accessory for the Fall.
      The Tunic and Super-wide pant are also liked for Christmas and the
season because they are very flexible in how they can be paired with
Another fall fashion staple are Knit Sweaters - oversized and as tunics.
will also work well with black tights and leggings, which has made a
comeback in
leg wear. Leggings can be worn under skirts or dresses. Very slim
leggings can
also be worn simply in place of pants, worn with a jacket or again, with
oversized knit sweater. Using the basic colors of red, white and black
that are
popular during Christmas and the holidays, colored leggings will
definitely add
a nice touch of style to outfits and make them seem perfect for the
and holiday season.
      It is also good that dresses are once more welcomed among the
And the red dress for Fall fits well into Christmas and the holiday
The latest in jeans, which is a mainstay in everyone's wardrobe and
suitable to
wear at all times including during Christmas and the holidays, is that a
fit is in. And if ultra-skinny is not very complimentary to your body
shape, you
can still get one of the newer types of jeans that are said to have a lot
stretch, giving a 360-degree or all-around wrap to the body for a perfect
near perfect fit.
      And since Christmas is the season to be happy and cheery, the truly
can always top off their Christmas outfit with a cone-shaped, red and
Santa hat.

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