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					Merits of the aseptic packaging of food processing
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The machines are used for aseptic packaging process of aseptic products. This system is
basically is the filling of a commercially available sterile product in a container presented under
aseptic conditions.

The container is then in the reinfection of the container and its contents is sealed avoided. This
method yields a product that is stable in storage, even at room temperature.

Aseptic packaging technology is an innovative high-Nocht goal, a future method for the
packaging industry have. Aseptic processing itself is the process by which a septic tank sterile
packaged in a sterile container or in a manner that causes sterility.

Aseptic technology has recently received recognition as the most outstanding technological
innovation in the manufacturing of food packaging. The packaging machine is also known as
aseptic drink boxes.

Aseptic packaging machines such as single-family homes and tissues are not contaminated and,
and, above all, disinfect contaminated not be included in one. In fact, as an important
development when preserves are described.

The first key is to be noted that prior to the use of aseptic packaging machines in the packaging
of beverages, wherein the first step to heat the liquid by using ultra-high temperature process.
The product is cooled prior to packaging. The entire process should take a very short time and is
suitable for the location, but at the same time, taking into account the safety requirements.
If the use of aseptic packaging machines, you should also consider packing material to ensure
maximum safety of the product from the packaging. Drinks can make or aseptic packaging
machines using thin sheets of paper.

The aluminum and plastic materials are used to create a unique infusion and are light but very
durable. All materials or components that form the packing machinery, are very important to
ensure that the preservation of foods and their nutritional value.

70 percent of the material in the manufacture of aseptic packaging machine used is paper. Your
paper is to give strength and shape. 24 percent of the material used is polyethylene and used for
sealing deeper and vacuum. 6 percent of the material aluminum and oxygen, which prevents the
light from the contamination of foodstuffs.

The packaging material for aseptic packaging machines are used, are advantageous in that they
are safe and comfortable. In addition, holding the aseptic packaging of liquids such as milk and
fruit juices for the many hours she always in remote areas where no one expects to find sterilized
allow a refrigerator. The process also allows the storage and distribution of free preservatives,
cold storage facilities.

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