2011 MBEIC Election Ballot

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					                                 2011 MBEIC Election Ballot

                         You may vote for up to five (5) individuals.

____Nominee: Ron Abo, President
Company: The Abo Group

      Ron Abo is a long time certified MBE and active participant and supporter of the Council.
      The Abo Group is an architectural firm which specializes in urban design, master
      planning, historic preservation, space planning, and facility assessments.

____Nominee: David Ortiz, President
Company: Safety Construction Supply

      David Ortiz, also a long time MBE of the Council, was previously very involved in Council
      activities and is excited to become re-engaged. Safety Construction Supply is a
      distributor of personal safety, industrial safety, work zone, and fleet safety products.

____Nominee: Adil Khan, President
Company: Amplidyne

      Adil Khan, an active member of the Council, can be seen at numerous events, both as a
      volunteer and as a participant. Adil is the president of Amplidyne, a company which
      specializes in energy saving devices, ballasts, fluorescent lamps, telecommunication
      equipment and services - telephones pox data equipment, electromechanical
      engineering equipment.

____Nominee: Larry Duran, President
Company: IBC

      Larry Duran is a long time supporter and advocate of the Council and a former Regional
      Chair of the MBEIC. Larry is the president of IBC, a company which specializes in
      National Criminal Supersearch; Nationwide Sex Offender Registry; Statwide Criminal
      Comprehensive; Statewide Criminal Searches; Criminal Single County Reports; SSN
      Verification and Address History; Employment and Business Credit Reports;
      Employment, Education, and Professional License Verification; Terrorist Search; Motor
      Vehicle Checks; OFAC-Office of Foreign Assets Control; Medical Fraud and Abuse
      Information; Drug and Alcohol Testing; Digital Finger Printing...and many other services.
      Intelligent Business Consultants INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY and CONSULTING
       SERVICES: Web Design; Desktop Support; Network Administration and Integration;
       Operating System Administration (i.e. Microsoft, Unix, Linux); Business Operations; Total
       Quality Management; Business Strategies; Administration; Training, Strategic Planning;

____Nominee: Jim Sato, CEO
Company: J.F. Sato & Associates

       Mr. Sato is the immediate past chair of the MBEIC and the founder of J.F. Sato and
       Associates. As Chief Executive Officer, he is responsible for the technical and financial
       operation of the firm. His administrative responsibilities include strategic planning for
       the long-term growth of the firm, goal setting, resource allocation, performance
       monitoring and quality management. Mr. Sato brings 45 years of hands on experience
       to your projects with respect to project management, construction contract
       administration and engineer. Many of the projects involving Mr. Sato are recognized
       today for their complexity and scale.

Please provide the name of your RMMSDC-Certified Minority Business Enterprise:

(Company name)__________________________________________________________

Please email your completed ballot to admin@rmmsdc.org or fax it to 303.595.0027.

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