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globalization pros and cons

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We are in a world of globalization. In the post globalization era
companies try their best to survive in the market. They have a lot of
pressure to accomplish their tasks and achieve goals. The ultimate aim is
to focus on ways to promote the business and increase productivity.
Companies have started relying on consultancies to manage the workload.
They have tie-ups with the consultation and implementation of basic tasks
such as recruitment, selection training, and development. As a result
they focus only on productivity.


A consultancy firm that helps companies enforce their basic tasks.
Consultancy helps recruit the right company to do from internal
operations. Each company has a consultant who decides which services to
be outsourced. Also as a consultant and change agent to determine what
items are necessary to achieve goals and how it can be achieved. The
consultant advising the company in management, finance, accounts,
Marketing, Human Resources.


Job Portal
In the past year to make a resume and candidates to pursue a job. You can
progress Because jobseekers in technology now sitting in front of the
system and upload resume. Performance profiles based on the quality and
necessity, that the shortlisted resumes.

Candidates approach the consultancies were interviewed directly by the
human resources manager from the head office via web cams.

Video Resumes
The candidates tell about themselves, talked about the strength and
weakness. Record all Web cam is being said and it takes a picture of the
candidate. Based on the postures, gestures and confidence level of the
candidate to send another round of interviews.


    * Knows the consultant (from the consultation) everything about the
Industry. Consultancies generally do market analysis and market share in
parts to make it easy to target audiences.
    * Consultancies are in close contact with the companies and help them
in all the tasks assigned to them.
    * Leo help build relationships between employees and employers.
    * Helps in creating awareness towards the product lines of the
    * The company contributes in CSR and organizing campaigns.
    * Minimizes cost of some of the outsourcing process.
    Keeping track Consultancies * in the profile of the candidates.
    * They are temporary employees promoted to the head office based on
their performance.

    * Difficult for consultation to multi-tasking
    * Eg: Handling issues, workforce management etc.,
    * Does not have a broader focus.
    Companies not * full details of what they do.
    * Not all employees receive a consultancy working in the promotion of
high profile.
    * The company must have an open eye on the consultation.
    * Not all services are being outsourced to consultancies.
    * A number of consultancies claim money from the candidates.

Consultant in Madurai has provided employment opportunities for Freshers
and Experienced candidates. Councillor helped me a lot to step into my
dream company.

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