Tips on How to Stop Smelly Feet

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					                                    Tips on How to Stop Smelly Feet

Let's take a look at your current shoe situation first. If you keep putting clean feet back into smelly
shoes, you'll defeat the purpose of getting rid of smelly feet. Go through your closed-toe shoes,
especially the sneaker sort, and sprinkle some baking soda inside, especially up near the toes where the
least amount of air can circulate. Leave it for several hours, then tap out the baking soda.

Wear sandals whenever possible. The more breathing your feet can do, the better. However, cold
weather months make this practically impossible. To keep your feet smelling fresh, never go barefoot in
your shoes. Always wear breathable socks, such as the kind made of cotton or acrylic. If your feet feel
sweaty inside your socks when you remove your shoes, it's probably time to make a switch.

Wash your shoes regularly. Not all shoes can be washed, but your sneakers and other canvas shoes are
often washable. Use scented detergent so your shoes smell extra fresh when they exit the washer. Set
them out in an airy space or on top of a wire rack to dry.

Another way to find out how to stop smelly feet is by finding shoes that fit well. Many women crunch
their feet into the most punishing footwear, resulting in toes and heels that can't breathe. When this
problem occurs, less air is allowed to circulate between your feet, and the sweat builds up inside your
shoe. Naturally, this causes a very unpleasant odor, which you can remedy by changing the size or style
shoe that you buy.

If you really want to know how to stop smelly feet, then tackle the problem at the source. Choose a sort
of foot-deodorizing solution that appeals to you and use it frequently. Foot deodorizers come in sprays,
balms, creams, and powders. You might have to experiment with several types to find the one that
works best for you and feels comfortable. You also might consider how easy it is to reapply when you're
out of the house. For instance, a spray might be easier to apply in the bathroom at work than a powder
or a foot cream.

Putting all of these tips into practice will help you eliminate foot odor and be proud to show off your
tootsies without wearing shoes.

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