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									Types of Hypoallergenic Sporting Dogs

Even though many breeds are no longer used just for sporting or hunting,
these dogs have become popular favorites among those who need a
hypoallergenic dog that has an easy temperament. Sporting dogs are
considered intelligent, playful, and obey their owners when given
commands. Hypoallergenic sporting dogs include Poodles, Australian
Terriers, and Kerry Blue Terriers. Each of these dogs has been used to
hunt small and large game and also to hunt for rodents and other pesky
animals that carried disease. Now these animals are kept in the home as
pets. While still playful and easy going, these dogs are now treated more
like friends that as sporting partners.

Each of these breeds has a short coat that is more like human hair
because it is soft and thin. Unlike other breeds, these dogs do not shed
as often and when they do, it is usually not noticeable. People who want
to own a medium sized dog will appreciate any of the breeds mentioned
above. Grooming is an essential part of their care as is brushing their
coats once or twice a week to prevent matting.

The Poodle comes in a few different varieties that are all
hypoallergenic. Poodles have been used a sporting dogs, show dogs, and
lap dogs for those who wanted a breed that would sit still on command.
The Poodle is a friendly dog that does not make a lot of noise. They are
very active and enjoy getting their exercise. People who want are
thinking about buying a Poodle should conduct more research to see if
this is the dog they truly want. Even though the Poodle can live for many
years, they may suffer some health problems as they age.

The Australian Terrier was once used to catch mice and rats, but today it
is kept at home because of its pleasant disposition and its long hair
that does not shed. You can choose to cut the hair closer to the body if
you choose. For those looking for a smaller dog, the Australian Terrier
is a good choice. These dogs are considered companion dogs, meaning that
they enjoy the company of people.

The Kerry Blue Terrier is a relative of the Australian Terrier, but is
much larger and has a more pronounced head and chest. Their head is
almost square shaped. Their cost is soft and curly. It will not shed and
needs to be groomed often to prevent matting. While the dogs are actually
gray or black in color, a blue sheen can be found on their coat. This is
where they got their name.

Kerry Blue Terriers need daily   exercise that can range from long walks to
running in the park with other   dogs. If you have a backyard, you can let
the dog run around and it will   tire itself out. People who live in larger
homes should consider buying a   hypoallergenic dog like this one.

Even though these dogs are no longer used primarily as sporting dogs,
this does not mean the dogs prefer to sit around all day long. Exercise
is very important for dogs like these because they have been used for
generations for sporting parties and long hunts in the woods.

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