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									Copywriting Procedures

Within this article on copywriting procedures, we will look at how to
structure your copywriting when working for a client. There has been a
great deal of copywriting done through the years and it is not necessary
to reinvent the wheel every time you want to write copy. We will
specifically be focused upon the sales letter because this could have the
greatest impact for you, especially if you decide to do SEO copywriting.

One particular school of thought speaks to making your website one large
online sales letter. Continuing in this train of thought, this could
present a great opportunity for you. You could write for both off-line
businesses as well as for online business using the format of a sales

Within a sales letter, there are three main components that will make a
difference whether or not your product will sell. The first component is
the headline. If you do not grab your prospects' attention right away,
you will have wasted your time in developing the rest of the copy. The
second component of a sales letter is the offer. This part is important
as you must be explicit with the offer to give the prospect what he or
she now wants. It must be something that will entice the prospect to
take action upon the completion of reading the letter. The final
component of a sales letter is the postscript. This is the second most
read portion of a sales letter after the headline. When you are writing
this, this is the extra incentive that you will be using to motivate your
prospects to take advantage of the offer that you presented right away.
When you are focusing upon writing a sales letter, you should take each
particular step of the sales letter in order. You do not sit down and
just writes a sales letter completely through but rather take it step by
step. This entails writing the headline followed by writing the offer
and then followed by writing the postscript. Following these copywriting
procedures will ensure that you will have set yourself up for great

If you do not have a great deal of experience within copywriting, make
sure to follow the examples of copywriting procedures set up by some of
the foremost experts. One of the key authors who you should look into is
Dan Kennedy. He has written some great books over the years and is a
great resource for you to use.

Hopefully this article on copywriting procedures will help you in
becoming a better copywriter. The key behind successful copywriting is
to use the formulas that have been developed while putting your own spin
on what you're writing. Copywriting procedures are important because
people have developed these in a certain method to be successful for a
reason. There is no need to reinvent the wheel because this will only be
frustrating for you in the long run as you'll find that you have less
sales while putting in more effort. By taking the time to follow
operating procedures, you'll set yourself up to maximize potential sales
when developing a sales letter.

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