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									Your room
- Contains a desk with chair, clothes bureau (like in freshmen
  dorms), and a very large closet (for your futon and everything
  else you bring)
- We roomed with one other person, leaving the third room
  available for anything else
- You will have a communal kitchen with cabinet for dishes and silverware already
there. Only cold water comes from the faucet. A stove is also provided with a few
pans and small bowls.
- Large Shower provided for each room.
- A/C in each room, along with a balcony overlooking a small river and then the
 We lived on floors 4-6, stairs and elevators can be used.
Where you live
   Nishikawa Heights
     5 min from your classes, 10-15 min from
     stores by foot, 10 min by bike from
     everywhere you could possibly need to go,
     45 min from downtown by bike, or 30 min
     from the train station by bus
     Mostly just program participants in the
     building, but also your teachers
     Washer/Driers on floors 4 and 6, community
     rooms on 3 and 5, and internet room on floor
     3 – only 7 ports (wireless router might be
     Study room available 24/7 with Internet
Total Estimated Cost

 Depends on what you want to do…
   Plane tickets = $1000
   Food = $8-16 per day, or $320 - $640
   School activities = $100
   Host family gift (beforehand) = $30-100
   Then whatever else you want to spend
   on omiyage and the Long Weekend
   Spending 6 weeks in Japan = priceless
2007 course project
Make a Rube Goldberg machine
  Work in pairs of Japanese and American students
  Warabashi engineering
  Spent several meetings talking with other groups in
  English and Japanese explaining about our ideas
  Have a final presentation of the machine and brief
  speech about it in Japanese (your partners will help
 Rose Japanese courses prepare you well
 for the courses
 Good vocab building
 Thursday Conversation
 Lots of good review
 Don’t sweat the placement exam
  (written and verbal)
 Excellent teachers
Places to go…

Electronics stores
book stores
pretty much every sport and club for it available
used everything stores
hyaku en stores
the bakery
random places with funny signs
Bowling (round one)
Hyakumangoku Matsuri (Festival)…
Fun Stuff
to Do
Kanazawa Castle and Kenrokuen
Downtown shopping center
Okashi (Candy) making
Ninja Dera, Geisha District, samurai house
Homestay and Long Weekend
Seisan Gijitsu (Robot Factory)
  Get gifts beforehand
  2 day, 1 night stay
  Any number of different families
  They’ll take you to do anything… literally, so be careful
  what you ask for
  Challenging, but they understand!
  Sometimes you get another program participant to go
  with you
Long Weekend
 Dream big, dream now
   Plan ahead
 Infinite possibilities
Useful expressions
  Daijyoubu desu
    I’m/It’s ok.
  Kore wa onegaishimasu
    I’d like this (ordering in restaurants).
  Betsubetsu de onegaishimasu
    We’d like to be billed separately.
  Onaka ga suita.
    I’m hungry.
Things we wish we knew beforehand /
useful tips
 Leave room in your luggage – LOTS of room
 Buy luggage with wheels… seriously
 Make a budget beforehand for each week to keep you on track
 Keep a journal (at least if you get a grant from the HSS department)
 Get a coin purse
 Don’t be a jerk with the bikes!
 Rent bikes early and often, and get out!
 Spend time with the Japanese students
 Don’t forget the region restriction on games and DVDs
 The outlets there work the same as the US, only they have slightly less volts
 – DO get a 3 to 2 prong plug for your lappy, though.
 Internet will be scarce.
 You do not need superior Japanese speaking skills
 Don’t be afraid to talk in Japanese! They are all there to help you learn.
 If you have to call home, buy headphones with a microphone in them and
 download Skype so you can talk for free.
 JR Pass available if you want to ride the train a lot on the Long Weekend or
 afterward. Only available to foreigners and runs about $300 for a week
 (maybe a little less) – check around for best prices. Increments of 1, 2 and
 3 weeks available
Other fun things

 Tons of vending machines
 Karaoke is awesome
 You will most likely be the only non-
 Japanese you’ll see
 Don’t be a jerk with the bikes!

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