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TrackSmith Entertainment Teen Outreach Proposal



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									TrackSmith Entertainment, Inc. 4422 Esmeralda Drive Charlotte NC 28269 704-779-4219
Banging Tracks and Making Connections Music Production and Engineering Paul “Saint Paul” Smith Jr. Artist Development and Management Services Carla Smith www.tracksmithent.com

To provide the services of music production, music engineering, artist development, and management services by combining our personal talent with the skills learned from life experiences, talent, education and professional development, in effort to promote and encourage greater opportunities as a contributor to the lives of others through music entertainment and community service.

Goals and Objectives
To network with professionals in the music and entertainment industry for the purpose of enhancing the development of new and aspiring artist who desire an understanding and guidance in their attempt to pursue a career as a music producer, a music engineer, a recording/performing artists in the entertainment industry. To provide affordable recording sessions from a pre-production studio and work with aspiring artists and professionals who are working on music projects to enhance their success in the music business. To assist artists in developing their understanding of the industry and about the expectations of the business while maintaining stability and sustaining longevity. To emphasize the importance of using talent to give back to the community by encouraging participation in special events and promotions that give a voice to societal conditions and situations that may negatively impact the community, and to positively enhance the lives of others who may be less fortunate or who have a need in society.

Programs and Services 

 

TrackSmith Teen Outreach (Community Service Program ) Talent Development Project Talent Management Services (For participant’s of Talent Development Project) Recording Session Tracks For Hire


TrackSmith Teen Outreach
Our teen outreach program is a non-profit entity of TrackSmith Entertainment developed to serve teens between the ages of 13 and 18 who have a keen interest in the understanding of the music and entertainment industry. We seek to educate teens about the realities of the music business using a grass-roots approach to provide hands on experience in music production and artist development. Resulting from our individual experience in the pursuit of our professional goals within the music and entertainment industry, we found that there is a need for understanding the various aspects of the industry before attempting to pursue a career in the field. The goal for this program is to help new and aspiring artists and future music producers by facilitating a learning environment for the purpose of educating participants in the technical basics of using a programs to create music, and providing the recording session experience giving teens a real “behind the scenes” experience by allowing them to participate, as a team, in the process of working on a group project. This project will emphasize the stages of music production and engineering; and artist development and management services. It will be facilitated as a 10-week workshop training (2 days per week and 2 hours each day, between the hours of 4pm and 6pm)for talented individuals who posses the potential and desire to become actively involved in the music and entertainment industry. The estimated start date is January 14, 2010 and the program is expected to end on April 3, 2010. January 14th will not be a workshop day. It will be the day that we have an audition for talent potential and to answer questions that parents and participants may have about the workshop. The 1st workshop will start on Thursday, January 21, 2010 and the last workshop will be on Saturday, March 27, 2010. April 3rd will be the date of our participants perform, open a showcase presented by TrackSmith Entertainment celebrating their progress and entertaining the audience. The needs for the success of this workshop will include the following: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. Environment and Facility Equipment and Supplies Commitment from participants Parental Involvement Volunteers/Interns Community/Business Support Donations/Investments



The items aforementioned are listed provides the sponsors and affiliates the opportunity to invest in community youth by helping us, TrackSmith Entertainment, to create opportunities and encourage commitment, team work, talent development, and community service by educating through music and entertainment. A recreational environment with a classroom setting including a projector and projector screen, 6 banquet style tables and chairs that will accommodate 30 people (12 teens and approximately 10-18 parents, appointed observers and guest speakers. It would be very helpful if the facility allowed at least a moderate-to-(small group party level) amount of music noise level as to be expected within the expectations of the music and entertainment workshops.


The equipment needed includes:  Donation or access to use a Macintosh mini (plus monitor) with an OS X operating system. *We will accept a refurbished computer with a MAC OS X operating system or better. 

6-12 PC computers with the capacity of 250 GB HD/1GB of memory *Our participants will need access to these computers during the workshop, however, we are seeking donations to allow participants to keep a computer at the end of the program who exhibit professionalism in the workshop maintaining 100% participation of 40 hour program, and uses their ability to be a team player and to honor their gift and talented skills by using them to make positive contributions to themselves, their team (family and supporters), and the community.


1 Reasons or Fruity Loops (music production software) —valued at approximately $300.00 Equipment Items for all participants to keep: 12 SONY earphones (for participants to keep) 12 2GB or better of storage space USB Flash Drive (for participants to keep at the end of program) Computers for participants (for participants to keep if donated)

   

The supplies needed should include (participants will be keeping the supplies that they use):  12 1 and 1/2 or 2 inch ring (3 ring) Binder for storing educational materials


          3.

Dividers for Binders Loose-leaf Paper Folders Pens Pencils 12 Pencil holder insert for 3 ring binder to store materials 12 business style planner with calendar inserts and contact sheets 12 Stenographers' note pad CD’s/Writeable CD’s/DVD’s/Jewel Cases/Inserts Manual of materials and notes to keep for personal reference

A commitment agreement will be established between the workshop facilitators, participants and their parent(s) or guardian(s). This agreement will acknowledge an understanding of expectations and responsibilities between all parties in effort to work as a team on the project at hand until its completion. There is no specific penalty; however we ask that everyone involved respect that the individuals participating on this project need to depend on each other for the desired success of the program. *This will be a major topic during the workshop training on loyalty to self and others.


Parental Involvement will be needed first and more importantly because teens under 18 are minors and there are many issues in the entertainment industry that teens will need to understand to avoid some major pitfalls resulting from lack of knowledge and experience. Because of this, it is necessary for us to have parental permission and support to get the most out of their participation, as well as to ensure your teen’s ability to keep their commitment to this team project. We also encourage parents to volunteer their assistance, whenever they are available, on an “as needed bases”. There will be occasions where we may ask parents or volunteers to assist us in transportation for trips in the city to enhance the real life experience of “behind the scenes” portion of our work in the music and entertainment industry. Parents or Guardians must consent to their child’s participation. Volunteers and Interns will be solicited to contribute to the success of the workshop program for support and encouragement by assisting facilitators and sponsors of the workshop in enhancing the learning of the teen participants. We will continuously seek volunteer help from professionals in the industry who would like to contribute to educating our



participants utilizing their experience in the field of music and entertainment. 6. Community and Businesses are welcome to provide time in serving teen participants of our projects by donation, use of facility, as a guest speaker, contributing to learning, and providing other opportunities that will enhance the learning of the workshop participant.   501c tax credit for time or services contributed Facility visit/tour         Radio Station Music Studio Concert or live performance Salon/Barber Shop/Pampering services Photograpy Session Support our end of the program showcase event Name listed on promotional banner Promotion on workshop T-Shirt


Donations and Investments are needed and are always welcome to help us give the teens a hands on experience in music production and engineering, a basic understanding of the music industry as a business and fundamentals developing talent as a professional artist and entertainer in the industry. We accept monetary contributions, equipment, supplies, inkind services from professional within the community and businesses that cater to the industry of music and entertainment.


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