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					Games for groups

Having more than one person on the trampoline is the biggest single
risk factor for serious injury. The aim of the games is to keep friends
involved and having fun, without the need for more than one person to
get on the trampoline at the same time. Adults make good referees!

The games are simple but fun; they are about having fun together not about showing who’s
best. Do not play games that involve more than one person on a trampoline at once as this is
dangerous, and also do not play games that involves balls or other objects as these can be
distracting and cause people to fall, especially do not throw things at people on the


One person does a move, the next person gets on & does the first person’s move & then a
move of their own, the next person does the first two moves and then a move of their own.
It’s OK to repeat moves, but no more than three times in a row. Keep on going until the
chain is broken – a move goes wrong, can’t remember the sequence, etc. The game can
either stop when one player is out or if it’s a bigger group, the players that become out can
become the judges for those still left playing. Remember only one person at a time & don’t
make up moves.

Simon Says

Person not jumping gives instructions to the person on the trampoline, eg ’Simon Says jump
up & down 3 times’, ‘Simon Says do a tuck jump’, ‘Simon says do a straddle, then a pike
jump’, ‘pike jump’. Pick the moves from the list in 5 above. If they do a wrong move, or do
the move not beginning with “Simon says…” then they swap over. Keep the moves safe &
within the capability of the player, to make it more complicated just ask them to do more
things in a row that they have to remember to do in the correct order.

Copy Cat

The first person does a move & then one at a time, each player attempts this move, until you
get back to the beginning, the second player then does a move and each player attempts
this move, until you get back to the beginning. If someone doesn’t do the move properly
then they get given the letter C from ‘CAT’, play continues until one player has been given all
the letters: C,A,T.

Ten in a row

One at a time, start off with doing one seat bounce, then two in a row, then three in a row,
see who can do the most, the challenge is ten in a row. Too easy? Substitute straightforward
seat bounces with seat to shape.

Ten in a row standing up

Same as Ten in a Row but stand up in between each seat bounce.

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