Infertility Problems Primer

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Sometimes it is difficult to GET PREGNANT. Find out how to get it done fast!

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Infertility Problems Primer

Infertility problems are quite common in both men and women. In order for a woman to get
pregnant a few things have to go right. One of these requisites is female ovulation. Ovulation
occurs once per month right about the middle of the menstrual cycle. Ovulation refers to the
release of an egg from one of the womans ovaries. The egg is thrust into the fallopian tube where
if a sperm is present the egg may be fertilized. If the egg is fertilized it moves into the uterus and
attaches itself to the lining of the uterus. If all these things take place pregnancy begins. If any of
them fail to occur, or happen at the wrong time, infertility can result.

In a lot cases pregnancy will occur within a 12 month period of trying for most couples. According
to Mayo Clinic research you dont need to be too concerned unless you have been trying for at
least one year with no results. But if you are a woman in your mid to high 30s you might want to
consult with your doctor to get help with your infertility problems. You should also ask your doctor
for help if your menstrual cycles occur irregularly or are very painful. In the case of men you
should see a physician if you have a low sperm count or sexual problems.

Infertility problems are about equally divided between males and females. According to Mayo
Clinic research one third or infertility problems are due to men, another third is due to women, and
the other third is due to both sexes.

Some of the main causes of infertility problems in men are:

Low sperm count
Genetic defects
Sperm delivery problems - like premature ejaculation
Health problems - caused by poor nutrition, obesity, tobacco smoke, chemical exposure, or drugs
Age - as men get over 40 they are more prone to suffer infertility issues

Female infertility problems are in the following categories:

Damaged or blocked fallopian tubes
Growth of uterine tissue outside the uterus
Ovulation problems - Either caused by injury or even by too much exercise
Early menopause
Medications -some medicines can cause infertility until you stop taking them

Risk Factors

In many cases the risk factors that cause infertility problems in men also affect women. Some of
these factors are:
Age - Women over 30 and men over 40 are more prone to suffer from infertility
Smoking - tobacco smoke reduces the chances of getting pregnant
Alcohol - Excessive alcohol is bad for men, but any amount of it is bad for women
Obesity Being overweight can reduce fertility in women and sperm count in men
Excessive exercise More than 6 hours per week can foster infertility

Infertility Problems Solutions

Ok, so now that we know some of the causes of infertility problems lets take a look at some
possible solutions.

If you have been trying to get pregnant with no success for some time there are two possible
routes that you can take to try to have a child of your own.

The primary method you should consider is to ask your doctor for help. Your doctor can use
proven scientific tests to help determine the underlying cause of your infertility problems and
prescribe the correct medication for your case. Chances are that your doctor has treated cases
like yours in the past and will be able to help you have a baby fairly quickly.

The next method you can consider is to try natural means to get pregnant. In this group your best
bet is to get a copy of Lisa Olsons Pregnancy Miracle e-book,
This is one of the worlds best sellers in this field and has proven to be able to help many women to
get pregnant. Most women who use Mrs. Olson's book get pregnant within two to three months
from the day they start.


You may ask which of the two methods would be best in your situation. My answer is: If getting
pregnant is the goal, use the method that makes the most sense to you. Once you consult your
doctor to make sure there is nothing serious to prevent you to have a child, you have covered your
science and medical advice needs and, the rest is up to you.

I realize that the medical field has priced itself out of reach of most people and medical care costs
in this day and age have become huge. Due to the huge cost many people avoid seeing a doctor
except when they have no other choice. But if you can afford the doctor bills, being on the side of
science and medicine should be your first choice.

So, stay well informed and feel free to use the method that brings you the best results, be it your
doctor or the natural approach. If you are looking for real quick results you can try both methods at
the same time.

About the author: Carmelo Echevarria is a retired military currently dedicated to blogging on
several online sites. You can visit his primary site at

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Sometimes it is difficult to GET PREGNANT. Find out how to get it done fast!

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Description: Infertility problems are quite common in both men and women. In order for a woman to get pregnant a few things have to go right. This article describes what the basic causes of infertility are and what you can do to prevent and cure them.