2013 Dodge Charger Review From Las Vegas by erirm


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									LAS VEGAS -- Taking the automotive cowl off the 2013 Dodge Charger Cup prototype at Sunday's
unveiling was probably the very best thing Howard Comstock and Mark Trostle have carried out in 18

In mid-2010, Comstock, supervisor of engineering for Chrysler Group's Avenue and Racing Know-how
Motorsports division, and Trostle, head of SRT Motorsports design, had been handed a challenge that
seemed almost unimaginable: take the present NASCAR chassis and put some pizzazz again into it.
"The original 'car of tomorrow' design is seven years previous, and it's fairly frankly, outdated,"
Comstock said. "The followers talked about they wanted a automotive that looks like a car, and we took
all of these cues and talked about, 'We perceive, so let's get to work.' However it gave it that rear-wheel
drive proportion. As soon as we had the proportion, we began putting in the design id from the street
The roof fastidiously matches the roof of our manufacturing car. Our entrance finish is sort of extra a 'in
your face' style. Not solely will the 2013 cars have flared fenders, however within the case of the
Charger, scalloped physique panels that match the style of the passenger car.

"All of the Cup automobiles have been slab-sided," Comstock said. The flared fenders undoubtedly have
functionality. "To me, a race car needs to look planted," Trostle said. "And having those wheel flares
exaggerated helps plant the car and make it look aggressive."

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