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					 Unit 5 Reading
Many a small thing has been made large by
the right kind of advertising.

                    Mark Twain
The stool(toilet) is
    non-profit advetisement

1.what is the message of the ad.?
 The picture of cigratte is made of heroine and cocaine,
so smoking means killing yourself.
2.How is the information conveyed(表达)?
Tobacco kills more than heroine and cocaine
 Find out the main idea of each paragraph.
Para.1: Ads are found almost everywhere

Para.2:People react to advertisements in
different ways.
Para.3:The basic principle of advertisements is
fairy simple (to influence customers’ choices).
Para.4: Ads help companies and customers
in a variety of ways.
Para.5:The most important function of
advertising is to introduce new products.
Para.6:Governments and other organizations use
ads to make people aware of government policies
and social problems.
Para.7: Bad ads can mislead consumers by using
illegal ways.
Para.8: It is essential for customers to hold a
proper attitude towards various kinds of ads.
 1.Scan the text quickly and underline advantages
 and disadvantages mentioned in the test.
       advantages              Disadvantages
1 help consumers make
                           1 make people annoyed
   informed choices
                           2 be misled by false and
2 entertain people
3 increase product sales     incorrect information
4 make products cheap        easily
5 make people aware of     3 cheat consumers to
  social problems            buy the useless
6 make the products more     products
popular to consumers                                  form
Answer the following questions:
1.Why is advertising popular?
2.What is the basic principle behind
3.Why do advertisers often have to
  work hard to attract people’s
4.What is a “bait-and-switch” ad?
5.How can we protect ourselves from
  misleading ads?
1.Why is advertising popular?

  Because Ads can help companies
and customers in a variety of ways.
They can also help spread
knowledge, change attitudes and
improve society.
2.What is the basic principle behind
   The       basic    principle    behind
 advertisements is that companies are
 able to influence the choices, customers
 make by introducing a brand name to
 potential customers and by associating
 the product with the customers' needs.
3.Why do advertisers often have to
  work hard to attract people’s

Because customers see so many
 ads every day that advertisers must
 work hard to get their passage
4.What is a “bait-and-switch”
 "bait-and-switch’’ ad is a kind
 of ads that mislead us by
 showing pictures that are only
 partly true or have been
 changed to look better. In a
 "bait-and-switch" ad, the
 customer is usually shown
 one product and then given
5.How can we protect
  ourselves from misleading
     We     should  learn   to
  distinguish between fiction
  and facts. We should learn
  to analyse ads. In this way,
  we can protect ourselves
  from false advertisements
  and make good choices.
 96315 go to the shop to change what you
 want make it known to the public
  Language study:
highly(高度地) high(为具体的高)
飞得高,高度赞扬         fly high think highly of
 wide; widely  deep; deeply
jokingly = joke+ing+ly
smilingly; surprisingly; understandingly;
a. She explained the whole story and her boss
    nodded understandingly.
   b. He replied_________(大笑着), “Aren’t you
   making the same mistakes?”
1. hand in hand 并进;联合;手牵着手;和……一道;
 Doctors and nurses work hand in hand to heal the
wounded and rescue the dying . 医生和护士密切配合,
side by side 并排。shoulder to shoulder 肩并肩。arm in
arm 臂挽臂。face to face / heart to heart

  go hand in hand with 与……密切相关
Money does not always go hand in hand with happiness
Hand in hand
_____________with reading, he has developed
the habit of making notes.
at hand 近处;即将到来
by hand 手工地
on the one hand 一方面
on the other hand 另一方面
hand down 传给后代
hand over 移交;让与
2. By introducing a brand name to
potential customers and by associating
the product with the customers’ needs,
companies must work hard to
get their message across.
By getting up early, I can have an
hour for reading English in the morning.
2) associate ... with 表示“把……与……
What do you associate with such a
heavy snow?
We associate China with the Greet Wall.
 我们想起中国, 就联想到长城。
3) get across表示“传播;为人了解”。

What point are you trying to get across?
He got his meaning across.

3. The best chance to reach customers
is to appeal to their emotions.

appeal to: 恳请,哀求;呼吁;上诉,
诉诸 (法律、舆论、武力等);
They had no one to appeal to.

他们没有人可恳求 了。
He appealed to us for support.

Does this picture appeal to you?
4. First of all, we should always keep
an eye out for “hidden information”.
keep an eye out: 当心;警惕 +(for)
We should keep an eye out for pick-
pockets when shopping.
catch one’s eye 醒目;显眼;引人注意
have an eye for 有判断力
see eye to eye (常与with连用)意见一致
an eye for an eye (=eye for eye)
以眼还眼, 一报还一报
cast an eye at/on 瞟一眼, 粗略地看一下
make sheep’s eyes at sb.
含情脉脉地看某人, 向某人送秋波
close one’s eyes to
闭眼不看; 假装看不见; 硬不承认
fix one’s eyes on 盯着, 注视
keep an eye on 照看, 留心瞧着, 注意
1 go hand in hand with   1与   齐头并进
2 make informed choices 2 做出知情的选择
3 on the other hand      3 另一方面
4 accuse sb of sth       4 因某事控告某人
5 associate sth with sth 5 与 …… 联系
6 Get the massage across6 传播信息
7 large amounts of/      7 大量
  a great deal of
8 appeal to
                               8 吸引
9 in a variety of/all kind of
                               9 各种各样
10 take sth into consideration
                               10 考虑
11 make sb aware of
                               11 使某人意识
12 look out for
 13 keep an eye for
14 bait and switch
                               14 偷梁换柱 to blame
I Fill in the blanks for the revision
                       highly developed
       Advertising is a _____________ industry. It has
   gone ______________ with radio, television and
            hand in hand
   other media.
      People ______ to ads in different ways. Some
   think ads are useful and help consumers make
   informed _______                        accuse
                           while others _______
   companies ______ using ads to mislead us.
   Companies can influence customers’ choices by
                                     by associating
   introducing a ______ name and __________
   products _______ customers’ needs. There are so
   many ads for customers that advertisers must try
   to _____ their message across byappealing to
         get                 _______     ____________
   their emotions.
   Ads help companies and customers in all kinds
of ways. They can help companies increase sales .
At the same time , they help customers choose
among all theavailable products. In fact, truthful
ads provide good information,and help customers
compare feathers, functions and costs. Some
governments name a famous person as their
spokesman orspokeswoman to make people
_____ of their ______problems and policies.
 aware           social
   Customers shouldprotect themselves by
 keeping          out
_______ an eye _____ for bad ads, telling false
information from real facts and making good
Thank you !

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