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  By Henry Uduak Nse
              DOING IN 2011!

  We'll Not Only Set Up The Business For You; But
  Will Show You The Insider Secrets To Grow This
  Business Within Days Such That They Will Keep
  Making You Recurring Income Even If You Have
                 Just 20 Customers.

Dear Friends,
Before we start let visit www.nigeriatext.com
nigeriatext and see what I mean,
As the 2011 clock ticks down, many of us will still be
engrossed in deciding the kind of business they will
like to venture into; that will really turn their
financial fortunes around.
Are you still locked in such circle?
Pay attention and pay it raptly!
For the many folks that have asked me the newest and
paying internet business to engage in, I've always told
them that it's not about the newness, but about doing
the old stuff in a new way to produce better results.
So, let me take you into one of my word of doing old
and common things in an uncommon way.
Welcome to a new booming business that can enable
you turn just one client into a steady income stream
for you to enjoy life to the fullest.
Welcome to the world of bulk SMS messaging!
Have you thought about these facts?
Nigeria has a population of over 140 million...
And that the average Nigerian sends an estimated
average of 4 SMS per day at an estimated price of N7
per SMS.. .
As you read, about 40 million SMS will be sent
TODAY... (Wao huge demand!)
That means that an estimated 400 million naira will
be spent on SMS alone today. Wao!
Why not allow us bring you into this same business
with ever growing demand and have a fair share of
this money!
Yes, you can have it very easily and this is why;
Our service operators charge as high as N5 to N7 per
SMS, yet over 40 million Nigerians still send SMS
What if we now teach you how to offer this same SMS
service (with improved features) to these over 40
million hungry SMS senders at a stupid price, do you
think they will be happy?
That is to say that after embracing this business like
you're sure going to do in few hours from now, and
you succeed in offering 0.1% of the 40 million
Nigerians the same service, you will be smiling home
with N400,000!
Okay, let's look at this:
Assuming you have just 5 church clients each with
1000 members and you get them to send SMS to
members twice a week (mind you they send SMS more
than twice a week).

It means in a year (52 weeks) you would have
sold       SMS units. If you make a profit of just N1
per SMS unit sold, it means you will earn N520,000
per year from Church contacts alone, EVERY YEAR
for as long as your service is used and the great thing
is that with our Reseller Programme you can make it

The income possibilities are just endless and you can
get started immediately!

This is just from church contacts alone. What about
election campaigns invitations where people send bulk
SMS to over 4 million people at a go?
I guess you can catch the gist now?
So, let's talk about how you too can come into this
business and launch BIG..
... You can now have Your Own Bulk SMS Business
setup for you in 48 hours for as low as N9,500!
Gone are those days when people pay as N25,000,
N20, N18, N14,000 to have this same business set up
for them.
If you're smart enough, the following are what you
will be getting from us:

1. Free Professional website like this one.

2. A free domain name of your choice. (Example
3. A free lifetime hosting for your website. You get a
full-fledged hosted SMS store! No need to pay for web
hosting separately.
4. How to load your first SMS units to start with.
5. SMS as low as N2.50k per unit for a minimum of
1000 units.
6. An easily manageable admin interface to How To
Credit Users, Delete Users, Set Your Prices and To
Use The "Support" In Responding To Users Queries.
7. How to get customers within hours of launching
your bulk SMS business. 8. FREE SMS Proposals
which you can customize to get clients from Churches,
Mosques, Politicians etc.
9. Emails are sent to you automatically when
Customers Signup
10. No technical skills necessary
11. Ready in 30 minutes, Start Making Money!
12. Customize your SMS Sender ID

If you are interested in making money with your own
SMS platform that is 100% your own and you want to
do this quickly and easily without any upscale capital
investment, then this service is the solution.

You can now get your share of the massive SMS profit
pool making for you unlimited daily, weekly and
monthly income by grabbing this offer right away.

 More Reasons WHY You Would Regret it Later If
 Don't Cash Into Bulk SMS Business Right Away.

Okay, consider this:

• As elections and valentine draw nearer, lots of
people would want to pass across very important
news, updates or press messages to hundreds of
Nigerians. The Bulk SMS marketing tool presents the
BEST to use because the mobile phone is the next
closest item to humans after clothes.

• Apart from electioneering and valentine seasons, do
you know that there are over 100 other uses of SMS
which you can take advantage of such as Church
member service reminder messages, Thank you notes,
Wedding updates, Seminar updates, Product
launches, Advert management, Text and Win
competitions, Company quotations, Virtual gift
• Bulk SMS messaging beats the conventional SMS
hands down in that it allows you to customize your
messages the way you want it.
• Do you know that many Nigerians are quickly
moving from phone messaging to Bulk SMS
messaging especially small organizations because it's
cheaper to use online Bulk SMS?

• Do you know that if you are not in this business now,
you will regret it later?
• Plus many other advantages...

Would you like to take advantage of the Bulk SMS
Billion Naira business with a small start up capital of

      Here's how to take advantage right away:

Invest N9,500 into the account details below:
Invest N1,500 for your ouw self setup manual.

Pay N,9500 into our bank account with the information

Zenith Bank
Account Name: Uduak Nse Henry.

Account Number: 2003579350

After payment, email us the following details to

Your full names, Your email address, Your payment
teller number, Your payment location.

Once payment is confirmed (which usually takes less
than 30 minutes!), we will process your order and get
back to you within 24 hours.

In summary, You get:

Free Fully Brandable Website, Professional, Quality,
and Ready-to-Use SMS Website , SMS Control
Panel to Manage your own Customers.
It's as simple as it really sounds!
To your success,
Uduak Nse
PS: If you ask me, I'll tell you this is one business you
must regret later if you don't pop in right away.
PSS: More than 14,000 subscribers of mine are on this
site with you, hence we would only accept the number
of orders we can manage. So, it's going to be on first
come, first serve basis!
PSSS: Are you still reading? Okay grab your bulk
SMS website TODAY; Saturday, May 14 and stand
I'll personally give you free 1,000 SMS units to launch
your business.

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