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					Eve Online ISK : Easiest and fastest ways to make millions of Eve ISK as
newbie or advanced player

                         The Best Decision I Ever Made for Making EVE ISK

        When I first started playing EVE Online I didn't really know what I was doing. In my first three
months I lost like five or six ships. It was awful, but I'm kind of a “do-it-yourself” player . . . a soloist.
So I just kept plugging away, trying new things, and seeing if I couldn't just figure it all out.

        I don't think I have to tell you that I was really hard up for EVE ISK. Going through ships . . .
even ones as cheap as those were, they were expensive to me. So much of my time was spent just doing
really easy missions over and over again. They were the only thing I knew how to do.

       When summer rolled around and I had a bunch of free time, was when I started to get serious
about my EVE Online ISK. I set out to figure out how to make more money so that I wouldn't have to
worry as much.

         My plan had two major components. I'll get to the one that made the biggest long-term
difference a bit later, but the first thing I tried doing was keep making EVE ISK on missions. I used a
rocket Kestrel setup, so missions were dangerous. I loved getting in and obliterating enemies, but I was
in a lot of danger. So actually the first step was building a better Kestrel.

        Newer players, please pay attention to what I am telling you: doing missions is a whole lot
easier if you start to make adjustments for specific enemy types, and use ships that work better in more
situations. This is most important when you've only got a few ships! In July my Kestrel went from
being a “knife-fighter” to a light missile thrower with exceptional range for such a tiny ship.

        My mission progression got a lot easier from then on. I started checking enemy types on an
online database before leaving the hangar. I got a lot better at running away (or kiting, actually) just
because I was at range already. By the end of July I was running in my first battlecruiser. That Drake
made it even easier to take harder missions. Some of them were really hard (level 4) because I started
to get really brave. Didn't ever lose a Drake, but I came close a couple times. But the EVE ISK was
good and because I pushed myself I earned my way into my first battleship by Labor Day.

         That Raven was a total game-changer for me. I couldn't earn all my EVE ISK by sitting AFK
yet, but it was awesome anyway. I was completing level 4 missions much faster and safer than I had in
my Drake, and I ever didn't have to abandon them anymore. By the time October rolled around I'd
fitted a second Raven and was switching between the two.

       Now, I told you I did something else which made an even bigger difference in the long run,
right? We're almost there . . . the biggest EVE Online ISK earner I've ever had. But first, the setup:

       I made a second account that summer and played it for a while every day. Mostly just when I
was busy with chores and stuff, because I didn't have to be right on top of my laptop like with missions.
That extra time playing when I wouldn't be able to do anything on my main account anyway because it
was combat-focused account meant the potential for more money, however little, so I was all for it.
        So I dabbled in all the “easy” (as in, not getting shot at as much) ways to make money. Started
just doing trading with my Amarr alt in a Bestower, staying away from the chaos of Jita because it was
slow and prices fluctuated too much. In July I was already starting to get some bigger cargo space and
see improvements from my ship fitting skills. The profit wasn't as much as running missions, but it
really was pretty safe, even being “dumb” and using autopilot. (My ship was cheap and it was an alt
account, I wasn't worried.)

         I dabbled in some industry, mostly just to make ammunition for my main character. It was a
little cheaper than dropping EVE ISK buying stuff, but the raw materials were a problem sometimes. In
mid-July I switched things up to a skillset I'd taken the time to train between hauling skills: mining.

        And there it is: just over four years ago I made the decision that has since made me billions with
no real effort. In the beginning when I was mining for materials to throw rockets and missiles at my
enemies it wasn't highly profitable. But I kept at it, and I even tried mining while playing missions on
my main a couple of years after I started the account, all the while training for the biggest mining ships.

        By the time I got into college I had pretty damn good skills on my alt, even though I'd shut him
down for more than a year. That was my salvation, because less than six months ago I figured out that I
could make a huge amount of EVE Online ISK just by running the Stealth Miner mining bot program
on that alt account. I've made so much I have an entire mining fleet in his hangar.

        My best decision was dabbling in mining with my alt. I can leave him alone while I'm studying,
or let him mine away while I'm running missions on my main. Picking up Stealth Miner has set me
free from slaving away to fuel my ambitions of getting better implants, fittings, and cool new ships. I
have time to study, enough EVE ISK to buy playtime (I've got more than twenty PLEX stored) and just
bought my girlfriend a new ship for her birthday.