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					               Michiana Walleye Association
                                                                                                    June/July 2012

President's Corner                                            Cabelas 2012 National Team
Rick Nichols                                                  Championships
We're almost half way through 2012 and now coming             Scott Pealer
into the busiest part of our year. The next three months
                                                              The 2012 NTC tournament was slated to be on Lake Mille
are packed with activities. On June 16, our 3rd fishing
event, a Cabelas event, was held at Sylvan Lake in            Lacs in Minnesota, which is about 100 miles north of the
Rome City.                                                    twin cities. Tournament dates were May 31-June 2. The
                                                              June 2 date was for those of us who ended the first two
                                                              days in the top 25 teams. Not an easy task, considering that
Next, on June 19 and 22, we had the Boys & Girls club
                                                              there were between 240 and 250 teams entered, including
kids out for a fishing outing on our pond. Thanks to
                                                              the professional teams from the Midwest Walleye Circuit
everyone who volunteered to help out.
Next up is the MWA Annual Perch Outing on July 21.
                                                              Don Shelton and I left home at 0-dark-thirty on Saturday,
We’ll be launching out of New Buffalo. Sign up is in the
                                                              June 26. The trip would take us 11 hours.
parking lot from 7-7:30am. We’ll fish from 8am-2pm.
There will be an optional $10.00 per boat fee for the
                                                              We checked into McQuoids Inn in Isle, MN in daylight. We
BIG FISH POT. You can fish as many people in your
boat as law allows. Fish measuring will take place in the     succeeded! After getting all our needed merchandise and
parking lot afterwards. Blow day will be on July 22.          bait for Sunday morning, we had dinner with the other three
                                                              teams from the MWA and were in bed early.
July 28th will be our 4th fishing event on Lake
                                                              Sunday through Wednesday at 3:00pm, we waged a
Maxinkuckee, 7am-3pm (an MWA event).
                                                              continual struggle with wind and rain. Tuesday, with winds
The MWA Kids Fishing Derby will be on August 4 from           from the north, we had waves between 8-10 feet on the
9am-12pm at the club pond. Sign up is at 8am. Call            south end of the lake.
Angie Kintigh at 574-535-8229 for more info.
                                                              We caught and released about 40-50 walleye during
                                                              practice. However, the slot was unusual (Keep 14-16",
It will be time for the kids to start back to school before
you know it. We will be accepting donations of school         release 17-28", 2 fish allowed per boat over 28") and we
supplies and or money for the “Pack-a-Back Pack”              didn’t catch many that were outside the slot.
school program to aid area needy children.
                                                              Thursday, the first day of the tournament, dawned with a
                                                              nice breeze, but by noon we were sitting on flat water. We
We have many scholarship raffle tickets left to be sold.
                                                              found the fish, just not the right size. Probably caught and
Please see any of the officers or board members to get
some.                                                         released 20-25 between 17" and 28" with a couple over 27"
                                                  Rick        and many over 22". Had one 15½" and lost one at the boat
                                                              that we would have kept (an important fish). We gassed up
                                                              the boat, got more bait and went to bed early.
                                                              Friday's weather was a lot like Thursday’s. We tried another
                                                                                                          (continued on page 2)
      President's Corner, Cabelas 2012 NTC

2     Calendar of Events, Membership Application

3     First 3 MWA Tournament Events, MWA Pond Fishing

4     Officers Directory

www.michianawalleye.org                                                                                                Page 1
CALENDAR           OF     EVENTS                                                                   continued from page 1

                                                           spot early, but after catching some 3-5 lb. smallmouth
                                                           and no walleye, we went back to where we had been
JULY 14 - MONTHLY MEETING                                  fishing on Thursday. We knew where they were, but
                                                           needed to catch the right ones.
6:30PM                                                     The first fish was Donny’s 29 incher. We were fired up
JULY 21 - MWA ANNUAL PERCH OUTING                          and ended the day with a bag of 12.2 lbs. That turned
NEW BUFFALO, MI                                            out to be the big bag of the day. We missed the finals
                                                           by just .3 to .4 of a pound.
7AM-2PM                                                     There have been some requests by
                                                           some new and old members about
                                                           That lost keeper on day one had the last laugh, but
7AM-3PM                                                    that’s fishing.
                                                           having workshops regarding
AUGUST 4 - KIDS FISHING DERBY                              various methods for fishing for and
                                                           Great fun, great friends, good accommodations,
                                                           tasty food went along with a lot lakes and
                                                           walleyestoon back. area of good fishing. I would
                                                           not hesitate go
AUGUST 11 - MONTHLY MEETING                                rivers. So beginning inScott     - August we
MWA CLUBHOUSE                                              will have one after the monthly
                                                           meeting and see how it goes. I’m
W INONA LAKE - W ARSAW IN/                                 not sure what the 1st topic will be
7AM-3PM                                                    yet so I guess you’ll have to come to
                                                           the meeting and see.
             Support The MWA
Your 2011-12 annual membership expired on March 31.
Dues for the 2012-13 program year were payable by
April 1.

Take a minute now to renew your single or family
membership by filling out the application below. Enclose          "Most of the world is covered by water.
your check and mail to (or drop off at) the clubhouse:
                                                                         A fisherman's job is simple:
          MICHIANA WALLEYE ASSOCIATION                                    Pick out the best parts."
                 13040 DAY ROAD                                                             - Charles F. Waterman
               MISHAWAKA, IN 46545

Membership Application                                     Share the News, Promote
          New_____              Renewal_____               the Club
                                                           If you know of anyone who might enjoy reading our
                                                           MWA newsletter via email, please send a note with their
Address:____________________________________               email address to Phil Miller at pmmucm@yahoo.com.
                                                           The email edition is free, even to non-members.
                                                           If you are receiving the electronic version of the
Phone:______________Email:___________________              newsletter, it is because we try to minimize our
                                                           printing/mailing costs. If you would like to opt out of the
                                                           email distribution, notify Phil at the above email
Membership year is April 1 - March 31                      address.
(Enclose payment and mail to MWA)
                                                           We never sell, share, or disclose our email address list
Membership Type:                                           or individual email addresses.
 Single $25.00          or Family $40.00       per year.

www.michianawalleye.org                                                                                                 Page 2
 First Three Tournament                                       of the MWA and what we stand for. This event was a
                                                              Cabelas water event. Points are still being logged in
 Events in the Books                                          both series and things are tightening up! The final
                                                              results will be revealed at our fall banquet, so make
 Our first event of the year (Lake of the Woods) was held     sure you attend.
 on April 28. It would have been weird if the weather         The next event is a standard club event and will be held
 would have been nice. On behalf of the MWA & the             on Saturday, July 28th on Lake Maxinkuckee in Culver,
 Event Committee, I'd like to thank all the anglers that      IN. You will need to register before the end of the club
 came out to participate to kick the year off. This lake      meeting on the Tuesday prior to the event to avoid late
 was also a designated Cabelas points water for those         fees. We look forward to seeing you on the water. Nice
 registered teams. Altogether we had 16 teams                 job to all the teams that logged fish. The results:
 competing in this event with 8 teams registered in our
 Cabelas points series. Teams battled the cold weather,              3rd: Randy Gaines & Mike Rhoades - 2 fish,
 high winds, and periods of heavy rain, to average a                  1.77 lbs.
 catch of 2 fish per boat (8 teams located only 16 fish).            2nd: Les Bontrager & Shawn Blosser - 2 fish,
 All 16 fish were successfully released, to be caught                 1.99 lbs.
 another day, which is a major goal of the MWA. Thanks
 to all the teams for taking great care of their fish!               1st: Danny Hanna & Doug Hanna Jr. - 3 fish,
 Congratulations to our top four teams in this event.                 2.52 lbs.
 Winnings will be awarded at the annual banquet.
                                                              The Big Fish of the Day went to Charles VanCamp &
        4th: Jim Molnar Jr. & Sr. - 3 fish, 3.71 lbs.        Jeff Guerra at 1.03 lbs.
        3rd: Adam & Dave Hayes - 3 fish, 3.98 lbs.
        2nd: Shawn Kintigh & Doug Burkhead - 1 fish,

         4.01 lbs. (Big Fish of the Day)
         1st: Randy Gaines & Mike Rhoades - 3 fish,
                                                              MWA Pond Fishing
         7.36 lbs.                                            Our pond at the MWA is a great asset for members and
                                                              their families. We are happy to provide this popular
 The club's second event was a great day on the water.        destination - especially for our young people, hoping
 We need to send a special thanks out to Midway Bait &        that they will learn to enjoy the sport that we all love.
 Tackle for the use of their facilities and to everyone who   We try very hard to maintain this pond area for your
 came out. It was a beautiful day on the water and            enjoyment. Lately, we've noticed some things we need
 nobody got wet. We had 13 boats take part in the event       your help with.
 and there were a total of 334 walleye caught and all
 successfully released to fight another day. Nice job         We have noticed bait containers, bottles, cans and
 everyone! That's what we are all about. Congratulations      other trash around the pond. Please: if you brought it,
 to all the teams taking part but here are our top three      take it with you or put it in the trash container provided.
 and big fish of the day winners:                             We have noticed a number of dead fish floating on the
                                                              pond each week. Some fish deaths are inevitable, but
 Big fish of the Day went to Stephen Szymczak & Jordan        you can do a lot to help keep these fish alive:
 Felton at 2.40 lbs.
                                                                  1. Pinch back all the barbs on your hooks.

        3rd: Bob Stutzman & Carl Schnaible - 5 fish,             2. If the fish swallows the hook, don't try to
         7.90 lbs.                                                   dislodge it. If you have side cutter pliers
                                                                     (Dykes), try to cut off the top part of the hook. If
        2nd: Barry Ukele & Don Shelton - 5 fish, 7.99
                                                                     not, cut the line as close to the hook as possible
                                                                     and return the fish to the pond. The hook will
        1st: Doug Burkhead & Shawn Kintigh - 5 fish,                dissolve in a few weeks. A fish that bleeds from
         8.09 lbs.                                                   its gills is a dead fish, so handle with care.
                                                              For your information, our Kids Fishing Derby is August
 Our third event took place on Saturday, June16 on
                                                              4. This event is open to all MWA members' kids and
 Sylvan Lake in Rome City, IN. It was a challenging day
                                                              grandkids and their friends. We cut off registration at 50,
 on the water with numerous shorts caught but teams
                                                              so register early.
 found difficulty in locating legal sized fish to weigh.
 Thanks to all the anglers for their cooperation and          The pond will be CLOSED TO ALL FISHING from July
 courteous attitudes for those teams that were checked        23 to August 4.
 for catches & licenses while on the water. It speaks well

www.michianawalleye.org                                                                                              Page 3
 Michiana Walleye Association              WANTED: ALUMINUM

 OFFICERS                                    The club is looking for aluminum. If you have any
 President                                  unwanted aluminum that you would like to donate to
 Rick Nichols             (219) 712-1369
                                            the club, please drop it off at the club grounds after
 Vice President                            5pm on any Tuesday. Proceeds from the sale of your
 Don Shelton              (574) 532-3271
                                              aluminum are used to help support our walleye
                                                    stocking efforts, and we thank you.
 Ron Hipsher              (574) 274-4200

 Barry Ukele              (574) 259-6212

 Sergeant At Arms
 Carl Schnaible           (574) 259-6256

 Building Superintendent
 Les Bontrager        (574) 202-4413

 Les Bontrager    (574) 202-4413
 Barry Ukele      (574) 259-6212
 Don Shelton      (574) 532-3271
 Rick Nichols     (219) 712-1369
 Carl Schnaible   (574) 259-6256
 Scott Pealer     (574) 875-1490
 John Olesen      (574) 286-5775
 Bob Stutzman     (574) 259-9284

      Michiana Walleye                     Michiana Walleye Pledge
                                              To preserve and to protect our
                                               waterways and fish therein,

                                              To provide a future for
                                               generations yet to come,

            13040 Day Rd.                     To educate those generations
                                               so that this tradition may be
         Mishawaka, IN 46545                   carried on.
           (574) 299-6839

www.michianawalleye.org                                                                              Page 4

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