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Serbian food


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									Serbian food

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             Celebration and
MAIN MEALS     other food      Aperitifs

   SALADS                      DESSERT
• Serbian cuisine is a mixture of Hungarian,
  Turkish and traditional Serbian food. In this
  presentation you can find food from all parts
  of Serbia. Some of the meals are from my
  hometown, like Komplet lepinja. You have a
  recipe for each meal and I hope that you will
  prepare some of them and tell us if you have
  enjoyed it.
• Enjoy yourselves!
• Sour cherry sauce
                 Main meals
•   Podvarak
•   Monarch cabbage (kaludjerski kupus)
•   Karadjordje’s steak (Karađorđeva šnicla)
•   Prebranac - Serbian Baked beans
•   Serbian Stuffed Peppers - Punjene paprike
•   Serbian casserole (đuveč)
•   Sour cabbage rolls (Sarma)
•   Leskovacka muckalica
• Ajvar
• Serbian tomato salad
• Tomato soup
•   Salčići
•   Vasa’s cake
•   Vanilice
•   Dried Fruit Compote
•   Lazy apple pie
•   Plazma cake
     Celebration and other food
• Proja
• Proja with cheese
• Serbian Christmas Bread (Česnica)
• Great cake for Serbian Orthodox traditional
  celebration “Slava”
• Komplet lepinja
• Old bread sauce
Ingredients              How to make:
1. 1 kg corn flour       A kilo of corn flour salt and
2. Cup of water          mix with cold water that is
3. Salt                  not much gusto. Bake in hot
                         oven for forty minutes
                Proja with cheese
Ingredients :             How to make:
1. 1/2 kg corn flour      Mix well. Add one teaspoon
2. 200 g cheese           of baking powder, and bake
3. 2-3 eggs               in the preheated oven.
4. Cup of sour milk
5. baking powder
Ingredients                 Preparation Instructions
1. 6 large onions             Dice 6 large onions and fry
                              shortening or lard. Use slow fire
2. 1 kg pickled cabbage       and fry about 30 to 40 minutes.
                              Take the cabbage and place it in a
3. 1 cup water                saucepan. Drain it and soak in cold
                              water for about 15 minutes, then
4. Turkey, duck, goose or     drain it and add to the onions. Mix
    fresh pork                and fry it for 30 minutes. Remove
                              from fire, add a cup of water and
5. Shortening or lard         place upon it a turkey, duck, goose
                              or a piece of fresh pork and put it
                              into the oven to bake for 3 to 4
                              hours. The meat should be slightly
                              greased on top with shortening or
                              lard and salted and peppered to
Ingredients                         Preparation

1. 2 large eggplants, about 3 • Heat ovenand peppers on a baking sheet
                                            to 475 degrees. Place washed
   pounds                       with a lip to catch any juices, and roast
2. 6 large red bell peppers     until their skins blister and turn black,
3. Salt and black pepper        about 30 minutes.
                              • Place roasted vegetables in a heatproof
4. 1 garlic clove, finely       bowl. Cover with plastic wrap and let
   chopped                      them steam for 10 minutes.
5. Juice of 1 lemon           • Peel off and discard blackened skins,
6. 1/2 cup good-quality olive   stems and seeds. In a large bowl, mash or
                                chop vegetables, depending on how
   oil                          smooth or chunky you like your ajvar.
7. 1 tablespoon finely          Season to taste with salt and pepper. Add
   chopped parsley (optional)   garlic and lemon juice, and drizzle in oil,
                                   stirring constantly.
                                 • Transfer to a glass dish and sprinkle with
                                   chopped parsley for garnish, if desired.
                                   Store covered and refrigerated for up to 1
Monarch cabbage (kaludjerski kupus)
Ingredients                               Preparation
1.    4 kg of pickled cabbage,        •    Cut the cabbage in larger pieces.
2.    300 g pork,                     •    Cut meat into smaller pieces and salt it. Do not
3.    300 g beef,                          mix meat.
4.    300 g lamb meat,                •    Wash spareribs in lukewarm water.
5.    300 g sausage,                  •    In the larger pot (or crock) of 5 liters put at the
6.    500 g of spareribs,                  bottom few sheets of dry bacon then add
7.    200 g cracklings,                    layers by following order: cabbage, pork,
8.    400 g lean bacon,                    cabbage, sausage, cabbage, beef, cabbage,
9.    salt and pepper to taste,            spareribs, cabbage, lamb meat, cabbage,
10.   2 tablespoons cayenne pepper.        bacon, cabbage, cracklings, cabbage. At top
                                           put the bacon cut on sheets again, and a few
                                           solid leaves of cabbage.
                                      •    In the gallon of water mix salt, pepper and
                                           cayenne pepper, and pour cabbage.
                                      •    Add water to cover ingredients.
                                      •    Place the cabbage on a moderate heat to cook
                                           slowly. Do it four days, two hours every day.
                                      •    Serve warm with hot pone.
  Karadjordje’s steak (Karađorđeva
Ingredients                       Preparation
1. 500 g boneless pork steaks,    • Pound pork steaks until they
                                    are thin and soft and on each
2. 150 g kajmak (Serbian creamy     steak put a little kajmak (or
   dairy product) – you can use     cream cheese).
   some cream cheese instead,     • Wrap the meat into the rolls
                                    and secure each piece with a
3. 2 eggs,                          toothpick.
4. flour,                         • Coat the steaks in the flour,
5. bread crumbs,                    then dip them into beaten
                                    eggs and finally roll in bread
6. salt.                            crumbs.
                                  • Fry in hot oil until golden
                    Komplet lepinja
Ingredients                          How to make

For one person you need:             • Cut off the upper third of
1. 1 lepinja (a sort of flat bun)      lepinja. Grease the lower
2. 1 egg                               part with milk cream. Stir
3. 1 soup spoon of old Zlatibor        the egg and pour it over
    milk cream                         milk cream. Press it a little
4. 5 soup spoons of "pretop"           into lepinja put it into a hot
    (fat and sauce of lamb or          oven and bake it about 1O
    pork roast -you can find it in     minutes. When you take it
    each meat bakery)                  out, pour warmed pretop
                                       over it.
     Prebranac - Serbian Baked beans
Ingredients                          Preparation
1.   500 g beans            • Wash beans and place to cook. Add
2.   300 g bacon              head chopped onion, red pepper and
3.   2 bay leaves             bay leaves. In another bowl, on a lot of
4.   1 Serbian red pepper     oil fry 1kg finely cut onion, and when
5.   1 kg onion               it is done, add chopped parsley leaf,
                              salt, pepper and cayenne pepper.
6.   Oil
                              When the beans soften, drain them,
7.   cayenne pepper
                              and in the aligned baking dish put,
8.   parsley leaf             alternately, beans, onion and finish
                              with bacon. Bake in oven 1h.
     Serbian Stuffed Peppers - Punjene
Ingredients                       How to prepare
1.   Peppers(sweet, fresh, 9      • Brown onions in oil. Take
     medium)                        from oven and cool before
2.   Rice,100 gr                    adding the egg. Mix in meat
3.   Ground Pork, 500 gr            and rice. Add salt. Mix well.
4.   Onions                         Clean peppers and remove
5.   Salt 1 tbsp                    seeds. Stuff peppers with
                                    meat mixture.
6.   Mixed spices 3 tsp
                                    Place in a dish with lid
7.   Brown Sugar, 3 tsp             suitable for ovens.
8.   Packed Tomato Sauce, 2 cup     Poor water on top.. Add the
9.   1 egg                          spices and sugar. Cook for
                                    about an hour.
                                    Add tomato sauce and cook
                                    for another half hour.
Ingradients                    Preparation
1. Large cottage cheese        • Oil 16"x8" (or so) baking pan.
                                 Put two layers of thick or 4
2. 1-2 sticks butter             layers of thin dough leaves.
3. 1 lg. Philadelphia cream      Sprinkle oil in between leaves.
    cheese                       Mix all of the above
                                 ingredients and place a layer
4. 1/2 lb. Feta cheese,          over the leaves. Repeat layers
    crumbled                     (2 thick or 3 thin) until pan is
                                 full. Finish with leaves. Mix 1
5. 5-6 eggs                      egg and 1/2 cup of milk and
6. 1 pkg. pastry layers (in      pour over the pita. Prick with
    grocery stores) or 1 1/2     fork. Bake at 350 degrees for 1
    pkgs. thick dough leaves
                     Lazy apple pie
Ingredients                           Preparation
1.   200 g margarine,             •   Stir together 200 g of margarine and
                                      100 g of lard, add 10 tablespoons of
2.   100 g lard,                      sugar and 4 egg yolks and continue
                                      stirring well.
3.   400 g sugar,                 •   Add 2 cups of milk, 600 g of flour
                                      mixed with a baking powder and
4.   4 eggs,                          vanilla sugar. Knead the dough.
5.   2 cups of milk,              •   Put more than half of dough in
                                      greased baking pan, then well beat 4
6.   600 g flour,                     egg whites with 6 tablespoons of
                                      sugar and pour over the dough in the
7.   1 sachet of baking powder,       pan. Add 1 kg of sour grated apples
                                      to all of that.
8.   vanilla sugar,               •   Spread the rest of the dough to form
9.   1 kg sour apples.                the crust that fit pan shape and place
                                      it over filling.
                                  •   Place the pie into the medium heated
                                      oven and bake until the crust is
                                      golden brown.
                                  •   Sprinkle powder sugar over warm
                 Sour cherry sauce

Ingredients                      Preparation
1. 400 g pitted sour cherries,   • All pitted sour cherries season
                                   with a little cinnamon.
2. a little cinnamon,            • Put cinnamon seasoned pitted
3. lemon peel of lemon half,       sour cherries, a lemon peel of
                                   lemon half, 4 grain saccharin and
4. 4 grain saccharin,              salt in a pot, pour over water to
5. salt,                           cover all ingredients, and cook.
                                 • 3 tablespoons of flour stir with 1
6. 3 tablespoons flour,            dl of sour cream.
7. 1 dl sour cream.              • When water with sour cherries
                                   boils pour flour – sour cream mix
                                   and cook until it boils again.
             Serbian tomato salad

Ingredients                 Preparation
                            •   Clean and cut onions. If it is a mature
1. 500 g tomatoes,              onion, slice into strips, if the onion is
                                young – cut into rings. Sliced onion,
2. 150 g onions (young or       mature one, wash to remove the
    mature),                    bitterness. At the same time crumple
                                it a little.
3. 200 g cucumbers,         •   Fresh cucumbers wash, peel and cut
                                into rings or half rings. Wash
4. 1 hot pepper,                tomatoes (choose only healthy, hard
                                ones) and cut into pieces that are
5. a bunch of parsley,          suitable for a fork prick. Cut
                                peppers into thin strips.
6. 80 g oil,                •   All combine with onions, add salt to
                                taste and pour oil. Stir carefully to
7. salt to taste.               keep the whole tomato pieces.
                            •   Pour into a salad bowl and sprinkle
                                finely chopped parsley.
              Serbian casserole (đuveč)

Ingredients                                Preparation
1.  600 g meat (half beef and half pork,   •   Cut the meat into cubes, bacon into
    or pork only),                             strips, sausage into slices. Chop
2. 100 g dried bacon,                          onions. Peel and cut potatoes into
3. 150 g dried sausages,                       small cubes.
4. 2 onions,                               •   Heat the oil and fry onions, bacon
5. a handful of rice,                          and sausage. Add meat, pour 1.5 dl
                                               of water and add seasoning of dried
6. 4 medium sized potatoes,                    vegetables. Simmer all together for a
7. a bunch of parsley,                         little while. Add potatoes and rice.
8. 1 tbsp of dried vegetable seasonings,       Continue simmering. Add
9. oil,                                        vegetables, finely cut parsley, salt
10. salt,                                      and pepper. Pour water to cover the
11. pepper,                                    ingredients.
12. 1 kg of frozen vegetables (eggplant,   •   Put casserole in the preheated oven
    carrots, green beans, peppers,             with lid on and bake for 30 minutes.
    tomatoes).                                 Remove the lid and bake for another
                                               20 minutes. Total time of 50
                                               minutes. Serve warm.
                           Plazma cake
Ingredients                               Directions
1.   Plazma biscuit 400 grams             • All ingredients (including
2.   Margarine 125 grams                     crushed cookies) are mixed
3.   Walnuts, 1 cup, (chopped)
                                             (melt margarine to ease the
4.   Dried fruits and jelly candies 100
     grams                                   process) and formed into
5.   Orange and apricot juice drink 1        any cake shape you like (this
     cup (8 fl oz)                           is great for children's
6.   Heavy Whipping Cream, 500 ml            birthdays). Top with
7.   Chocolate 100 g                         whipping cream.
                 Old bread sauce

Ingredients                     Preparation
1. milk,                        • Soak bread in milk and then
                                  grind all together in a blender.
2. old bread,
                                • Briefly fry finely chopped
3. finely chopped onion,          onions and garlic in a
4. finely chopped garlic,         saucepan.
                                • Pour a little water, add pepper,
5. little water,                  dried vegetable seasoning,
6. pepper,                        cayenne pepper and simmer
                                  for a while.
7. dried vegetable seasoning,
                                • Then add grinded bread and
8. cayenne pepper.                all simmer over low heat for
                                  another 10 minutes.
                    Tomato soup
Ingredients                   Preparation
                               • Fry one tablespoon of flour in
1. 1 liter of cooked tomato      oil and add cooked tomato
   juice,                        juice to it. If you do not have
                                 a cooked tomato juice, you
2. 1 tablespoon of flour,        can add tomato paste tube
3. 1 teaspoon of sugar,          with one liter of warm water.
                               • When tomato is cooked, add
4. 2 basil leaves,               the salt, sugar, pepper, basil,
5. salt,                         and cook for 15 minutes.
                               • You can add pasta or rice to
6. pepper,                       soup.
7. 50 g butter.                • When you serve soup, butter
                                 can be put into each plate.
              Dried Fruit Compote

Ingredients                    Preparation
1. 1 1/2 pounds dried fruits   • In a large saucepan, place fruit,
                                 water, cloves, cinnamon, zest, if
    (prunes, apricots, figs,     using, and sugar. Bring to a boil,
    apples, peaches, pears,      stirring frequently, and simmer,
                                 covered, for about 20 minutes or
    berries)                     until fruit is tender and syrup has
                                 thickened slightly. Add more
2. 8 cups water                  water if you like a liquidy
3. 8 whole cloves                consistency or reduce by further
                                 simmering for a thicker compote.
4. 2 cinnamon sticks           • Cool in an ice water bath and
                                 transfer to impeccably clean
5. Lemon zest, optional          containers. Refrigerate for up to 1
6. 1 cup sugar, or to taste
Ingredients                         Preparation
                                •   Mix lard at room temperature with sugar. Add
1. 250 g ground walnuts             eggs, and in the end, walnuts. Switch to dough
                                    kneaders on your mixer and start adding flour
2. 250 g lard                       gradually. The recipe states that so much flour
                                    should be added "as the dough will soak up",
3. 250 g sugar                      which means a compact mass that doesn't stick to
                                    your fingers but is soft nevertheless. Depending on
4. 4 eggs                           the size of the eggs, this is about 500 g of flour, but
                                    be prepared to add some more until the dough
5. flour (c. 500 g, but prepare     looks like mine, pictured above (finish kneading by
   more)                            hand).
                                •   Mix icing sugar with vanilla sugar or cut and
6. apricot jam                      deseed the vanilla pod and add it to the icing sugar.
                                    We used vanilla sugar when I was little because
7. 200 g icing sugar                vanilla pods were unavailable and expensive, but
                                    go for the real thing if you can get hold of it.
8. vanilla sugar or vanilla pod •   Pre-heat the oven to 200 degrees. Line a shallow
                                    baking tray with greaseproof paper. Roll out your
                                    dough on a surface dusted with flour so it doesn't
                                    stick. The dough should be about 3 mm thick. Take
                                    a smallish round form and cut out circles which
                                    you should arrange on the tray (no need to space
                                    them, they will hardly change during baking) and
                                    bake for about 5 minutes, just until they start
                                    changing colour.
                                •   Glue two discs with apricot jam and roll them in
                                    vanilla icing sugar. Keep in a cookie jar for
                                    everyone to enjoy, they will hold for weeks.
             Sour cabbage rolls (Sarma)
Ingredients                                          Preparation
1.    2 medium sized heads of pickled cabbage    • Taste sourness half of oil fry the flour, add a
                                                    In the other of sour cabbage, separate leaves
      (about 20 good leaves),                       little ground pepper, whisk over it pour
                                                   and if it is necessary pour waterand all to reduce
2.    750 g mixed minced meat (more beef, less      over and saltness.
                                                   aciditycabbage rolls which are
      pork),                                        cooking. Shake the water, browned flour
                                                   While cabbage is in thepan sofry finely chopped
3.    a smaller peace of smoked bacon,              can fine to half of everywhere, and with
                                                   onions in the smear oil, add meat, and fry it too,
4.    some smoked pork ribs,                                  add
                                                    spoon driedpepper, sprinkle cabbageadd rice.
                                                   add salt,just a little separatewith ground red
5.    6 onions,                                    pepper,          vegetables seasoning and rolls
                                                    so the water and browned
                                                   All mix and remove from stove.flour can
6.    1 cup rice,                                   coalesce with each other into a complete
                                                   Clean cabbage leaves from thickenings by
7.    3 dried red peppers,                          sauce.
                                                   laminating them, but carefully not tearing the
8.    1 tablespoon of flour,                     • cabbage leaves.pre-heated ovenof thebake of
                                                    Place dish in On each leaf put and filling
9.    1 cup of oil,                                 on medium temperature for about (sarme),
                                                   fried meat and onions, roll cabbage rolls2
10.   salt,                                         hours. Temperature from sides, exceed
                                                   first from yourself, thenshould not then again
11.   pepper,                                      from yourself and place them in suitable cooking
                                                    200 °C. If cabbage rolls starts to becoming
12.   dried vegetables seasoning,                  pot. It is best to cabbage rolls fit in one layer, but
                                                    brown on with one another. Between cabbage
                                                   not too tightthe surface, cover them with
13.   Laurel Leaf,                                  foil, but do not seal smoked bacon cut be
                                                   rolls put on few places,them, so it could peaces
14.   ground red pepper.                            able to evaporate. Crumb laurel leaf and
                                                   and smoked pork ribs.If during the time of dried
                                                    cooking all water evaporates, add rolls.
                                                   red peppers and sprinkle over cabbage a little
                                                    hot water over all, so needs to be well and
                                                   Pour water. Cabbage the cabbage rolls sinks. At
                                                    long cooked.
                                                   the beginning cook on a high temperature (until
                                                 • water boils), and then at medium temperature for
                                                    Finished cabbage rolls remove from the
                                                   20 minutes.serve with pieces of smoked
                                                    oven and
                                                    bacon and pork ribs.
     Great cake for Serbian Orthodox
      traditional celebration “Slava”
Ingredients                                         Preparation
1.    1.5kg of flour,                  If • If the instant yeastit a directly used used (interfere),
                                          the instant yeast then then it is cloth and leave in
                                      Then cover the dough with is clean directly (interfere),aand
2.    30kg yeast,
                                              and near / 2 kg of bag goes bag goes dry the
                                       each placekg of flour, until the onedry (instant) yeast. If the
                                      warm 1 / 2 each 1stoveone flour, dough rise. When (instant)
                                              yeast. If the yeast, then the following procedure:
                                               then the following procedure:
                                       yeast, has almost the yeast so that when it becomes
                                      dough First, kneadfilled the court, orthe lower court in a
3.    4 yolk,
                                       First, twice the 30 g so that mixed. poured thea on a flat
                                              jam about when it was the lower court in jam
                                      about kneadthanyeastbrewer’s yeast, Place doughtepidabout
4.    4 tablespoons sugar,                    milk, break the lumps the add salt and flour,
                                       30 g for mixing dough and and tepid Slava cake. the
                                      boardbrewer’s yeast, pouredmakes themilk, break the lumps
5.    piece oils,                             dough and flour, the depends on the skills
                                       and add salt can be made rarely.
                                      The appearance of the cake dough can be made rarely.
                                              The court put the yeast in the not too hot place to
6.    lemon peel,                      The court put the yeast in the not too hot place to bread.
                                      housewives. While yeast rain, put a kilo and a half of flour
7.    milk,                                    made in the form of and a or a a flour to the court
                                       Whileto the rain, put a kilo breadflour of goodin which the
                                      Cake is yeast court for mixing the half round warm up
                                              next to the stove.
                                       for mixing the flour a good warm that the cake stove.
                                      mold is oven. What is important is up next to thebe crossed,
8.    1 egg yolk,
                                      or •another court courtshape of4the yolk, 4 tbsp4sugar,sugar,
                                              a another in paragraph of 4 of in the tbsp a and
                                       Inhas Inpattern in the in paragraphcross yolk, middle, piece
9.    salt.                                   amountedbutter, had knitted braidspreviouslythat is
                                      may be piece of which yeast, which had of dough stood
                                       of butter, yeast, wreath of previously stood in a little
                                              in a little lukewarm water or milk, and all mixed
                                       lukewarm waterwithAdd andgrated
                                              together or a small all mixed together well. Add
                                      made by cuttingwell.milk, the knife. rind of lemon, add a
     The cake is placed in the oven and grated of theslowly and be a little from sour dough,knead
                                       the little flour lemon, add made flour slowly and and
                                      Decoration rind ofcakes can knead the dough by pouring
     carefully roasted. Baked cake is knead lukewarm milk until the dough like ayeast, eggs like a
                                              to be especially lukewarm without pie dough and
                                       the dough by pouring lean doughmilk until the for each of
     removed from the molds and leave for each of similar composition. When dough begins to
                                       pie similar composition. When dough begins Since the
                                      milk, and these tests make the cake decorations.to separate
     to cool.                                 from the court and it bubbles begin to pop up means
                                       separate from the court and it in a house: the birds,up
                                              that everything done. To make it even to pop
                                      test is doneit is enough we wantbubbles begin more dough
                                       means that it added during mixing clusterevenvineyard
                                              may be is and happiness, to in a it the more dough
                                      which are healthenough done. To make little melted butter
                                       may be added during mixing in about melted added
                                              so that the melted house everything was in
                                      well-born, that keg in the butter a little 100 g is butter so that
                                              during mixing in a important decoration hands and
                                      abundance, and the mostbit to dough, oil drenchis
                                       the melted butter about 100 g is added during mixing in a
                                              continues stirring. If you knead the dough like this,
                                       bit to then with an will hands I, wetter andsign is placed
                                              dough, oil drench be much K, A,. This stirring.
                                      “Poskurica” the cake I, S, H, R, N,and continuestastier. If you
                                       knead the dough like this,
                                      in the middle of the cake. then the cake will be much wetter
                                       and tastier.
                                      The whole cake is yolk coating and decoration is left white.
          Salčići (Pork fat puff pastry)
Ingredients                                    Preparation
                                           •   After you've processed the fat, mix it with the three
                                               tablespoonfuls of flour and the salt. Leave in fridge
•   1/2 kg leaf fat                            for at least 30 minutes. In the meantime, prepare
•   3 Tbsp flour                               your dough. Mix the yeast with sugar and warm
•   1 Ts salt                                  milk. Add to flour, together with the lard, the salt
                                               and the eggs. Save the extra egg-white, you will need
                                               it later.
•   Dough:                                 •   Knead into a smooth dough and roll out with a
                                               rolling pin to shape a big rectangular. Visually divide
•   1 kg flour                                 your rectangular in thirds - spread half of the fat
•   a cube of fresh baker's yeast (35 g)       mixture on it, leaving one third (for instance, on the
•   3 egg yolks                                left hand side) uncovered. Then fold this third over
                                               the greased middle third, and fold the right hand
•   4 egg whites                               side third on top of it. Roll out and leave to rest for
•   5 Ts sugar                                 20 minutes. Repeat this using the other half of the
•   1 Tbsp lard                                fat and leave to rest for another 20 minutes.
•   salt (to taste)                        •   At this point, I'd advise you to split the dough sheet
•   500 ml milk                                in half, because you'll need more space to roll it out
                                               thin (c. 5 mm). Cut out 12 x 12 cm large squares and
•   icing sugar                                brush the edges with the remaining egg white. Put a
                                               dollop of your filling (be it nut, jam or minced meat
                                               if you prefer your salčići in savoury disguise) in the
                                               middle and fold to make a triangle. Bake on a sheet
                                               of greaseproof paper for about 20 minutes at 200° C.
                                               While still warm, roll in icing sugar.
       Serbian Christmas Bread (Česnica)
Ingredients                       Preparation
                              •   Dissolve yeast in little lukewarm milk. Beat one egg and
1. 1/2 l milk,                    add to yeast. Add salt and stir, gradually adding the flour
                                  and pouring the remaining lukewarm milk until you get a
2. 1 packet of yeast,             smooth dough.
                              •   When the dough is stiff enough, start kneading it. Cover
3. 2 eggs,                        well kneaded dough with a clean cotton canvas cloth and
                                  leave it to rise.
4. pinch of salt,             •   As soon as you notice that dough started to rise, place it
                                  onto kneading board and gently knead again. Dough for
5. flour as needed (about 1       česnica should not rise completely, only partially – as a
                                  Serbian flat bread (pogača) dough.
   kg),                       •   Česnica is also shaping same as Serbian flat bread –
                                  pogača. While shaping, place a coin inside the dough. If
6. silver or gold coin.           you do not have a silver one, you can put a coin made of
                                  some other stainless metal.
                              •   Place česnica into a greased baking pan.
                              •   Using edges of a small twig, make some patterns along
                                  the top surface of česnica. Twig of badnjak (similar to
                                  Yule log) it usually used. Use a soft brush to spread
                                  beaten egg all over patterns and surface area.
                              •   Bake in a preheated oven until česnica gets to be golden
                                  brown. The initial oven baking temperature may be
                                  higher, but later reduce it.
                              •   Baked česnica wrap in a clean white napkins, leave to
                                  stand for a while, and bring to the table while it is still
                          Leskovacka muckalica
      Ingredients                                   Preparation
1.    4 tablespoons butter or margarine         •    Heat 2 tablespoons of butter and 2 tablespoons of oil
2.    4 tablespoons vegetable oil                    together in a large pot. When the oil is very hot, add
3.    2 pounds boneless pork, thinly sliced          the pork in batches and brown on all sides, about 5
      and cut into long strips about                 minutes. Remove pork.
4.    1/2 inch wide
5.    3 medium onion, cut crosswise thinly           Add the remaining butter and oil to the drippings in
      and separated into rings                       the pan. When hot, add the onions and cook them
6.    2 tablespoons flour                            over medium heat, stirring constantly, until they are
7.    3 tablespoons hot paprika                      soft and golden colored. Sprinkle the flour and
      powder(cayenne powder)
                                                     paprika powder over the onions and cook for 2
8.    1 green bell pepper, seeds removed, cut
      lengthwise into strips                         minutes longer, stirring constantly. Reduce the heat
9.    1 red bell pepper, seeds removed, cut          and add the pork and the sliced peppers, beef stock,
      lengthwise into strips                         tomato paste, minced garlic, salt, and bay leaf. Stir to
10.   1 yellow bell pepper, seeds removed,           mix well. (There will seem to be not enough liquid in
      cut lengthwise into strips                     the mixture, but don't panic and add more stock. As
11.   2-3 Serranos fresh or canned, cut              the paprika cooks, it will release plenty of moisture.)
      crosswise into small rings                     Increase the heat to bring the mixture to a boil. Then
12.   1 cup beef stock                               reduce heat to low, cover the pot, and let the
13.   3 tablespoons tomato pasta                     muckalica simmer for 1 to 1 1/2 hours. Stir the
14.   2-3 large garlic cloves, minced                mixture occasionally.
15.   1 teaspoon salt
16.   1 bay leaf                                     Serve muchkalica with white rice, a green salad, and
                                                     hot cornbread. Yield: 6 servings.
                          Vasa’s cake
Ingredients                                                    Preparation
                                 •   Serves: 10-12
1.    5 eggs                     •   Preheat the oven to 180 °C/350 F/Gas 4.
                                 •   Grease and base line 23 cm/9in round cake tin with greased
2.    5 tbsp caster sugar            greaseproof paper.
3.    6 tbsp ground walnuts or   •   In a bowl whisk together the egg yolks and caster sugar until pale
                                     and fluffy.
                                 •   Add walnuts and flour and combine all. In another clean bowl
4.    1tbsp flour                    whisk egg whites to the stiff peak stage and carefully fold them into
                                     the egg yolk mixture, bit by bit, using a metal spoon.
5.    juice 1 orange             •   Now pour the mixture into the prepared cake tin and bake it for
6.    FOR THE FILLING AND            about 30 minutes.
                                 •   When it is baked, leave it to cool and than transfer to serving plate.
      TOPPING:                       Pour orange juice over cake and prepare the filling. For the filling
7.    250 gr. ground walnuts         melt chocolate and cool a little.
                                 •   In a saucepan put milk and 1 tablespoon sugar and heat it to boil
8.    4 egg yolks                    and then pour over ground walnuts and mix well.
9.    5 tbsp caster sugar        •   Add melted chocolate, grated zest and juice of orange and combine
10.   150 gr. butter, soft       •   In separate bowl whisk egg yolk and sugar until pale and add to
                                     chocolate mixture and finally add butter and mix well.
11.   50 gr. dark chocolate
                                 •   Spread the filling over the cake, it will be thick like one layer of
12.   1/8 lit. milk                  cake.
                                 •   Chill in the fridge for about 2 hours.
13.   1 orange
                                 •   Then whip the cream and spread over and around the cake.
14.   300 ml. double cream       •   Can be decorated with grated chocolate.

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