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Where to Find Free Domain Names


									Where to Find Free Domain Names
With more and more costs involved in getting a web presence started, and those costs rising rapidly, clients are looking to saving money in more ways
than ever before. There are many types of fees involved in creating a website. With web hosting space, software to create the sites, email costs, and
other recurring monthly and annual costs more companies now look for ways to save money on domain names and registration services. This is a
small yearly fee but it adds up when considering the other costs involved even for a small company. Large companies are often faced with the need for
multiple domain names and that only serves to compound the yearly cost of operating their online site. Free domain names can be found, but it is wise
to study the pros and cons of these services and what they imply.

There are several different methods to get a free domain name registration and learning them is not much tricky. In fact, there are a number of
strategies with the help of which a business organization can avoid the extra troublesome fees charged just for registration. There are several online
as well as local website registration and hosting companies. The various features offered by both of these types of companies are more or less similar.

Here are few useful tips to get a free domain name:

* When you are looking for domain name companies online or a hosting company online make sure you completely investigate each one to obtain the
best packages available. When you study the details make sure they include domain name registration for free. Many organizations get this service
from their web hosts because of the massive business they send their way.

* One of the easiest way to get a free domain name from a web hosting company is to use the same organization for domain registration as well as for
web hosting, email registration and even web design in required.

* Whenever possible use a local hosting company for your domain name registration and site space. This is a great way to ensure the best possible
service since they operate right nearby and you have close contact and the ability to negotiate personally and bargain effectively in person.

* See if the particular web host gives domain names and yearly upkeep with a package plan. This allows you to secure your personal data and
information on you or your business without the public being able to access it. People trying to take advantage of public websites happen quite a lot. If
that occurs your webhost will contact you and let you know of a breech, or an attempted breech of your privacy.

* Now you can often find free TLD domains. Search for free domain service providers and gain points by signing on to any of their offers. The more
points you earn the greater your chances of getting one or even more free TLD domain names.

There are a number of online domain name service providers that offer free domain names. Some of these kinds of online service providers offer free
sub domain redirection whereas there are others who enable a business organization to get even a free top level domain name. These include:

This domain name provider has a lot of great features for the website owner. They offer no-cost redirection that are more commonly known as
Domain Forwarding services. They also provide URL masking, URL cloaking, and the ability to use Path Forwarding and some other services. One of
the many other cool features of this host is their offer help with Meta Tags, and Favicon. The only requirement for the free services is a link back
directed at their main site. That is a small price to pay for all of the free options. is a commonly used domain name service. It is one of the better free sub domain name providers and gives its clients .tk domains. The
drawback to this company is the free service expires if certain conditions are not met by the user. If you obtain one of these names your site must
receive at least 25 visitors inside of a 90 day period. It is your responsibility to keep up the traffic to your site or you will lose the use of it.

This company provides terrific tools for site building and TLD domains as well as their free domain names. The also offer redirection and other
options. The only drawback to is that they do not provide hosing, ftp, or email hosting at this time. They are a great source of domain names
and redirection for free if you already have website space.

It is one of the most popular free domain name provider site. The for-fee premium web hosting service is introduced by Yahoo! and it provides 3 GB
monthly bandwidth limit. However, there are banner or popup advertisements on every page. The services provided by this site include manual for
creating a web page, PageBuilder, design tools, PageWizards, File Manager and several other great add-on options.

Google Page Creator

It is a free website creation and website service provided by Google offering domains. They provide 100 Megabytes of file and
page storage, 41 web templates, page layout tools, HTML, CSS and JavaScript editing, and AutoSave option etc. A user is entitles for registering
three unique sub domains. The best feature of this free domain name service provider is that there are no advertisements of any kind.

This service, like Google and yahoo's free sites offers sub domain names for free. Your name would appear before or after these types of names such
as also offers free redirection and forwarding. These types of sub domain names are great for non-profit
organizations, or personal web pages, and fan sites.

One of the best features of is the ability to pick from several extension sub domains. You need to sign up at their web site and they will give
you many services such as updating your IP redirection. There is a 50 sub domain limit for each individual user. They are often used for domain
hosting, free DNS and Dynamic hosting.

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