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									  Juan Nieves
Rowan University
 Glassboro NJ
 What do you know about basketball?

• What are the different ways that you can pass a

• How many players can be on the court at one
  time for one team?

• Can basketball be played year round?
        History of basketball
• Dr. James Naismith is known world-wide
  as the inventor of basketball.

• Basketball was founded in Springfield,
  Massachusetts, USA in 1891.

• He devised a set of thirteen rules of

                  Key Terms                            the

• Dribbling – Bouncing the ball with one hand using
  your fingertips instead of your palm so that it
  rebounds back to yourself. (the only way to move
  with the ball)

• Passing - Moving the ball by throwing, bouncing,
  handing, or rolling it to another player.

• Shooting- Throwing the ball to make a basket.

• Rebounding- The recovering of a shot that bounces
  off the backboard or the rim.
          What Did he Say again?

                              More Terms
• Air ball - a shot that completely misses the rim
  and the backboard.
• Assist- a pass to a teammate who then scores a
  field goal
• Defense- the team without the ball trying to stop
  the other team with the ball from scoring they
  are called offense.
• Fast break -dribbling or passing the ball towards
  your basket before the defense can set up.
• Turn over - any loss of the ball without a shot
  being taken.
              Basketball Skills
• Dribbling
 One hand
 Crossover

• Passing
 Chest
 Bounce
 Overhead
 Lob
                   Basketball Skills

• Shooting skills
   Lay up
   Jump shot
   Foul shot
   3-point shot       3
                    for ME             I made a
• 2 point field goal - a shot made from
  anywhere during play inside the 3pt arc.
• 3 point field goal - a shot made from any
  where outside the 3pt arc.
• Free throw - 1 point is awarded to an
  unguarded shot taken from behind the free
  throw line while the clock is stopped.
            Activity's we will play
• Dribbling relays

• Passing relays
    Bounce pass
    Chest

• Shooting games
      Horse
      Around the World
      Beat The clock
      Foul shots
      3-pt shots
      2 on 2 & 4 on 4 Pick up Games
              What Kind Of Pass is Being shown in the animation below?

(a) Chest pass (b) Bounce pass (c) Baseball pass (d) over head pass
                What Kind of pass is in the animation shown below?

(a) Chest pass (b) Bounce pass (c) Baseball pass (d) Over head pass
         Rules of Basketball
• Traveling- moving illegally with the ball.
• Three seconds - An offensive player
  remains in the key. (Free throw lane is the
  area under the basket) for more than 3
• Double Dribble- A player dribbles the ball
  with both hands at the same time or they
  stop and then start dribbling again.
• What are the three skills that we went over
  in this lesson?

• How many different ways can you shoot a

• Name one professional basketball team?
  Also, Name one player that is on the

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