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      By: Sydney
2011-2012 Science Fair
   Will the food you place in a
trap affect the mouse’s likely
hood to bite the bait?
  Mice are always thought of to
be cheese lovers so when you
want to get rid of mice you set
mouse traps that have fake
cheese on the end. Does that
work best or would something
more like their regular diet be
  Background Info.
Mice are herbivores so they eat
 fruit and grains only. Many
 people say that their mice like
 peanut butter and grains. They
 also say that they typically avoid
 the cheese or save it for last. Mice
 also have a great since of smell.
 The more subtle smells may be
 better for them. Stronger ones
 may be overpowering.
  I predict that they the peanut
butter, bread, and banana will
be visited equally, but they will
avoid the cheese because it isn’t
natural to them and has an
overpowering smell.
1) Wood (1          7) Jar of peanut
   12”x12”x1/4”        butter
   2”x1/4”x9’)      8) 1 package
2) Plexiglas (1        saltine crackers
   12”x12”)         9) radial arm saw
3) cardboard        10)wood glue
4) 20 mice          11)paper
5) 1 cup Shredded   12)pencil
   cheddar cheese   13)Computer
6) 1 banana         14)Tape
 The mice would be the independent
 The dependant variable would be
  the food the mice go to.
 Use the same maze, same food
 Gather plywood    Run 5 mice
  and saw            through the
 construct maze     maze
  using blueprint   record the food
 buy 5 feeder       they go to, and if
  mice               they specifically
 place small        avoid a food
  amounts of the    run those mice
  four test foods    again an hour
  on small           later
  squares of        Record results in
  cardboard          computer
   Procedure Cont.
 Optional
  Using the computer make graphs
   and charts showing the data.
50% for Cheese
20% for Peanut Butter
10% for Crackers
20% were undecided
No one liked the Banana
  Mice really do love cheese. The
best thing for you to bait a trap
with is sharp cheddar cheese.
50% of the time the mice like the
cheese. If you don’t mind using
your cheddar that cheese will get
you the best results.
Possible Cause of Error
    The mice I used were
 domesticated mice, born into
 captivity. Those mice may be
 different in the foods they prefer
 to your ordinary field mouse.
  Major Observations
4 of the mice cleaned off the
 peanut butter after they touched it.
All of the mice (10) visited the
9 mice visited the cracker and
 Peanut Butter.
Only 8 mice visited the banana.
  Major Observations
After I moved the corners that the
 foods were in the mice tended to go
 where the cheese used to be.
The banana was visited first most
 of the time.
Possible Application
If you’re afraid of mice and you
 live in the country you’re bound
 to have troubles with mice. This
 test gives information as to what
 type of bait works best for mouse
 traps if you are against using
 cats to hunt them down.
   Further Research
Does positioning of mouse traps
 affect the likelihood of catching
Do different combinations of
 food affect the likelihood of
 catching mice?
Would a different fruit be more
 effective than the banana?
Is cheese the favorite of wild
 mice too?
       Time Spent
25-30 hours
Big thanks to my dad for helping
 me build the maze and handle the
Thanks Mrs. Riffel for supplying
 computers for recording data
Thanks Mom for giving me ideas to
 better my experiment
Thanks SHS for supplying the wood
 I used to build the maze

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