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					                                       MONDAY MEMOS
                                        Week of February 18-22, 2008

WHAT’S GOING ON THIS WEEK AT FIELDER?                                      Annie’s on S. Post Oak has one awesome bacon-
Wednesday, February 20 – 5:30, 5th grade DARE                           cheese burger. Their fries and onion rings are out of
   graduation                                                           this world as well.
Thursday, February 21 – Katy Livestock Show &
   Rodeo                                                                IT’S FUNKY FRIDAY TIME! Funky Friday is this
Friday, February 22 – Early dismissal 12:40 & FUNKY                     Friday night, February 22 from 5 to 8! There will be
   FRIDAY 5-8pm                                                         camels, ponies, rock walls, games, food, bungee flings
Upcoming:                                                               and a whole lot of fun, If you haven’t bought your
Monday, February 25 – School Holiday                                    tickets, tickets will be on sale that evening for
Tuesday, February 26 – Cici’s Pizza Night                               GAMES only, along with snow cone tickets, and
Friday, February 29 – Hands on Science 5 th grade;                      drawing tickets!
   school store open during lunch; report cards go                           The drawing baskets are as big and incredible as
   home                                                                 ever! The art basket is full of activities for any day;
                                                                        the Girls Have Fun basket has a karaoke machine in
MESSAGE FROM MR. V A lot is happening again                             it, and the biggest, best basket is the Wii Bundle
this week. D.A.R.E. Graduation is on Wednesday,                         donated by Stevenson Orthodontics! Make sure you
February 20th, at 5:30 PM, in the Gym; Thursday,                        have your names on the back of your tickets (return
February 21st, the Katy Honor Choir is performing at                    address labels work GREAT!) and drop those drawing
the KISD Rodeo. We are fortunate to have Hannah                         tickets in the correct bucket by 7:45. The winners
Dunsmore (Mrs. Forester’s class) and Anna Kallergis                     will be drawn then.
(Mrs. Villarreal’s class) as part of that prestigious                       The class room projects are simply incredible this
group; and on Friday, February 22nd, we have our                        year! THANK YOU to all the hard working moms who
fabulous Funky Friday!! This is the event of the year.                  painted. The auction will open at 5:00 for these
Our wonderful PTA has put in a lot of work and                          pieces and for some other great auction items.
effort to provide our Fielder community with an                         Microsoft donated some merchandise; there are 4
evening of fun and excitement. There is even going                      one day park hoppers to Disney World, and much,
to be camel rides this year!! It will also be your last                 much more! The auction will end promptly at 7:45 as
shot at Mr. JV in the dunk tank (6:15 PM).                              well.
    On Saturday, March 1, 2008, the KISD Special                             The tickets and t-shirts are being sent home
Education Department and Family to Family Network-                      through your oldest child. If there is ANY problem
Katy Chapter will be hosting their 3rd Annual Parent                    with your ticket order, please send the ENTIRE
Conference and Resource Fair. This event is free and                    envelope back to school with your child, and it will be
will take place from 8:30 AM – 4:15 PM, at Morton                       fixed.
Ranch High School. This event will include four                               Thank you for your support of Funky Friday and
breakout sessions on a variety of topics, however you                   thank you for volunteering! Please remember that
must pre-register to attend these sessions. The                         the parking lot will be closed to all traffic, so if it is
complete event schedule and pre-registration can be                     possible, please WALK to the school. Also, bring a
done by going to and                      bag for all the prizes and candy your kiddos will win.
click on “Special Events.” To register by phone call
Brenda Nelson at 713-466-6304.                                          CAFETERIA VOLUNTEERS NEEDED We need
    My wife spoiled me on Valentine’s Day. What a                       parent volunteers for all 30-minute shifts in the
special evening. I hope you and your true love were                     cafeteria. Kindergarten lunch starts at 10:45am, and
able to have a memorable time together.                                 fifth grade lunch ends at 1:30pm. Please check in at
                                                                        the front desk and head down to the cafeteria, grab

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                                           a weekly publication of Edna Mae Fielder PTA
                                       MONDAY MEMOS
                                        Week of February 18-22, 2008

an apron, and help our children open packages and                       SPIRIT WEAR Fielder spirit wear is still on sale. If
keep on track to finish their lunch on time.                            you are interested in ordering a t-shirt for $10 or a
                                                                        sweatshirt for $15, please email Kari Snyder at
VOLUNTEER OF THE YEAR NOMINATIONS                              Car decals are available
Do you know someone who deserves to be nominated                        for $5 each. There are still some t-shirts and
for Volunteer of the Year here at Fielder? Our                          sweatshirts from last year available! The t-shirts
volunteers are a precious resource and we would like                    are $2 and the sweatshirts are $3, but sizes are
to acknowledge their hard work, but we need your                        limited.
help. Please pick up a form at the greeter's desk or
look for a form with the Monday Memos. A box is                         PENNIES FOR PATIENTS This year we are very
located at the Front Desk to place the forms in or                      excited to be doing a Fundraiser for the Leukemia
you may fill them out and return them back to school                    and Lymphoma Society, called “Pennies for Patients”.
with your child's teacher. Thank you for your help.                     The donation period is: Feb 26- March 7, 2008.
                                                                        We will be highlighting our very own 2
NOMINATIONS BEING ACCEPTED Nominations                                  Ambassadors for the campaign, our two students
are being accepted for the Texas Honorary Life                          who are fighting this disease. That makes this
Membership awards. We will be presenting awards to                      campaign even more SPECIAL!
faculty/staff members of Fielder, as well as                               Other kinds of money accepted too! Paper bills,
volunteers from our community. “This award is one of                    checks accepted; make checks out to: The Leukemia
the highest honors that may be presented to                             & Lymphoma Society (+ “Pennies” on memo line)
individuals for outstanding service to children and                     **if you want a receipt for check – attach a note to
youth”. If you know someone deserving of this award                     check**
please contact Wendy Reinwald at 281-392-1258.
                                                                        NO HEALTH INSURANCE?
LIBRARY TILE WALL Fielder students, parents and                         Need Help filing for CHIP Health Insurance?
staff have another chance to add “character” to the                     You can get help this week:
schools walls. On March 11, during Camp Falcon-                         WHERE: Christ Clinic
Science Night, we will be painting more tiles to be put                          5504 First St. - Katy
outside of the library! The tiles will represent our                    WHEN: Wed, Feb. 20
favorite book characters found in the books from the                              9am – 1pm
Fielder Library. Please start thinking about your                                 281-391-0190
favorite book from the Fielder library. Is it                           What to Bring: Parent & child’s Social Security Card
Clifford, Junie B. Jones, Wilbur, Arthur, Harry                                 Plus other items….
Potter? The cost will be $5 per tile and all the                        More info: Call the School Nurse at 281-237-
proceeds will benefit the library.                                      6475

KATY PARENT CONFERENCE The third annual                                              Please visit our webpage at
Katy Parent Conference and Resource Fair will be on
Saturday, March 1st at Morton Ranch High School.
For more information please check out the KISD
website as well as
under the special events tab.

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                                           a weekly publication of Edna Mae Fielder PTA

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