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Transformed in an instant


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									A quarterly publication celebrating life through blood donation                                                                    Fall 2011

Transformed in an instant
An ATV accident teaches an Arkansas teen about life, love and blood
     MaKayla Smith, 18, of Berryville,            her injuries were serious, saw others that
Ark. was living the perfect life. Studious,       were wounded. Some were missing limbs.                                         MaKayla
                                                  Others were near death. “At the time, I                                        Smith of
popular, athletic, she seemingly had it                                                                                          Berryville, Ark.
all. As she was nearing the completion of         was just entering a phase of kind of pitying                                   was severely
her junior year at Berryville High School,        myself,” she said. “Seeing so many tornado                                     injured in an
things would change suddenly one sunny            victims coming in helped me to realize that                                    ATV accident
                                                              I could be worse off.”                                             in May of this
afternoon.                                                                                                                       year. She’s on
     MaKayla was joining                                           Smith was operated on two                                     her way to a
                                       I want to help         times that week. Doctors didn’t
several of her friends on a                                                                                                      full recovery,
Saturday, riding ATV’s to a        people, just like blood give her much of a chance to                                          thanks in part
                                                              walk again. But they didn’t                                        to CBCO blood
local swimming hole. “I had        donors helped me.                                                                             donors.
just started driving, with my                                 know about an incredible resolve
boyfriend riding with me in            ~MaKayla Smith that lied within the former track
the passenger seat,” Smith                                    athlete. “I like track because
explained. “I wasn’t familiar                                 it’s not really a team sport. It’s
with the road, and swerved to miss some           really about how far you can push yourself.
potholes. I flipped us over.”                     I’m also very stubborn. If you say I can’t, it
     While MaKayla’s boyfriend was thrown         makes me want it even more.
clear, the ATV rolled upside down, pinning             MaKayla began therapy. Learning             School, and she remembered wondering in
her body in the wreckage. “I don’t                to walk again. Building muscle where             the hospital if the blood she was receiving
remember the crash itself,” she continues.        previous muscles had been ripped apart.          could be her own. She plans to donate
“When I woke up in the vehicle, I was             She has made miraculous strides, but             again and will always urge others to do the
upside down. I could only move one arm.” there’s more work yet to come. “The                       same. Her reasoning is simple. “If people
     Flight paramedics were called to             therapy was more physical at first. Now          hadn’t donated when they did, I would
the scene. Smith’s injuries included a            I’ve kind of plateaued and it’s more of a        probably be dead. Now if I give, maybe it
severe foot injury, a broken back and a           mental thing.” Five months after the crash,      will save someone else’s life. To my blood
concussion. On the flight to Springfield,         she still sports a walking boot and cane.        donors, thank you. A lot.”
Smith received what would over the next           But she’s walking. Her goal is to compete
week become several units of blood. She           this Spring. She vows to run track again
was paralyzed from the waist down.                before the school year is out.                    In this issue. . .
     The date of the accident - May 21,                The accident has shown MaKayla the
2011 - is significant. The next day a             importance of life and has rekindled her
tornado ripped through Joplin, Mo. Many           faith in God. It has also given her a new          - CBCO donors raise over
of the victims were taken to St. John’s           appreciation for blood donors. She has             $11,000 for Joplin schools
Hospital in Springfield. MaKayla, although donated twice before at Berryville High
                                                                                                     - Springfield student wins
 Vehicle accident victims often need blood                                                           Summer of Fun grand prize
     Over 130,000 people will be injured in ATV accidents this year. Many hundreds
 of thousands more will be injured or killed in vehicle accients nationwide. Many of the
                                                                                                     - Make plans now to give life
 injured, such as MaKayla Smith above, will need blood.                                              over the holidays
     While CBCO donors provide blood for all area patients including accident victims,
 preventing accidents is in everybody’s best interest. That’s why CBCO will roll out a               - Arkansas area high
 new holiday promotional campaign that promotes both blood donation and vehicle                      school wins CBCO
 safety.                                                                                             grant
     The program is called Stop and Give. Read all about it on page three of this issue of
 Circulator and participate in the Stop and Give program over the holidays. As always,
 thanks for giving life to your community.
CBCO donors help Joplin schools,
community rebuild
Summer program helps to raise over $11,000 - Joplin area blood
donations rise over the summer

                                                                            By the Numbers...
                                                                                 Ever since the May 22nd
                                                                             tornado, donations at CBCO’s

                                                                             Joplin Donor Center inside
                                                                             the Northpark Mall have risen


                                                                             Donations 2010           2011

                                                                               May         238        529

                                                                               June        284        341

                                                                               July        227        279
CBCO Executive Director Don Thomson (right) presents Joplin School
Superintendent C.J. Huff with a check on behalf of blood donors who            August 288             316
gave during the Salute a Veteran Blood Drive in June. Also pictured (from
left) are CBCO Board of Directors members Connie Wilkins and Margaret
Janssen, M.D.                                                                  TOTAL 1037             1465
In early August, Community
Blood Center of the Ozarks
presented a check on behalf
of blood donors across                                                      Franklin Tech back in action
the region for $11,061.25
to the Build a Brighter
Future program for Joplin
schools. On hand for the
presentation were Joplin
schools superintendent C.J.
Huff, CBCO Executive
Director Don Thomson and
two members of the CBCO Board of Directors, Margaret Janssen,
M.D. and Connie Wilkins, both of Joplin.
    The money was donated by blood donors to CBCO during
the Salute a Veteran Blood Drive. Blood donors who gave during
Salute a Veteran were given the choice of either taking the free
t-shirt that was offered to all participants, or giving up the shirt
in exchange for a cash donation earmarked for the disaster relief                The Franklin Technology Center in Joplin was one of several
program for Joplin area schools. Over the course of the three week           schools destroyed during the May tornado. The school opened
event, more than 3,000 blood donors decided to “give the shirt off           on time in August, and Community Blood Center of the Ozarks
their back” to help students.                                                marked the amazing turnaround by handing out “Building a
    The donation was put to use immediately through the Adopt                Brighter Future” t-shirts to each and every student.
an Eagle program, which aims to meet every day needs of the                      Franklin Tech holds the record for the largest one day high
more than 1,500 students that suffered losses resulting from the             school blood drive in CBCO history, with over 400 students
May 22nd storm. “I’m very appreciative to blood donors that not              participating in 2010. Although space is limited in their new
only answered the call through their gift of life, but also with this        facility, Franklin Tech will be holding a blood drive in late
financial donation,” Huff said.                                              October.
    It’s estimated that this donation helped over 280 students with              Meanwhile, Joplin High School is planning to hold a blood
basic needs as school got started in late August. Joplin students            drive as well at their new facility for 11th and 12th grade students
will also be holding blood drives on schedule this year                      later during the school year.
    Thanks to CBCO blood donors for extending your helping                       CBCO is proud of these schools, and awed by what the Joplin
hand beyond saving lives!                                                    area has been able to accomplish in just a few short months.
Blood Briefs
Kingston, Ark. wins final 2011 Students for Life grant
     Kingston, Ark. High School has been awarded the final 2011 Students for Life grant. Kingston held two blood drives over the
summer, resulting in a donation rate equal to over 240 percent of student enrollment.
     Kingston has received grant money from CBCO several times over the years because of outstanding participation of the student
body. “We’re very proud of our ability to save lives,” Kingston Student Council Advisor Ruby Davidson said. “We use the money for so
many things. We’re a small school, and money is tight.”
     Kingston has used past grant money for school repairs, drug awareness programs, basketball goals, even tulips. “We wouldn’t be able
to do many of these things without that grant money,” Davidson said. “Our students really look forward to giving blood when they turn
sixteen. It’s something they’re very proud of.”

Summer of Fun turns into a year of fun
for Drury University grad student
    CBCO congratulates Ryan Pigg of Springfield (pictured on right with
CBCO Executive Director Don Thomson), our winner of the Summer of Fun
grand prize. Ryan was the lucky donor this summer whose lifesaving blood
donation resulted in free gas for a year from CBCO. In addition to the grand
prize, over 120 weekly winners received $25.00 gas cards during the event.
Ryan is a graduate student at Drury University in Springfield pursuing his
MBA. Congratulations to Ryan and all the winners during our Summer of

Make sure your holiday plans include
giving life to your community
Donations take a dip during the holiday season, but the need does not
    Most blood donors know that there is a constant need for blood. Around 250 donations are needed every day just to meet patient
demand at the thirty-seven hospitals CBCO serves. The need for blood just never ceases.
    During the holiday season, donations typically decrease. That’s potentially a problem because, as stated above, the need never stops.
CBCO makes a special effort to get donations during this time. Over the past seventeen years, the Miracle of Giving Blood Drive
illustrated the holiday need and also the wonderful gift you can give to a complete stranger; the gift of life.
    This year, we’re adding some exciting
new things to our longtime drive with
the goal of revitalizing the mission and          What is “Stop and Give?”
educational aspect of the event. CBCO’s
Stop and Give Blood Drive will focus on              Stop and Give is an initiative created by a Colorado
both blood donation and traffic safety. The     doctor. In 2010, Dr. Laurie Sherlock was struck by an
drive will be held from December 12th           SUV that ran two stop signs. Dr. Sherlock, then 35 weeks
through 31st at CBCO blood drives and           pregnant, was seriously injured and used more than 30 units of blood. Her baby did
donor centers throughout the area.              not survive.
    As in years past, each participant at every      Dr. Sherlock created the Stop and Give program with three main goals:
drive will receive a holiday t-shirt. You will
be able to find more information on the         S To build our community blood banks during a season when blood donations typically
Stop and Go Holiday Blood Drive via our         decrease by as much as 20%.
website, www.cbco.org, beginning in late
November.                                       S To honor the memory of anyone who suffered or died because of reckless driving,
    Perhaps you gave blood this summer          and to provide a forum for anyone affected by reckless driving to bring something
during one of our great Summer of Fun           positive out of their tragedy.
events. Maybe you only give once or twice       S To promote safe driving.
per year. We’re asking you now to make
a commitment to give blood during over              For more information on the Stop and Give program, please log on to
the holidays. Area hospital patients are        www.stopandgive.org. CBCO will have local information on our website later this fall.
counting on you. On behalf of them, thank
you for helping over the holidays to give the
most precious gift of all.
                                                                                                                                         NONPROFIT ORG.
                                                                                                                                           U.S. POSTAGE
                                                                                                                                         SPRINGFIELD, MO
                                                                                                                                          PERMIT NO. 848
220 W. Plainview Rd.
Springfield, MO 65810

                            Circulator is published quarterly by the Community Blood Center of the Ozarks and is available upon request.
                                                                                                           Our mission is to provide a quality
                                                                                                            blood supply, in a timely manner,
                       Upcoming events, promotions                                                         at the lowest reasonable fee, while
                                                                                                           remaining accountable to the local
                       Stop and Give Blood Drive -                                                            community, blood donors and
                                                                                                                  health care providers.
                       Dec. 12th - 31st
                       CBCO invites donors to give the ultimate gift for
                       the holidays - the gift of blood. Stop and Give                                          Five convenient CBCO
                       also will offer another key message for donors                                          Donor Centers near you!
                       and the public; Please obey traffic signals and be safe on the
                                                                                                                    Springfield (2)
Upcoming Events. . .

                       roads over the holidays. All participants at any CBCO blood
                                                                                                            Reser Center - 2230 S. Glenstone
                       drive will receive a festive holiday t-shirt, along with a Stop and                    Campbell - 220 W. Plainview
                       Give bumper sticker.                                                                       (417) 227-5000 or 800-280-5337
                                                                                                                       Monday - 8 am to 3 pm
                                            Apheresis Donors! The Triple Diamond                                 Tues., Wed. & Thur. - 11 am to 6 pm
                                            Program awaits!                                                             Friday - 8 a.m. to 3 p.m.
                                            CBCO’s Triple Diamond donation program                            Saturday - 7 am to 2 pm (Campbell only)
                                            invites regular platelet donors in Springfield
                                                                                                                   Joplin - Northpark Mall
                                            and Springdale to give three times over key                            101 N. Range Line Rd.
                                            holiday weeks. Those that complete the                                (417) 626-8323 or 866-401-5143
                                            challenge will receive a special gift!                              Hours: Mon. thru Fri. - 11 am to 6 pm

                                                                                                             Springdale - 3503 S. Thompson
                       January is National Volunteer Blood Donor Month                                            (479) 927-1200 or 866-401-5144
                       January weather is unpredictable, and so are the blood needs                            Hours: Mon. thru Thurs. - 11 am to 6 pm
                       of area patients. Please help to keep winter supplies strong by                                  Friday - 8 am to 2 pm
                       donating during this crucial time of the year.                                      Bentonville - 1400 SE Walton Blvd.
                                                                                                                          (479) 464-2506
                                                                                                               Hours: Mon. thru Thurs. - 11 am to 6 pm
                                                                                                                       Friday - 8 am to 2 pm

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