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                                                 Pantego Lions
                           NEWS OF THE PANTEGO LIONS CLUB
                           NEWS OF THE PANTEGO LIONS CLUB
                     3535 Marathon Street, Pantego, Texas 76013-4630
                      3535 Marathon Street, Pantego, Texas 76013-4630
               Phone Number (817-861-3510) Web Site:
               Phone Number (817-861-3510) Web Site:
                                      November 2008
                       President’s Comments
Words to Live By: Never argue with an idiot. The people watching
might not know the difference.
October was a busy month. Lion Bill Gibson and I helped out with
the Sports Extravaganza, Lion Dorothy, Lion Cal and Lion Bill
Brown helped at the Pantego clean up. Lion Nancy, her husband
Skip, Lion Bill Gibson and I went to see the soldiers off and we had
the second District Cabinet meeting. Some of us helped with the
Halloween at the Pantego park and we had the Pantego Night Out at        We had our AISD Vision Clinic on October 20.
the Pantego Park. We did participate but our popcorn machine broke       Two clubs (Arlington and Greater Arlington) were
down. Some of us helped with Arlington Charity Food Bank.                represented by Lions who were there to help out.
What is next? Here are some the projects that we can participate in:     There were 5 AISD nurses there to run it as well!
Of-course, we will have our regular club meetings and the board          We served 18 AISD students!
On Nov 13/14, we still need volunteers to hand out flyers for the
coming can food collection. Lion Shirley Hart is the Chairman, so if                        Club Officers
you can do this, please call him and let him know, (817) 205-3925.
Nov 16 (Sunday) will be the collection of the can food. If you have      Lion President..................... Lion Al Claros
pick-up truck or SUV, we need you and let Shirley know. Everyone
will meet at the Pantego Lions Club on Nov 16 at 1:00PM to pick-up
                                                                         Lion Past President.............Lion Shirley Hart
can food.                                                                Lion 1st.Vice President........Lion Bill Gibson
Dec 9th (2nd Tuesday) will be our annual Christmas Party. Lion           Lion 2nd. Vice President......Lion George Breault
Nancy Tice is the Chairperson and you will be getting your invite thru   Lion Secretary.....................Lion Deana Weaver
mail.                                                                    Lion Treasurer....................Lion Cal Kost
Dec 29th We will have the semi-annual blood drive. Lion Cal is the       Lion Tamer..........................Lion Bill Brown
Chairman, call him to sign up to donate blood.
                                                                         Membership Chairman…..Lion Pattie Hardin
JAN 16/17, We, the Pantego Lions Club will host the Mid-Winter
Conference. We will need many members to help. PLEASE call me
                                                                         Lion Sky Pilot......................Lion John Hermens
if you can be available.                                                 Lion Tail Twister................Lion Pat Richardson
MEMBERSHIP DRIVE: We do have a new member and he is Chris                Lion Information Director.Lion Pattie Hardin
Weaver. Let us make this new member WELCOME. When you see                Lion Web Master…….......Lion Lewis Shallcross
him, introduce yourselves and make him feel at home.                     Directors:
From Nov 15 thru Nov 27, I will be in Central and South America. It
has been 61 years since I left my birth place, San Blas, Panama and I          Lion Ed Linfante (1 year)
am looking forward to seen it again. Of course, a lot has change then
but in many ways, they still live like they did before Columbus
                                                                               Lion Lewis Shallcross (1 year)
discovered America. If you get a chance look at San Blas, Panama in            Lion Dorothy Aderholt (1 year)
the internet, it is very interesting.                                          Lion Nancy Tice (2 years)
Until the next time, be true to Lionism and serve your fellow men and          Lion Shirley Hart (2 years)
women. It will make you feel good.                                             Lion Derek Jiles (2 years)
Yours in Lionism, Lion President Al Claros
       Calendar of Events                                         October 14, 2008
November 4 – Election Day!
November 6 – Lifeline
Screening at our building
November 11 – regular meeting 6:30 PM
November 13,14 – Distribute Food Bags
for Food Drive
November 16 – Pick up food donations
for Arlington Charities
November 17 – Vision Clinic for AISD
                 students 4:30 PM and
Pick up food donations from Silverleaf
Resorts and deliver to Arlington Charities
November 18 – board meeting 6:30 PM
November 25 – regular meeting 6:30 PM
December 8 – Vision Clinic for
AISD students 4:30 PM
December 9– Our Christmas Party –Lion
Nancy Tice is chairing this committee! The
gift exchange (limit $10) will take place, and
dinner and reception will cost $13 per
December 30 – Blood Drive at the                 Lion Cal Kost provided Subway sandwiches, chips, and
Neighborhood Walmart parking lot                 cookies! Lion President Al Claros called the meeting to
                                                 order. Governor Yandell spoke to our club about
January 12– Vision Clinic for AISD               Lionism. Our newest member, Lion Chris Weaver,
students 4:30 PM                                 (Lion Deana’s son) was inducted by our Governor!
January 13– regular meeting 6:30 PM              Gov. Yandells’ slogan is “Miracles Through Service!”
                                                                  October 28, 2008
January 16-17– Mid-Winter Conference –
being hosted by Pantego Lions Club –             After delicious dinner of lasagna, salad, and cherry
Friday PM social at our bldg. –Sat. meetings     cobbler, provided by Lion Shirley Hart, our club and the
at First Christian Church on Collins St.         Arlington Lions Club reviewed the many activities
                                                 coming soon. We also reviewed some of the recent
January 20– board meeting 6:30 PM                donations our Pantego Lions Club has made.
January 25– Annual Magic Show
January 27– regular meeting 6:30 PM
  6th. Lion Jim Turner                                4th. Lion Scott Whiteaker
 21st. Lion Ed Linfante                              17th. Lion David Blair
 30th. Lion Bill Brown

                  Lion Nancy Tice’s husband, Skip, was our visitor in October!

Recent fund raising and donating our club has done:
Pantego Lions Web Master –Lion Lewis Shallcross has been our steadfast Webmaster for our
Pantego Lions Club for several years now!
Donations - Pantego Lions Club has recently donated money to the following organizations:
Arlington High School, Arlington Charities, 2E2 Organ and Eye Bank (White Cane), Kornerstone,
Arlington Life Shelter, Spirit Horse, Salvation Army, Safe Haven, and the Town of Pantego.
Pancake Breakfast, Silent Auction, and Raffle – It was a successful pancake breakfast, silent auction,
and raffle on September 27! 200 meals were served. The next pancake breakfast will be February 7!
Building Rental Donations – Pantego Lions Club recently donated the use of our building to the
following organizations: Ft. Worth/Tarrant County Aggie Moms Club, Grace Church, and League of
Women Voters.
3535 Marathon Street
Pantego, Texas 76013-4630

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